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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple - More Postponements

 Basketball Pause Announcements

More fallout from the UofL WBB pause in activities was announced yesterday.  When the pause was first announced on Friday, it included the postponement of the UNC game originally scheduled for 4pm today. The ACC, finding out that Duke had also gone into COVID protocol, arranged some schedule scrambling. UNC now goes to Miami for a 2 p.m. game Monday.  FSU will travel to Clemson to play on Thursday.  

During the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast, the crew discussed the expectation that the Florida State game, scheduled for 8pm Thursday, would also need to be postponed.  The announcement came later in the day confirming the delay.

The 1 p.m. game next Sunday against Miami might also be in jeopardy.  We believe that the pause timeline would, if UofL is cleared by their testing, run its course just in time to resume activities for the Miami game, though it would likely mean that Louisville would play the game without any practices for preparation for the team.

After Miami, UofL isn't scheduled to play again until 3pm New Year's Eve, again against Duke, so without considerable further spread of Covid-19 through the program that game will almost certainly proceed as planned.

Apparently Jeff Walz had proposed to the ACC to allow Duke and UofL to play their two games in the schedule back to back to ease scheduling and travel, if the Miami game also gets postponed, that would, in a sense, happen, though without the scheduling and travel benefits.

As Nick pointed out in the comments yesterday, there is some space towards the end of the season for games to be inserted, though not much.  The last currently scheduled game is on February 28th, and with the ACC tournament starting March 3rd, I imagine teams would be hesitant to try to insert a game in that gap.  There is a week between the Clemson game on February 21st and Notre Dame on the 28th, so there would be room to insert a game there.  But to find another week gap to insert another game with the typical three or four days between games we have to back up to the January 17th to the 24th gap between NC State and Wake Forest.

Obviously, the main concern is the student-athletes, coaches and staff. We hope they come though all this OK. 

Winter Graduation

UofL held their 2020 winter graduation yesterday, and like most large events in 2020, this one was virtual.

Winter graduations are typically smaller affairs compared to the traditional spring affairs, but there are always several athletes participating and we always try to highlight them as we find out about them.

From the current Volleyball squad, Piper Roe graduated, with former volleyballers Melanie McHenry, Natalie Palastro, and Akela Yuhl also getting their degrees.

In soccer, Emina Ekic and Amari Hopkins were in the ranks of the newly degreed.

Congratulations to these folks, and if you hear of any that we missed, let's celebrate them in the comments.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

Daryl Foust joined the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast yesterday.  Daryl made a number of appearances on the show during the WCHQ years, and we gladly welcome her voice back on the show.

There was plenty of material to cover on this one, with the basketball activities pause and recaps of the UT Martin and Duke games before the pause among the subjects covered.

Check it out below.



  1. We played Duke women last Wed. Just learned that Duke has cancelled their upcoming game also. Wonder if there is any relationship between the two events?

    1. You have to think there is, the question, I suppose... is who spread the virus to who? Or did it come from an outside source both teams were subject t? I fear it's going to be more prevalent as this season goes on.



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