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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Approaches - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of year when Cardinal Couple thoughts turn to metaphorical gifts to get the UofL women's sports programs and a wish for you, the reader.

So let's get right to it, and please...let's hear your wish-list items in the comments. Here are mine:

The "three wise men" enjoy some holiday cheer
First off, for you readers...take some time to relax, reflect and revel.

For WBB...a good rest and period of relaxation with your family and friends back home during this holiday season.  Any workaday employee knows that occasional breaks and vacations are critical for maintaining peak functioning in a role.  The women's basketball squad, one of the few squads actually in action in this time of year gets a lengthy break in their schedule and will get to spend 5 or 6 days home with family and friends, a near eternity in basketball scheduling.  Use that time wisely, enjoy it, maintain your conditioning, and be grateful for the support structures that you have there.  Most of the other programs are out of season, but the same notions apply.  Use that off-season time wisely, take a bit of a break, but don't get completely out of your habits and practices that help you perform at your best.

Second, and this is similar to the first, on my wish-list is the gift of healing.  During the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday, I shared a bit of news from the Volleyball front, but the discussion evolved from there into a discussion about some of the injuries that the team had sustained this year.  The off season is a chance to heal those up and be able to come back, hopefully in the spring, but certainly in the fall, fully healed up and ready to play.

Next, I want to put one specifically on my list for Volleyball.  I suspect the coaching staff is looking for a transfer or two in the off-season to bolster the ranks of this squad for the coming year.  Specifically, it looks to me like the squad will be in need of a setter, and some boosts on right side hitting.  The signed freshman class has players coming in that are adept at playing these positions, but perhaps a graduate student transfer or two to plug the immediate holes and give these freshman some time to get up to speed would be helpful.  We saw, this year, that freshmen can sometimes come in and immediately find "the college gear" of play (Emily Scott, and Mia Stander particularly come to mind, here), but putting that level of expectation on incoming freshmen is not ideal to my mind as a fan.

And I'd like to put a couple of wish-list items for some individuals.

First, for Asia Durr, more ACC Player of the Weeks honors (I'm pretty sure she's gonna get this one), the ACC Player of the Year honor, and dare we even hope for overall Player of the Year honors?

For Jess Laemmle, I wish more scoring opportunities taken.  I always love games where everyone gets to play and everyone scores.  Jess, to her credit, is a role player and plays that role to perfection.  She is unselfish, she is supremely supportive of her teammates, and frankly she's just inspiring to have around.  The lone Attack Yorkie on the squad this year, and surely all-around fan favorite, I have no complaints about her play whatsoever, I just hope she gets the gift of a little confidence to shoot the ball herself.  Everyone loves you, Jess, we want to see you get some points up there, though!

What about you, dear reader?  What gifts do you wish to see these players get?  We'll talk next week about resolutions for the coming year, about what you would like to see them do and accomplish.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Jared and Worldwide escort Paulie to the studio
Three of the knuckleheads were on the air yesterday, as Paulie, Jared, and myself made it to the magnificent, media, musical mansion on Mellwood....the wonderous and wonderful home of WCHQ.  We had a great studio guest -- Jared's girlfriend Katy -- who took a viewer's role.

You can check out the Facebook Live stream at:

We talked a lot of basketball, covering the NKU and Central Michigan game for the women.  I shared a tidbit of news about volleyball, and we discussed, briefly the latest shock out of the athletic department as a whole, the firing of Todd Sharp.  Join us, won't you?



  1. I want to see these Christmas wishes come true:

    UofL WBB to Tampa and leaving with the National Championship

    Softball become the ACC Champs and a long run in NCAA Tournament

    Volleyball regain ACC Title and make it to Final Four

    Lacrosse continue to improve and get ACC wins.

    Field Hockey contend for the ACC title and an NCAA bid

    Women's Soccer with a strong year and return to the NCAA Tourney

    Swimming to be crowned the National champs.

    Each and every other Cardinal athletic squad with winning seasons, NCAA bids and ACC success.

    The Ladybirds peace and joy for 2019 and someone to guide them without greed, meanness or a huge ego.

    Vince Tyra getting a few months free from controversy, scandal and embarrassment for the UofL athletic department. What the heck, let's make it for years and years to come.

    Guys step down from the board who don't need to be on there.

    A very merry Christmas to all student-athletes, reads, coaches and UofL!

    Curtis "Peace on Earth, Good will toward all" Franklin

  2. Echo those wishes, Curtis.

    I'll add this:

    A great 2019 to all our readers, sponsors, friends and proponents of Cardinal Couple. My commitment to this site, our radio show and the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports has never been stronger.

    I believe in the voice and the power of the people. We will remain local, independent, daily and strive to bring you quality journalism, great articles and a bit of fun when we can. WE will always remember that YOU are Cardinal Couple and we thank you for that.



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