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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jared reveals his favorite players -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Jared’s Favorite Players

*Note: the opinions below are Jared’s and may not reflect the views of the rest of Cardinal Couple*

As we continue to go through summer my article ideas continue to slim down. I figured a good one would be my personal favorite all-time Cardinals. I’m going to limit it to from the time I started as a student in the fall of 2012 to now.

Women’s Basketball

There’s plenty of players in the running for this one. Some of the players I thought about included Jazmine Jones, Monique Reid, and Shelby Harper. Ultimately I went with Myisha Hines-Allen. I met Myisha through a friend early on and remain friends with her up through today. Back when she was a student we would carry on the occasional conversation on Snapchat.

Field Hockey

I don’t have much of a personal connection to the field hockey players as much as I do with some other
sports but there have been plenty of exciting players over the past few years. My favorite during my time is Minout Mink. Although Mini Mink transferred out of UofL and went back home she has been one of the most exciting players I’ve watched, including her performance in the ACC Tournament in 2017.


For me, there’s not much competition here. Katie George is my all-time favorite. I knew Katie pretty much from her first game and was a good friend of my roommate and I. I stay in touch with Miss Kentucky to this day and am happy to call her a friend.


Many recent players have a strong case to be my favorite including Emina Ekic, Taylor Kerwin, Jill Vetere, and Tori Gabor. My favorite, though, is Gabrielle Vincent. Gaby is one of the few UofL players to come to a concert of mine, which means a lot to me. I got to know Gaby’s parents very well at the game and would talk and learn soccer from “G$”.


This might have been the toughest to decide. I am a huge fan of several players like Sidney Melton, Morgan Meyer, Celene Funke, and Maddy Newman. However, it was Nicole Pufahl who originally got me to a softball game, which later progressed into my arrival here at Cardinal Couple.

I’m not ignoring the other sports and their players. I just haven’t followed many of the other sports well enough or closely enough to really have gotten a favorite player yet.

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Have a great Wednesday!!

Jared Anderson 

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