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Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Cards Remain #2 in Rankings

Guess what we have to talk about today?! Not much. The only Louisville team (of 21 D1 teams) playing right now is our men's basketball team, which does us no good here at Cardinal Couple.

UofL women's basketball is still stuck in COVID-19 protocol a wee bit longer and their next scheduled game isn't until December 31. We did see the new AP rankings come out yesterday. Despite the Cards not having played in 16 days, they did hold the #2 ranking. Louisville also received a first place vote.

Stanford continues to dominate the rankings with the #1 spot. They improved to 6-0 on the year and have received 26 of the 30 first place votes. UConn, who has battled their own COVID-19 issues, remained at #3 and earned a first place vote. NC State has continued to impress the basketball world as they improved to 8-0 on the year to keep their #4 spot. The Wolfpack took the final two first place votes.

South  Carolina and Arizona remained at #5 and #6. Baylor and Oregon, who were tied at #7 last week, fell in at #7 and #8, respectively, as the Top 8 remained unchanged. Texas A&M climbed a spot to #9 as did Maryland, who rounds at the Top 10 at #10.

Kentucky reached the #9 spot last week but fell to #13 following a loss to DePaul. Syracuse also dropped a bit down to #23 after their loss to North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech all found themselves in the receiving votes category as the ACC did not see much love this week.

The SEC owns 20% of the rankings with five teams in. The Pac-12 saw four teams ranked. However, it's the Big 10 taking charge of the Top 25 with six teams in including the 14-17 spots.

Oh yeah, the next AP rankings? They come out on Dec. 28 and the Cards will still be sitting at their 5-0 record. Of course, Louisville is incredibly good this year, but how many weeks can they go without playing before the AP voters start having doubts or "forget about the Cards?

Could we just go back to Indy again? 

Now when it comes down to it the rankings really don't matter much until late in the season as teams battle for one of the top 16-seeds. Even then, with the entire NCAA Tournament scheduled to happen all in San Antonio, there isn't a home field advantage to work with. IF Louisville finds themselves dancing deep in the tournament- many things can change between now and then such as a tournament cancellation, the Cards dropping out due to positive cases, or the Cards falling to another team- don't expect any Cardinal Couple representatives out there. There are so many factors involved with that such as distance, risk of travel due to COVID-19, and the limited number of approved media due to the pandemic. We will be there in spirit though!

Anyways, make sure to finish up your holiday shopping. Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!

    I am a disturbed Arthur today, so y'all might want to stop reading here.

    Where is the love? For all you young pups here at the site (and Paulie I hope you remember this) there was a song named "Where Is the Love?" by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack. It was one of the songs at Bea and my's wedding reception. The, about 30 years later, ny son was playing a song and I asked him about it. He said it was Where Is the Love but it was by some band with a vegetable name. Pinto Beans, No, wait. Black Eyed Peas.

    The question is, where is the love for my Clemson WBB squad in the AP Poll?. Not a single mention, nod or bit of love shown for a 8-1 team. The beloved Irish came to town. Yeah, that bunch that the ACC Network girls get almost orgasmic about Westbeld, Brunelle, Mabrey. Surely their on the way to bring another title to South Bend right. They even have lil Miss Muffet sitting on her own separate camera like some lofty Queen or Princess bestowing her "wisdom" on the poor listeners. Oh yes, ND would roll right over the lower Clemson Tigers. What? Wait! Hold the presses !! This final in. Notre Dame 55. Wait, this must be a misprint, Clemson 78? In the words of Dick Vitale, are you kidding me? Are you serious? Send flowers to Muffet and a big green towel to cry in. I share one thing with Jeff Walz. My dislike for Muffet.

    Clemson WBB is 8-1 now. We are kicking butt in another sport, too. Maybe you've heard of it. Football.

    I love the Cards and the wonderful people on this site but I stand before you, hat in hand, and ask. What about Clemson WBB? Where is the Love?

    I'm bothered, indignant, incredulous and probably 10 more things that equal the word upset about the bias in the ACC. Even the Cardinal WBB squad. No games in two weeks but still #2? I'd wager that if UofL were to play either Ga. Tech or Clemson on Sunday, it'd be the Cards first loss.

    Give a little credit and love to Elliott, Spray, Robinson, Washington, Hank and Bennett. Give a lot of credit to Amanda Butler, who built this up-and-coming powerhouse. But shhhhhhh don't tell anyone in Irish land or WolfPack Country. We can't go upsetting those good schools can we?

    Hey, ACC. Come get some. We ready. Y'all pack a lunch, you're gonna need it. Clemson WBB is legit and here to deal with.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. I really enjoyed watching Clemson play vs ND. You have a few people who can score and not many teams can match your athleticism and intensity on defense. Butler has a great trap game where she doubles up and traps around half court on near the baseline. Her kids are like cheetahs the way they move. Entertaining team.

    2. How did Pitt beat Clemson? Was that the game Washington, Clemson's top scorer missed?

  2. Damn. You tell 'em Arthur. Did someone hack your laptop? It'll be all right, pal. Calm down, survive January and we'll revisit Clemson WBB.


  3. Oh yeah. Great song by Donny and Roberta. Here is the link. Beautiful. Stylish.


  4. With you, Arthur (except for Clemson and Ga. Tech beating us!).
    Not even ONE vote, after whooping Notre Dame on Sunday. Watched that game, Clemson ain't no joke.

  5. i send you love Arthur. Bea too. You treated me so well when I visited there. You are a brother and I stand with you.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  6. They are a surprise. Let's hope they stay a surprise after playing NC ST. Va Tech and GA TECH.



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