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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More on Todd Sharp -- Cards WBB making the grade -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Our mission, here at Cardinal Couple, is to promote the joy and excitement of Louisville women's athletics. Some days, we take the good with the bad, though

University of Louisville women's dance coach, Todd Sharp, was let go after a six-month review found he "engaged in fiscal misconduct" after the team's deposits were over $40,000 less than expected, per a copy of his termination letter that was available from the University via open records policy. 
This investigation, performed by University of Louisville Audit Services, along with the University of Louisville Police Department, discovered deposit activity for the cheer and dance squads between May 2016 and October 2018 totaled $29,372. But, estimates show that amount, based on revenue-generating events, fundraising and other programs, should have totaled $70,000 between April 2017 and June 2018, according to a letter sent to Sharp and signed by UofL athletic director Vince Tyra.
Over $40,000. Money that went directly to Sharp in cash. That's a pretty nice yearly salary for some.
Is embezzlement too strong a word here? Pocketing money, raised -- in part by student-athletes -- but never reaching their financial institution. 
One more black eye, embarrassing situation that involves the name of UofL Athletics, who have received so many of these negative publicity items over the last couple of years. People who willingly and freely devoted time, efforts, financial contributions, goods and services to raise money for an on-campus activity and entity they believed in and supported were "ripped off". Student-athletes, lending their time and talents in the belief that what they were doing was benefiting the program and activities they participated in -- and part of the reason they were enrolled at UofL...finding out that part of their efforts were lining Sharp's pockets.
And, what did he do with the ill-gotten gains? 
Maybe, I don't want to know. Maybe we just leave this sordid story alone for awhile. For the joy and excitement that the LadyBirds have brought many a fan over the years with their dazzling routines and performances, now, we find that their leader was, basically, a crook. These student-athletes are victims as well. Not their fault. 
In the words of the late Jim Nabors, he of Gomer Pyle, USMC television fame: 
"Shameful, shameful, shameful"...Mr. Sharp. 


Let's move on to good news. The Louisville women's basketball squad has their 2018 Fall Semester grades from academic pursuits back, and it's nearly as perfect as the squad's 11-0 record on the hardwood. 
The number is 3.264 (out of a possible 4.0). It's the fourth-highest semester average since Jeff Walz has piloted the program and the ninth-straight semester that women's basketball has topped the 3.0 mark. 
Asia Durr, Lindsey Duvall, Dana Evans and Sam Fuehring all topped the 3.5 mark and were named to the Dean's List. 
The other players on the squad were 3.0 or better. A total of eight Cardinals earned the prestigious Red and Black Scholar Athlete status (3.25 or better) cumulative GPA. 
Quite the academic feat for the women's basketball team. Being a student-athlete can be difficult, trying to attend classes, study, prepare assignments and such while practicing fast breaks, defense, taking extended road trips and spending a lot of time (voluntary as well as practice-oriented) in the facility formerly known as "the little Yum"...working on their respective game and technique. 
Ahead for these academic-excellent student-athletes is a trip to Mt. Pleasant, MI to play the Central Michigan Chippewas on Thursday evening at 7 p.m.
A preview of that contest for you tomorrow morning. Paulie brings you the Jared wanders the Southeast regions of our nation with his g/f Katie and Case can proudly mouth The Lonely Island "I'm On A Boat" lyrics with his wife Lindsey...enjoying a tropical cruise.
Hey, someone had to stay in town and feed the chimps plus respond to the comments. Between Worldwide and me, the realm of Cardinal Couple remains secure and, well, as crazy and entertaining as usual.



  1. Wow. Sharp. What a tool! I hope he gets counselling. Will UofL prosecute? Shame for these hard-working girls to get ripped off. I'm tired of UofL contrversies, how about you?

    Congrats to the UofL WBB squad on their academic success. Keeps the term "student-athlete" in good light for Walz & company.

    Listened to Walz's radio show last night. They are taking CMU very seriously and, well, they should. This is a very dangerous opponent.

    Curtis "Still listens to radio, how unique!" Franklin

  2. The more I read about this Todd Sharp, the more of a con man he sounds like to me. It's just another example of permissiveness and lack of institutional control that was in the Jurich era. I am glad that cleaning house is taking place under Tyra.

    How about those great academics, Louisville WBB girls! Please go get a win tomorrow night and then enjoy some family time for XMAS!

    Nick O


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