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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

News on Norika....Around Campus -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Norika Konno at FIBA U19 World Cup

To start with, I just want to give everyone a heads up that “Norika” keeps wanting to autocorrect to “not okay”. Seeing that we will hopefully be talking about one of our newest women’s basketball players for the next four years go ahead and make note of that on your (not so) smart devices.

However, Konno is in the news for something good. FIBA released a list of 19 players to watch at the U19 World Cup at the end of July and the lone Louisville Cardinal represented was one of them. FIBA had the following to say about Konno:

“Intensity, speed, scoring, a three-point danger and always crashing the boards well for her positions, she can be a basketball dynamite on any given day.”

You can see Konno with Team Japan while Jeff Walz corrals Team USA. The event will be held July 20-28 in Bangkok, Thailand.( Let’s hope the Wolfpack from the  movie Hangover doesn’t decide to make a guest appearance)!

Welcome Back to Campus

I decided to check out what all the brouhaha was about surrounding these new electric scooters popping up on campus and in the city. You download an app, sync your bank card information and can ride around for so much money per minute. It’s pretty neat and gave me a great opportunity to explore campus earlier in the week.

During my travels it seemed summertime campus was not as quiet as it may seem. Several of our UofL teams are hard at work preparing for upcoming seasons. Field hockey had a full-on practice going on. Lacrosse was in the midst of a camp with Coach Teeter and his hat standing at midfield. I ran into Emina Ekic near campus, who told me they’ve been working on conditioning with lots of running. I didn’t stay to talk to her for more than a minute or so -- as my scooter was on the clock.

It’s nice to see players back on campus and teams preparing for the upcoming seasons. It means fall sports start soon and for us at Cardinal Couple, it can’t come soon enough!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for Paulie's interview with Bionca Dunham.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. Riding one of those scooters is on my to-do list. Thanks for explaining the procedure to get started on one. Great news about Konno!

    Curtis "Wheels instead of walking whenever possible" Franklin

  2. An interesting read on Konno. The link

    also discusses Canadian star Aaliyah Edwards, who Louisville is VERY interested in and Rhyne Howard from some school east of Louisville.

    Fun to know, also, that Konno's nickname is "saki" which translates out to "bloom" in English. "saki" also got Paulie in trouble a few years ago at a...oops...different "saki" -- never mind....


    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Norika has one helluva eurostep from clips I saw.


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