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Friday, December 14, 2018

Broken Records -- A Look at the Weekend -- WALZ pre-NKU presser : FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Two American Records and One World Record Broken

It comes as no surprise anymore when a UofL swimmer is breaking a record or bringing home a medal.  We saw a trio of records happen from a pair of swimmers, both on the women's side.

Senior Mallory Comerford found success in the 100 meter free.  Her time of 51.63 was enough to earn a bronze medal for the United States.  More importantly, her time beat Simone Manuel's time to set an American record and break the Top 10 all-time internationally.

Kelsi Dahlia (formerly Worrell) was apart of two record-breaking performances.  Her time of 24.93
in the 50 meter butterfly set an American record and puts her in the third slot for the final.  Her other record was part of the 4x50 meter mixed medley.  Her split was 24.71 as Team USA set a new world record with a time of 1:36.40.

Note: Dahlia's time of 24.71 in the mixed medley isn't recognized as an American record as it is part of a medley instead of the individual race where she posted a time of 24.93.  I'm not sure why it isn't recognized seeing as she has no extra advantage in one vs the other, but that's how things go.

A Look a the Weekend

Friday, Dec. 14

Swim enters their fourth day of the Short Course Worlds in China.  Team USA and the UofL swimmers have impressed so far and there's still more to accomplish.

Saturday, Dec. 15

Day five of the the Short Course Worlds takes place with many of the UofL swimmers wrapping up or having wrapped up their parts.

Women's basketball has an early start time with an 11:30 a.m., tip-off against Northern Kentucky.  UofL is 9-10 all-time against the Norse, but the last time the two teams played each other neither Case nor I were alive.  Jeff Walz gets a chance to face his alma mater, although this match-up heavily leans in the favor of the Cards.

At halftime, the 2009 Final Four team will be recognized.  Stay in your seats for the ceremony.  I am hoping to make it down there by then but I won't be leaving work until around 12:10-12:15 so we might be relying on Paulie's phone camera skills for this one.

Angel McCoughtry, Candyce Bingham, Dez Byrd, Becky Burke and almost the whole 2008-2009 roster, staff and assistants will be back to celebrate that Final Four trip to St. Louis.

The men's team will play in the same venue down at the KFC Yum! Center later that day when they face Kent State at 4:00 p.m.  Chris Mack is 7-3 in his first 10 games as head coach and he has two more games before he learns of the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Swim and Dive will be split as a couple UofL folks finish up in China.  The divers will head to Atlanta for a few days to compete in the Winter Trials.  Diving, which has been a weakness for the swim team for many years, has seen some bright spots as of lately and hopes to improve even more.

Paulie Interviews Walz

Taking a break from practices and film study, Jeff Walz joined our very own Paul Sykes for an pre-NKU interview.  These two long-time friends did not disappoint and without further ado I hand the floor over to Paulie.


Coach doesn't want to see Paulie show up in his "onesies" for the game Saturday. So, he'll be attending in his Depends and a 2009 Final T-Shirt.

I will be out of town from Sunday-Wednesday to visit the precious girlfriend.  I'll bring her back up for a few days with me including bringing her with me to the radio station on Saturday.  Whether we'll get her on air is still, well, up in the air.  That being said, I will be taking a break next week from writing while out of town and then spending some time with Katy.


Do you remember...this player from that 2009 Final Four team?  First correct answer will put you in a drawing for a Panera or Famous Dave's gift card! 

I wish all of you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

- Jared "Wishing for some UofL victories for Christmas" Anderson -

Sorry for stealing your thunder, Curtis.


  1. I'm looking forward to see the return of 2009 National Runner Up squad. I wasn't following WBB much back then, but that team sparked my interest in Louisville WBB. 11:30? Well, I won't get much sleep but it is worth it.

    No problem on the "rip-off" Jared. I'm flattered you adopted my "quotes" in between my first and last name!

    Have fun with your woman. They are important parts of our lives. I'm not ready yet to make a special commitment to a woman yet but I guess you never know when Cupid will strike. I continue to scout the field.

    Curtis "Angel Nails a Threeeee" Franklin

  2. "Double B for three!" So many great memories of that team. I remember being mad that the squad had to start the NCAA Tournament in Baton Rouge instead of at WKU, but me and a bud drove overnight to Raleigh once they defeated LSU to see them reach the final four by dominating Maryland and Baylor.

    Back then, I was still a hard working salesman and my regional manager wouldn't give me the days off to go to St. Louis. I devised a plan, though, and called in sick and went anyway.

    I never liked that boss much anyway (Ha, ha) and was pleased when he got fired later that year.

    Paulie, do you remember that two overtime win over Rutgers in the Big East Tournament at UConn? The stare-down between Gwen Rucker and Kia Vaughn? Angel driving the lane, then dumping the ball off to Candyce Bingham for the winning basket?

    Great times. The start of it all.

    Blue Lou

    1. I remember the 2008-09 season very well. Was at Raleigh and St Louis as well. I remember getting into an argument at a Raleigh bar with a red-neck Baylor fan the night before that game and this bozo wanted me to step outside so he could "kick my a$$".

      He went outside and I sauntered out a few minutes later with three or four big boys in Cardinal gear. It de-escalated quickly. LOLOLOL.


  3. Walz got you pretty good, Paulie! What was he laughing and going off about at the start of the video?

    Nick O

    1. It was a continuation of his remarks from Sunday about local station WDRB switching away from the UK/Seton Hall game and going to the Louisville game on Saturday.

      Rick Bozich from WDRB was there and Jeff wanted to give him some good-natured ribbing about it. Of, course, Bozich had nothing to do with it, it was a Fox network call.

      And, yes, Walz is the master of the "one-liners" and "Quick hits". Fine with me. It makes him happy and I like the ribbing. Someone needs to bring me down occasionally and there are plenty of willing candidates, Coach included. Plus, he knows I'll more often than not, fire something back at him.

      All good.


  4. Is that Howard in the picture?

    Nick O.

  5. Maybe Candyce?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  6. Followed the Cards since, well, a long time now, listening to the radio mostly and newspaper coverage until they started putting them on TV some, probably around the time Sara Nord was playing. First time I actually attended was a Freedom Hall game against UConn when Angel was here. We got beat pretty bad, but it was worth seeing Angel live.
    Lots of memories of that first Final Four trip.
    Remember Walz guaranteeing a victory over Maryland if they followed and executed the game plan, as he was well familiar with Coleman and co.
    Remember that stare down. Remember BB chasing Whitney Hand from Oklahoma in the second half, shut her down.
    Good times, good times.😊😊😊

    1. Forgot about BB's defense on Hand. Agreed. Good times. More to come!


  7. Oh, is that Mary Jackson in the photo, before I go cheat to see?

  8. We have a winner. You make the list for the cards drawing !! Congratulations. Jackson spent a year at UofL, transferred to Memphis and finally ended up at Lee.



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