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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Todd Sharp Released -- Another One Bites The Dust -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


If it's Tuesday, then there must be another coach on the rocks at UofL. Today we find out that Todd Sharp, who has coached the LadyBirds, Louisville's multi-national champion, award-winning dance squad, has been let go by the University of Louisville.

Personal reasons. No further elaboration or comments out of UofL 

There was a brief discussion between me and a patron of "an establishment" last evening on whether dancing is a varsity sport or not. I think I won the argument (with a "yes" stance) that it is. The LadyBirds practice (viewing any episode of the Lifetime series/television show SO SHARP about the 2016-17 squad will confirm the practice part). They compete against other dance squads, in scheduled events, to win titles and championships. They have a roster, leaders, various positions on the floor, coaches and people attend the events. 

I says "Yes" to the sport classification. And, the Cards have been a successful squad. They were the 2018 NCA/NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Champions. We've got a link for you below on that


They've won 14 National Championships...way more than Rick Pitino and Denny Crum combined..and all under Sharp and Sheryl Knight.  

No official reasoning or statement has been released by the University yet, saying it is a personal matter. He's also gone at Floyd Central High School, where he allegedly stepped down as well.  His Twitter account has been deleted. 

We won't get into the ramifications of the "personal matter" wording. I'll let you, the reader, weigh and review the items and thoughts associated with that particular reason for dismissal. Speculation from a source close to the program offers a possible reason but we won't go into speculation here. 

The LadyBirds are a big-crowd ticket item only. I've never saw them at a Field Hockey, Lacrosse, women's soccer or tennis match. The competition to become a LadyBird is intense from what I hear. That probably won't change. 

So, who replaces Sharp and joins Knight? I got a few ideas... 






The LadyBirds are always a enjoyable, quite viewable and entertaining part of major sporting events including the Cardinals. We see them at Football, Men and Women's Basketball. Sheryl Knight is still there and employed, as far as we know...and had just as much to do with the successes of the squad as anyone. 

Just when he clears his plate...another heaping helping to pile on Vince Tyra's the University of Louisville, who is starting to resemble Pittsburgh in coaching changes. 

Young, Pitino, Jurich, Petrino, Lolla and now Sharp as departures at UofL athletics. Some very justified departures. Some we know not why yet. Like a game of musical chairs. 


  1. I'll take a different approach and not really put the LadyBirds as a sport. What conference are they in? Are stats kept? Is there a W/L record. Are there post-game interviews? I will agree they work as hard as any other student/athlete, though.

    Paulie, what's the back story on Sharp? I know you know. Say it!

    Curtis "Was never considered very 'sharp'" Franklin

    1. Just won't get involve in "speculation". If the man wants to discuss the personal reasons, that is up to him. WE'll just concentrate on the actions, not the back story.


    2. Although cheer/dance isn't listed as one of the official UofL athletic squads, I also believe that they are a "sport".

      What is the deal with Sharp? Sexual? Inappropriate behavior? Drugs/alcohol? Rubbed Tyra the wrong way?

      Personal reasons can mean anything. What, they wouldn't let him play with Tinkertoys in the cafeteria?

      I need more, Paulie !! 14-time champions and the coach just gets cast aside like a dirty paper plate?

      Nick O.

  2. John Karman, a University of Louisville spokesman, confirmed Monday night that Sharp was terminated.

    Karman declined to provide any details about Sharp's firing and directed comments to the athletic office.

    So, are you going to ask Vince, Paulie?

    Blue Lou

  3. Oxford dictionary defines sport as “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” since the cheerleaders and Ladybirds all compete for national championships against other teams and I’d say those completions involve plenty of physical extortion I will mark them as sports, even if the NCAA does not recognize so.

    Unfortuantely for Todd he has been dealing with some personal issues. The university has respected him by not bringing those issues to the public. The Ladybirds show should have never happened and only made things worse. Let’s hope the train gets back on the tracks for Todd.

    I dealt with him for many years during my time in band and then the last couple years as media. He was always respectful to myself and others. He yelled at his players no different than coaches such as Walz, Sowry, McDonnell, etc yell at theirs. Todd is not a bad person.

  4. I will not ask Vince and see no need to. To quote an old Allman Bros. claasic "It's not my cross to bear."


  5. The Sharp thing started as a leave of absence a couple of months back. Now it is a termination. Conspiracy theorists unite. Paulie, why can't those dirty Birds keep anyone in their athletic department?

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor

  6. His letter of termination was posted on Twitter by Will Clark of WHAS. Looks like he stole about $40K

    1. Wednesday Cardinal Couple discusses the "Not so" Sharp embezzlement.



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