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Monday, July 15, 2019

Compiling a "Best of" list no easy task -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


When one looks at the 12 sports that UofL competes in for NCAA DI athletes, there are an incredible amount of athletes to consider over the years. In women's basketball alone, since 1975, there are almost 225 letter-winners.

So, to pick a "she was the best at" list isn't an easy thing to do. I'll offer some candidates, though, for each sport and give my pick. Feel free to chime in on your agreements and disagreements in the comments section. Since rowing and track & field are so heavily dependent on multiple and many student athletes to compile a result, I'll skip trying to pick a "best of" in those two areas. 


I'll present the names Michelle Molodyna and Dorcas Wasike as a couple of candidates here but I think Wasike is the "best ever" in Louisville women's cross country. ACC Runner of the Year in 2018, All-American and lowest time in the 5K, she has a season left to compete. 


There is one name that comes to mind immediately: Ayeshia McFerrran.  "The best goalkeeper in the world" gets my vote...but the offensive stats of Jessica Javelet (2003-06) and her record of 176 goals is worth noting. Nicole Woods made the All-ACC team three years in a row and that is an incredible accomplishment. I go with McFerran, though.


Three viable choices here with current rising senior Lauren Hartlage, Cindy LaCrosse (2005-09) and Sara Maude-Juneau (2007-11). LaCrosse has the most "wins' by far with 3092, and the highest win I will go with her but a strong senior season out of Hartlage could replace her. 


I had to cut my list to five players here and they are all very good at what they did. Bergan Folly, Tessa Chad, Nikki Boltja, Kay Morissette and Hannah Koloski were leaders and stars. Maybe my pick here is a bit biased, but no one could take a game over like Kay Morissette (2013-16) and that's my choice, although one could make an argument for any of the five listed. 


Charlyn Corral (2012-13), Gabrielle Vincent (2015-18) and Christine Exeter (2010-13)  are three players that set the course of Louisville women's soccer excellence. Erin Yenney and Emina Ekic deserve recognition, too, for their UofL careers....but Corral accomplished so much in just two years -- it's hard to take anyone above her. 


Once again, a wealth of talent to choose from in two decades. Alicja Wolny (2010-13) and Melissa Roth (2007-10) led the team in batting for three years and Kristin Wadwell has the career pitching records in games started, innings pitched, shutouts and wins. Aja Sherman, Nicole Pufahl, Chelsea Bemis, Marysa Becker, Katie Keller and Tori Collins also had incredible careers at Louisville. I'll go with Wadwell, since pitching is maybe the biggest key in winning softball games. A tough call. 


Not much competition here, as Kelsi (Worrell) Dahlia career at UofL speaks for itself. Mallery Comerford, Andrea Cottrell and Tanja Kyllianen all deserve a shout out of recognition for their accomplishments as student-athletes, as well.


Rebecca Shine, Julia Fellerhoff, Julie Guess, Meg Peavy and Mariana Humberg made my final five. Fellerhoff (2011-14) was All-Conference all four years at UofL (Big East and AAC) and also Freshman of the Year. She edges out Peavy, who had an incredible 100-20 record in three years. 


Lola (Arslanbekova) Robison, Tess Clark, Katie George, Molly Sauer and Melanie McHenry accomplished many things and have received many honors at UofL. 2145 kills is a stat that will be hard to beat, though, and it was Lola who accomplished that from 2009-12.. She gets my nod as "best ever" in Volleyball . McHenry has been a strong force for three years, though, and a big senior season just might have her taking over as my "Best of". 


Angel McCoughtry, Asia Durr and Shoni Schimmel made my top three list here. 2779 points scored in a career will probably never be topped, I go with #35 Angel McCoughtry. 

The skill, determination and hard work from McCoughtry these many years is something any basketball player can learn from and adapt as a guide to success. 

Got a different take on any of these? Let me know. After all, as we say on our radio show..."You are Cardinal Couple and we never forget that." 



  1. I'll go with your WBB and swimming picks Pauie and trust your judgement on the others but Celene Funke needs a shout out for Softball.

    Curtis "Hello, Summer" Franklin

  2. Paulie, not being the steller fan and schoar that you are on this subject, i will say that there Many sports I need not remark on .I would like to mention one other possibility in volleyball for at least a shout-out and that would be for Gwen Rucker.

    As far as basketball is concerned I am with you all the way. I really think that Asia Durr may have had the most skills in the pure shooting and her incredable floor presence and awareness that she had. Angel was blessed with an amazing athletic body that was likecomparing Secretariat with any other race horse. She had speed, jumping ability a fine short and mid range skills, she could take it to the rim with the best of them. However, what impressed the most was her drive to win. One seldoms sees such determination in an athlete. Keep in mind, she carried a much less talented team than those of recent years. Into the final four. She was exceptional. Shoni? Well was Shoni. Nuff said.

  3. There’s a few sports where I’d disagree on the “BEST” but would still put all your #1 picks in the top five of each respective sport. It’ll be a good discussion topic for Saturday!


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