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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Graduation -- Cards Face Northern KY -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Now Batting...

Surprise, surprise, I'm back for one more post before I take my break.  Case is in the midst of packing, moving and then a short vacation to rest up after all that and was unable to prepare anything for Saturday, but he will make a return after that.  Don't be afraid to ask for help when moving the couch or bed!

It is a bit of adjustment of rotation and "filling in" here at Cardinal Couple this upcoming week, with Jeff and Paulie holding down the site all the way to Christmas. After that, we'll get back to some sort of normalcy (if it can actually be said anything IS ever normal here at Cardinal Couple) to take you to the end of 2018.

UofL Holds Winter Commencement

Volleyball's Wilma Rivera one of the
diploma receivers! 
Among the hundreds of graduates to walk across stage last night to pick up their *fake* diplomas, 51
of them were student-athletes.  Those 51 range across several sports and spirit groups.  Some of them have already concluded their four years of eligibility while others still have another season remaining.

The women's sports graduates included:

Claire Bahain (rowing)
Sophie Cattermole (swimming and diving)
Shelby Cohen (soccer)
Maria Gomez (field hockey)
Hope Herline (lacrosse)
Mariana Humberg (tennis)
Ashley LeClair (swimming and diving)
Aleksandra Mally (tennis)
Molly Marshall (lacrosse)
Alison Price (soccer)
Marah Pugh (swimming and diving)
Wilma Rivera (volleyball)
Molly Sauer (volleyball)
Alison Szydlowski (softball)

The women's spirit groups and support staff included:

Natalie Broadus
Emma Crush
Brenda Hackett
Stephanie McNamara (Note: Steph walked as an undergrad previously while repping lacrosse.  She walked for her masters this time as a member of the UofL sports info crew this time)
Meagan Moutoux
Carmen Rollizo
Jennifer Wittick
Kayla Whitfield
Amanda Wilson

Remember, student-athletes are students first and foremost, and graduating is a huge accomplishment.  They are all off to bigger and better things, some to go pro and others will join the rest of us in the working world.

College is a time of learning, preparation and discovery. We tend to forget, I think, at times that the young man or woman making the shot, the save, the catch or the steal is also spending long hours reading, writing papers, attending classes and studying for exams. 

Congratulations, graduates!

Women's Basketball Takes on Northern Kentucky

Louisville will conclude their six-game home-stand with an 11:30 a.m. this morning with a game against the Norse of Northern Kentucky.  UofL (10-0) hopes to remain undefeated while the Norse (1-5) look for life in their season.

NKU's lone victory was a 73-32 rout of DII Alderson Broaddus.  Two of their five losses were fairly close, a 52-48 loss to Austin Peay and a 58-53 loss to Illinois State.

Most of their roster is averaging over five points per game but only Taylor Clos is above the 10 point mark at 10.3 ppg.

 The Cards are either 11-12 or 10-11 all-time against Northern Kentucky (depending on which page of the UofL media guide you read) with the most recent match-up being a 71-60 loss on the road on Nov. 25, 1989.  Carmyn Whitaker coaches the Norse, she's a graduate of WKU and in her foruth year as the NKU head coach.  Jeff Walz will face his alma mater for the first time as head coach of Louisville.  He was a two-time letter winner for NKU's men's basketball team in 1990-1991.

Keep an eye on Asia Durr.  The senior is at 1,971 career points.  A 29-point performance against the Norse will make her just the fourth player in program history to join the 2,000-point club.

 "I'll take women's basketball for 800, Alex".

Can you name the three UofL players who have 2,000 career points? Hint: They all happened with Jeff Walz as head coach.

The first correct answer in our comments section will be put into a drawing for a special prize gift card provided by Cardinal Couple. Our most recent entry for the choice of Panera or Famous Dave's cards was KStarksSr. 

More on Durr and the Cards: 

-- Asia Durr is averaging 12.8 ppg followed by Sam Fuehring's 10.9 as the only Cards in double-digits this season.  Five other players are averaging over seven ppg.

-- Five Cards have broken double-figures on assists with Dana Evans' 45 leading the way.  Sam Fuehring's 65 rebounds are the most for a UofL squad that has seven players with 29 or more (AC's 29 puts her just shy of three per game).  

-- The .394 three-point percentage has been a plus this year.  If you take away Mykasa Robinson's 1-2 (.500) the highest on the team is Arica Carter (1838, .474).  Kylee Shook is next in line (7-15, .467) and then Asia Durr follows (32-80, .400).  A new three-point threat, Lindsey Duvall, has looked good too (9-24, .375).

Whether you look at this match-up on paper or by the naked eye UofL should win with little trouble.  The second half will be a chance for Walz to try different floor looks and let his reserves get plenty of playing time.  Build their confidence in the non-conference part of the schedule and continue to get them ready as the ACC games roll around.

Coming home

C.B. !!!!!
At halftime, the 10-year anniversary celebration of the 2009 Final Four squad will take place on the court. Coach Walz has already indicated that he won't take the team to the locker room at the half, so they can witness this great event. 

A great representation from that squad will be in attendance, including Angel, Candyce, Dez and Becky. Monique Reid is playing overseas and won't be able to attend but Michelle Clark-Heard, an assistant to Walz on that squad and now head coach at Cincinnati is coming in, among many other staffers.

 We've had a few weigh in about what they remember about that squad in our comments section over the last couple of days. Let's hear from you, too!

No Live Radio

To get technical, there will still be a live airing of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  It won't feature any of us in studio, but Paulie (with fantastic assistance from WCHQ general manager Kathy "Monk" Weisbach)  has pieced together "The Best of 2018" to air between 11-12 during the normal time slot.

You can listen at or 100.9 FM plus the WCHQ app. Since we assume a lot of you will already be in your seats before the broadcast hits the air, we'll have the replay link posted up here later today, as well as in the Sunday column.

On a completely random note I discovered there is a phone number you can call at any time to hear "My Old Kentucky Home".  Facebook is a magical place, folks.  Call 1-855-883-8663 to hear former governor Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler Sr. perform the country's greatest state song.

Happy Saturday, Happy Game Day, and Go Cards ! 

- Jared -


  1. Up early this morning and not trying to be greedy, I know the three but I'll let someone else answer. Fairly easy question.
    Mad I can't make the game, halftime should be great!
    There in spirit and will be able to at least watch the game. Hope they show halftime, or at least post it somewhere later.
    GO CARDS!!!

    1. I expect there will be video galore of the return out here on the Internet, K.

      Jared provided a easy one today. We're going to work with him on his "game".


  2. In the "early bird gets the worm" category, Alex, Curtis goes with Myisha Hines-Allen, Shoni Schimmel and Angel McCoughtry as the three who have scored over 2000 points.

    Looking forward to today's game. It's going to be great to have the 2009 gals back, even though they accomplished their feat in Freedom Hall.

    Curtis "Scored 22 in a pick-up game once" Franklin

    1. Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Curtis is entered in the drawing for the gift Cards.

      Daggone it, fellas, at least let Paulie have a little coffee before I jump on-line and start reviewing, editing and judging.

      Congratulations Curtis !!


  3. Yes, you guys were "on it" early this morning.

    I remember that team quite well, it was my second year of holding season tickets and attending UofL WBB games.

    They won 19 of their first 20 games, just the lone loss at Nevada in the Reno Classic. Remember that they actually had a game at the Kentucky Convention Center early on because they couldn't get into Freedom Hall. The girl I was dating at the time talked me into getting us season tickets, I was skeptical at first. but they won my heart and soul (unlike her).

    Three of the season's five losses were to UConn.

    I remember they moved Dez to point-guard early on. I remember thinking that she was no point guard, but, basically they had no choice. Once she learned how to dribble, she wasn't bad.

    I remember Walz nicknamed them the "Bad News Bears" because of their practice habits, but, when it was game time, they excelled.

    I didn't follow them to LSU or Raleigh or St. Louis but was listening on radio and viewing whenever I could. I did end up with a 2009 Final Four seat cushion, though. It was brought back to me by a friend who went, not to watch the Cards, but Oklahoma, since he was a graduate from their in the early 2000's.

    I remember that Paris girl from Oklahoma and her boast about not losing to Louisville. How'd that turn out for you?

    Great times. Let's do it again this season!

    Nick O

  4. It was a great year. I remember going to St Louis with friends for the Saturday game then calling in to miss work on Monday and Tuesday so I could attend the finals.
    I will be wearing my 2009 final 4 shirt today as a memory of that great weekend.

  5. Thank you for being here, Cardinal Couple!


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