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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Cardinal Couple Reader Quiz -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


On The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour each week, during the summer months, I present a quiz to the group that is in the studio with me. it's a fun way to learn a little bit about the women's sports on the UofL campus and also sparks a little bit of rivalry and competition between the "A-Team" members. 

Our listeners and viewers on Facebook Live do pretty well on it also. Unless they are lying to us or "googling" the answers. 

I know, I's summer and you've put down the books and are enjoying a break from academia -- if you're a student -- for awhile, but it never hurts to stay sharp and keep the gray matter active. So, I'm offering a quiz for the readers today. We'll have ten questions, you get 10 points for each correct answer and there is a bonus at the end that can either get you 20 points or lose you 20 points.

You have the option of "passing" on the bonus, but no one ever does, it seems. 

Answers are at the end of today's article. Good luck and here we go: 

Today's quiz is about the UofL Campus(es) 

1) The main campus at the University of Louisville is known as: 

(A) Unitas Campus  (B) Belknap Campus (C) Brakemeier Campus  (D) UPS Campus

2) Which of these facilities was constructed pre-2001? 

(A) Lynn Stadium  (B) Bass-Rudd Tennis Center  (C) Louisville Lacrosse Stadium  (D) Don Fightmaster Playground

3)  The Marshall Center serves as: 

(A) Headquarters for the Campus Police  (B) Information technology (C) Dining for campus residents  (D) A strength and conditioning center for UofL athletes

4) Which one of these facilities is the home for Louisville Volleyball? 

(A) The LG&E Arena  (B) The Red Barn  (C) The L&N Federal Credit Union Arena  (D) The Ford Truck Plant Coliseum

5) If you are attending A Louisville Field Hockey match on campus, you are at: 

(A) Sowry Stadium  (B) Cardinal Park  (C) McFerran Stadium  (D) Trager Stadium 

6) If you wanted to watch Celene Funke hit a triple... you'd go to: 

(A) Jim Patterson Stadium  (B) Churchill Downs Infield  (C) Ulmer Stadium  (D) Cardinal Park

(7) Thorntons Academic Center of Excellence is: 

(A) On the south side of Cardinal Stadium  (B) Directly across from the University Club  (C) Attached to Lynn Stadium  (D) Moving to the KFC YUM! Center in 2021. 

(8) The Shelbyhurst Campus is located: 

(A) In Shelbyville, KY  (B) In New Albany  (C) Off Shelbyville Road  (D) At the corner of Shelby Street and Hurstbourne Ln. 

(9)  What statue is in front of Grawemeyer Hall? 

(A) Louie the Cardinal Bird  (B) The Thinker (C) The Vince Tyra Statue  (D) Johnny Unitas

(10)  The now-razed Crawford Gym housed all these activities...except for: 

(A) Tennis  (B) Racquetball  (C) Swimming  (D) Basketball

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   OPTIONAL BONUS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The School of Music was located in the 1970's at: 

(A) The Red Barn  (B) The Shelby Campus  (C) Where Cardinal Stadium is today  (D) In Fern Creek

So, how did you do? 

Answers below:






(keep scrolling)






(almost there)






(here's a picture of Danielle Watson) !! 


1) B.  Belknap Campus

2) B.  Bass-Rudd, in 2000

3) D.  Strength and Conditioning

4) C.  L&N 

5) D.  Trager Stadium

6) C.  Ulmer Stadium

7) A.  south side of Cardinal Stadium

8) C.  off Shelbyville Road

9) B.  The Thinker

10) A. Tennis

BONUS:  B. The Shelby Campus


100-120.   You're a whiz quiz kid !! You get the Paulie Award for Quiz Excellence and we'll send you a picture of the one-eared, toothpick-holding bear !!

80-90.  Not a bad score. You know your UofL history and landmarks. We'll list your name on Case Hoskins Wall of Fame and send Jared out to take your picture. 

50-70. We'll pass you, but study hall and tutoring is in order for you. Report to the Cardinal Couple Chimps Counselling Services...located underneath the House of Cards. 

20-40. I know. You don't wanna talk about it. Go do some yard work. 

0-10.  Hello, UK fan. Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a terrific Tuesday! Let us know how you did in the comments section ! 



  1. Passed on the bonus, btw.

  2. the bonus right. I'm going to claim that I am too young (cough, cough) to know what was NOT in Crawford Gym.

  3. Well, I was sitting at 9 for 9 but never knew Crawford Gym had racquetball. Didn't get greedy, didn't take the bonus and got a 90. Come take my picture...Jared!!

    Curtis "Quizzical" Franklin

  4. Quite the coincidence that you put my name in the 80-90 category. I went 10/10 on the regular coursework but bombed on my extra credit.

    1. Vulcan mind meld with you...which, quite frankly, scared the he!! out of me once I got in there, Case.


  5. No lodging or Jacuzzi, David. There are a couple of cabooses on the premises, though. Bring a sleeping bag. You can hoof it to Beef's or Kroger in about ten minutes (given your age) but I'd recommend breakfast or lunch at Wagner's Pharmacy...about another two minutes away, in the same direction.


  6. 80 because I missed the bonus. I'll take it.


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