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Wednesday, December 26, 2018



The joy and festivities of Christmas are over and most of us are thrown back into the real world with work today.  However, the time that was spent with friends and family was, hopefully, as good as can be.  It's about quality of time spent together, not quantity, although quantity can be nice too.

We do not have a lot of Cardinal coverage for you. Actually, none at all from the fields, hardwood, other courts or water. The athletes are getting a few days off. This renew and regeneration time is needed and welcomed by these hard-working student-athletes.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day. Whether you traveled to visit friends or relatives or just stayed home, hopefully your stockings were full, we hope there were boxes under the tree for you and you had the chance to eat well and enjoy the day. If you are "back at it" today in the working world, we hope it goes smoothly for you and the stories you share with co-workers are good and plenty.

When I last wrote I was preparing to head on a trip to go see my lovely Katy, who came to Louisville with me for a few days and made an appearance on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  Our time together was just as great as the first time and I talked her into going to a UofL game while here due to some free tickets.

The different UofL social media accounts were busy with all of the "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" posts. There were a few posts on social media that really stuck out to me:

Instead of the pre-recorded "Happy Holidays" in front of a green screen that we typically see from the different sports, not just UofL, but everywhere, the lacrosse team went a different route.  Each of the players made a short video at home with their friends and families sending Cardnation Christmas and holiday wishes. You can see the ones we received over on the Right Side of the Site on @cardcoupleradio Twitter account.

Men's Tennis head coach Rex Ecarma posted a video on his Twitter account (@rx11) of his daughter playing a song on the guitar and singing in honor of her grandmother.  Alexis' performance was beautiful and received a lot of praise from UofL fans.

Others included the official Louisville Athletics Twitter account (@GoCards) posted a picture of the famous Elf on a Shelf wearing a Cardinal Bird shirt and dunking a basketball on a Kentucky Wildcat.  The women's team accomplished their feat of defeating the big-time rival and now it's the men's turn to do the same on Saturday.

UofL continues to have a few more days off before games pick back up.  For some of the teams they are headed back or preparing to head back to campus for practices and workouts.  Based off social media posts by players from every sport they were all happy to go home to spend time with their loved ones.

Enjoy your Christmas recovery and begin the preparation for the new year!

If you are looking for something to celebrate today, it is Boxing Day. This doesn't mean Sam Fuehring is going to don the gloves and go a few rounds in the ring with Megan Hensley or Emina Ekic though.

Dec 26th. Boxing Day originated in the United Kingdom and has spread to many countries now. It is a day where employers distribute money, food, clothing or other valuable goods to their employees.

Yay! Employees!

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. I hope all Cardinal Couple people had a great Christmas. I am off work for a couple of days. I need to use the days off I have built up before I "lose" them, so ol' Curtis will be doing a bit of travelling and visiting before getting back into it on Dec 31st.

    I love Walz as Elf. Wonder what the chances are of getting him to dress like that for the UNC game. Or, even at South Bend?

    Continue with the Happy Holidays, CC crew. I leave this morning to visit my older brother and his family in South Carolina for a couple of days.

    Curtis "Doesn't pull off 'green' very well from a fashion sense" Franklin

  2. Found this very interesting article on 2019 UofL WBB recruit Norika Konno


    1. She is 5'10" according to a conversion table based on her cm stated in the article.


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