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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Jazmine Jones Interview -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


On Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity and pleasure of sitting down with Jazmine Jones to ask a series of questions . We talked about the past, present and future for the rising senior out of Tallahassee, FL.  

The questions covered a wide array of subject matter, including a typical day in her life, who her role models are, her favorite memories (so far) as a student-athlete here at Louisville and what is important to her in her life. 

The interview is at the link below: 


Special thanks to Nick Evans, UofL WBB SID -- and, of course Jazmine for making this possible! 

Photos credit: Nick Evans

Have a terrific Thursday !!



  1. Excellent interview with JJ, Paulie ! She'll be a huge factor in the Cards successes this year and glad to know that family and religion are huge factors in her life.

    Curtis "Would trade places with LeBron for a day also" Franklin

  2. Paulie, thank you and Jazmine for the interview. I have always admired Jazmine's style of play, her versitility, and particularly her "in you face" defense. I am looking forward to a great senior year from her. She seems to hav a great family support system and an amazing attitude on life.

  3. Jazz is a complementary player. Reminds me of a rich mans Bria Smith. She is not a go to end of game player. Good player I’d 3rd, 4th or 5th scoring option. If she’s relied upon to be 1st or 2nd option not dependable enough.

    1. I remember when AC and Dana were not reliable options. Jaz has such a good attitude and work ethic. Plus athleticism. I think she going to wear teams out from 15 feet this season or blow by them for layups.


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