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Friday, July 12, 2019

A History of Louisville women's sports Chapter 7 - Lacrosse -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

A History of Louisville Women’s Sports Chapter 7: Lacrosse

Happy Friday and welcome to chapter 7 of our history lessons! Today we look at a team that is barely a decade old. The lacrosse team is one of the newest sports at UofL.

"All the way" Kay -- The best ever to step on the LLS turf.
In 2008, Louisville founded a women’s lacrosse team. They found success right away, winning their inaugural game 21-3 against Bryant. They went on to finish the year 12-4.

The Louisville Lacrosse Stadium (LLS) was constructed specifically for the lacrosse team, making it one of the few lacrosse-only facilities in the country. Many schools use a multi-purpose field that has served host to other sports such as track and field, field hockey and soccer. It is an all-turf field with bleacher seating. A press box was added a few years ago.

Louisville has faced 48 opponents in program history. They hold a winning record against 33 teams and are tied with one.

Kellie Young was the first of two coaches in program history. During her 10-year run she had one losing season. The Cards saw Top 10 rankings on several occasions and were a threat in a strong Big East Conference. Young oversaw the transition to the ACC. The AAC does not field women’s lacrosse so the Cards went straight from the Big East to the ACC. Young was relieved of her duties following the 2017 season due to an investigation regarding mistreatment of players.

Scott Teeter came to Louisville in 2018 and has been the head coach for two seasons. Teeter game from Canisius and was head coach of the Canadian National Team. He has spent the last two seasons focused on rebuilding a program that lost over half of its roster. He is set to start season three during the spring of 2020.

This past season saw a couple program scoring records broken. Tessa Chad set records with most goals scored in a game, most goals scored in a single half and most goals scored in a season.

Another big time player was Kaylin Morissette. She is now an assistant coach, making her the first former player to become a coach at Louisville lacrosse. She also played for and coached with Teeter during some Canisius and CNT days. Morissette dominates the record sheet in ground balls and is high on the all-time scoring list.

The pride of Lakeville, MN -- Hannah Koloski
Bergan Foley, Faye Brust and Hannah Koloski also find themselves high on several record sheets in terms of scoring. Monica Negron was a key defender for Louisville Lax from 2011-14, garnered several Big East honors and is still on campus as an assistant director for student-athlete leadership and development. She also serves as a "spotter" for home lacrosse games. 

Lacrosse games are free admission and we should see a few of them make it on TV on the new ACC Network next spring. You can often find many of us at Cardinal Couple out at the LLS covering our lax team.


The A-team will be back in the studio Saturday for another episode of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

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Happy Friday and Go Cards!



  1. nice work on these updates i like reading about sports i do not follow as closely as i do football and men and women's basketball. i do want to know more about jonneisha pineda though a bunch of sites and articles on her joining the louisville staff but nothing out of cardinal couple. why?


  2. We were holding information on the hire until we got the "go ahead" from UofL WBB to do an article on her. It seems that no "go ahead" will be coming and other sites and publications are doing stuff.

    I'd suggest go read one of those sites or publications on her, Darius. We don't know much except her original hire was prematurely leaked in the directory at, we dutifully reported that to someone who definitely needed to know about the error and, if asked, we'll do an interview with her. In the meantime, we'll just watch from a far and let her do her thing which hopefully includes going after and getting good players to play here



  3. Lacrosse will need a lot better players to compete with UNC, Duke and the rest of the ACC. They haven't won a conference game since he arrived at Louisville. I know, Teeter had to basically rebuild the program after the Young embarrassment. How long will the rebuild take? Can Teeter get them when he's going after the same players the rest of the ACC does?

    Also, to weigh in on Pineda. It seems the UofL AD office and SID folks have a new philosophy when it comes to coach gain/loss. Vounteer not a word. Don't forget it was Pitt who broke the Aprile to Louisville move. we still know nothing about Ecarma's investigation. Nothing about Pineda except from non-Louisville associated media. Basically, Walz was forced to comment after several sources questioned him.

    This is a lot different than the Jurich days. What does the Tyra administration have to gain by being quiet?

    Nick O

    Nick O


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