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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Kay Morissette Named Asst Coach -- Academic Awards -- Bats Update -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Kaylin Morissette Named Assistant Lacrosse Coach

A legend when it comes to Louisville lacrosse, Kaylin "Kay" Morissette, was named an assistant coach yesterday.  She served as a student assistant last season.

Morissette is a native of Canada like Scott Teeter and coached on his staff at Canisius in 2017.  They earned a MAAC Championship in her lone season up north.

During her stint as a player at Louisville Morissette became one of the most decorated players in program history.  She ranks high in several categories: 572 draw controls (first), 51 assists (second), 73 games played (second), 218 points (third), 119 ground balls (third), and 167 goals (fourth).  Her 572 draw controls is nearly double the 247, which ranks second in program history.

Expect to see a big improvement in the 2019 team as Morissette's role will increase.  Her and Teeter could surprise some folks and have a Top 20 team next year.

More All-ACC Academic Awards

Three spring teams announced All-ACC academic awards for their players.  Men's tennis, women's tennis, and softball had a combined 13 players earn the honors.

For men's tennis, George Hedley, Parker Wynn, and Christopher Morin-Kougoucheff met the 3.0 GPA to make the team.

For women's tennis, Mariana Humberg, Raven Neely, Abbie Pahz, and Sena Suswam earned the honors.  It is the second appearance for Humberg and first for the others.

Softball had six make the team with Caitlin Ferguson, Celene Funke, Megan Hensley, Jenna Jordan, Sidney Melton, and Maddy Newman earning the academic honors.  This is Melton's third year of earning All-ACC academic honors.

Louisville Bats Mid-season Report

Bat breaks mid-swing
Worldwide provided us with an updated of Louisville City FC this weekend so I thought we could talk about the other professional team in town too.  I have been busy this UofL off-season covering the Louisville Bats with my partner-in-crime at River City Cards, Mike Gilpatrick.

For those who do not regularly follow the team the transitioned from their standout purple to a more standard red and navy at the beginning of 2017 and continued that this year.

Following their victory last night the Bats are 29-43 and on a three-game win streak.  Sadly, they are last in the league, but only by 1.5 games.  They're eighth in the league (out of 14) with 20 home victories, but their 9-21 road record is dead last and way below the next team.

#12 Nick Senzel
Nick Senzel, the Reds top prospect, was having a great rookie season before an injury and immediate surgery to his right index finger placed him on IR.  Hernan Iribarren is a name that's been spoken in Louisville for several years.  Although his numbers have seen a small drop over time he has taken a role in mentoring younger players in helping them on their journey to become MLB stars.

The Bats' pitching staff has had some rough patches, but also some great outings.  Recently, the Bats gave up 13, 16, and 12 runs over a three-game period.  However, there have also been some one- and two-run games allowed as well.  Robert Stephenson and Cody Reed have each had an 11-strikeout performance this season, neither of them going the full nine.

#2 Hernan Iribarren
Many players move up to MLB or go down to Double-A as the season progresses so it is nice to be able to shoot different players over the span of 70-something home games.  I will only be at about 40 of those, though.  Some familiar faces seen in the press box include Nick Evans (WBB SID) helps with operations and scorebook, Steph McNamara (lacrosse alum) helps with social media and post-game recaps, Daryl Foust (The Crunch Zone) runs camera at the games and Mike Gilpatrick (River City Cards) covers games for RCC. Nick Curran, UofL WBB Radio play-by-play expert, handles the Bats broadcasts on 790 WKRD. Paulie listens most nights the Bats are on the field and if you can't make it to the ball-park or the Bats are on the road, listening to Nick makes you feel like you are there.

The season started rough for the Bats, but they have settled down recently and are performing as hot as the Reds.  By the way, that Cincinnati team is 29-27 over their last 56 games, which is better than any stretch they have had the last two years.

What Day Is It?

Well, it's Tuesday so why am I writing today's article?  Paulie has an interviewed planned for this afternoon (shhh, it's a secret who it is) and will have a full report on that tomorrow along with a link to the full interview.

Yesterday marked exactly six months until Christmas.  This past weekend marked the longest daylight day of the year, meaning the amount of daylight we get will become shorter from here on out.

It is National Forgiveness Day.  Has someone wronged you?  Let go of that hatred or revenge-mindset and forgive them for their wrongdoing.  If you have a special barber, or cosmetologist, or someone who takes care of your nails for you then make sure to show your appreciation for them on National Beautician's Day.  Enjoy the rest of the day with a tropical cocktail or chocolate cake.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. A partially nice article today Jared but I'm starting to see a puzzling trend at Cardinal Couple and your diving into sports that are not UofL related. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in that.

    I've come to depend and count on Cardinal Couple for the UofL women's sports stories that no one else attempts or covers and talks about and, suddenly, I'm getting Semi-pro soccer and minor league baseball?

    I realize it is the summer. I realize no sports are going on. But, there are plenty of women's coaches, players, staffers and such either on campus or making name for themselves. Why not cover them?

    You say you represent the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports? Except for Paulie's article Monday, the last three days have been a bit of a letdown.

    Paulie, you're supposedly running things. Get your writers back on task, please.

    Nick O.

    1. In Jared's defense, I will point out that the lead article was about Kay and her promotion. He also covered academic excellence at UofL. His "What Day Is It?" segment we've received favorable comments on and it's not disappearing.

      However, your points are well-taken Nick O. We are a UofL women's sports site. I'll take the blame for not herding the kittens properly and we'll discuss it. We DO want to put the articles out there that our readers want.

      Thanks for your observations and comments!


  2. I have to agree with Nick O. I could care less about the Bunts or the FC. I come here to read about women's hoops, volleyball and the other UofL women's sports. I can get minor league baseball and pro soccer at many other sources.

    I know you'll "herd the kittens" Paulie and I do think you have a staff of brilliant writers and commentators.

    Curtis "Gimme women's hoops, field hockey and hole-in-ones" Franklin

  3. The writers - Jeff, Case and Jared - all hold down full time jobs. It is not so easy to just call a coach or player and get a time to interview them. A very repetitive article could be written each day - the teams are holding camps - the players are home for the summer - the players are working on conditioning. Give the guys a break and let them expound on some sports in Louisville that may, or may not, get much attention from the mainstream media. If it is really a problem, I'm sure Paulie could tell them to eliminate anything but women's sport news and have a much shorter and less time consuming article to write. I can assure you, from personal knowledge, that they work hard at finding something interesting and pertinent to write about.

  4. gotta be this cloudy n rainy weather got you all in fits give cardinal couple a break they doin wat nobody else do

  5. My intention wasn’t to upset anyone, but just give an update how other teams are doing during the UofL off-season. Other than a few late awards coming out there hasn’t been too much activity lately.

    The biggest news lately have been Tess Clark going pro, a couple new recruits, and Sandy Pearsall leaving. Unfortuantely, we know as much as everyone else on the coaching search.

    I’ll make sure to swing things back around to women’s sports on Friday. Sorry about upsetting everyone.

    1. No worries Jared. These dissertations kinda came out of the blue. You're a great part of this site and I know you'll continue to be. Your work here is greatly appreciated and you'll always be part of the "A" team.

      (I guess that curling article we were going to collaborate on is pretty much toast now)


    2. I'll second that, Paulie. You are quite fortunate to have Jared, Jeff and Case writing for you. I'll even give that duffer David Watson a little credit. Very little.

      Maybe people don't realize that CC is non-profit. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. These guys don't get paid and they are full-time employees at other things. They have fiancees, wives, lives and who else in journalistic, on-line columns is in that category?

      I stand by my "Couple" and I do look eagerly each morning to see what are on these pages.

      Even if it is Watson.

      -- The Real Joe Hill --

  6. Good morning

    I am a former UofL women's sports student-athlete. Maybe that's a bit incorrect. I guess I will always be a UofL student-athlete and loved my time on campus.

    I love what Cardinal Couple does. I still follow Cardinal Couple and so do my parents. They gave me props and my parents were so grateful to see their daughter written about.

    Cardinal Couple covers UofL women's sports in a very unique and refreshing way. My former coach follows Cardinal Couple. My former coach points the site out to prospective recruits to read. I know of many of my teammates, past and present, that read the site.

    I do not particularly mind if all the articles are not about UofL women's sports because I know that the main focus here is women's sports and the topics will eventually get back to that.

    Like many student-athletes, I needed an occasional diversion from the sport I loved. Mine was bicycling. So, it is expected that Cardinal Couple should also have the privilege of the occasional diversion.

    I wish I could write like some of the writers here. To express myself like they do. It took me a long time just to compose this comment.

    You readers need to appreciate what is here. And, as student-athletes, we would attend non-UofL functions like Lou City FC or the Bats.

    I don't think anyone has to worry about Cardinal Couple. And I'd like to thank Paulie for the kind words and great interview he did with me years ago.

    I am keeping my name out of this. The words themselves should be enough.


    1. Wow. Thanks for the words and thoughts! I've done so many rewarding and great interviews over the years, it would be very hard to "pin who you are" down and I won't even try.

      Thank you for the comments. And, I agree:



  7. Wow, Nick. Look what you started here. I say, love the Couple or leave it. And, get off my lawn.

    Blue Lou

  8. To get back to the article...congratulations to Kay! She's been a Cardinal Couple favorite since she arrived her freshman year and such a hard-working, dedicated and approachable person.

    She stood tall, high above the controversies that surrounded Louisville Lacrosse and will be it her best as a Louisville assistant. Coach Teeter saw get her to Canisius, then back to Louisville. We've seen it all along and know she'll be an integral part of getting Louisville to ACC excellence.

    Plus, she's a GREAT interview and has an excellent family!


  9. Oh, Paulie ??

    Are the flock of little birdies that nest at Cardinal Couple in disarray? Thanks for a bit of controversy to cheer this "Cat" up.

    Things not so well for your beloved "Guv". I had a series of mini-strokes back in March and have a few heart issues. Had to change my lifestyle a bit. Glad I got medical attention when I did and I'm almost back to 100%.

    To you Cardinal Couple readers:

    Despite my joshing and teasing here, I do like this site very much and those who write here. Be thankful for what you have. I hate to admit it, but UK has nothing to compare to Cardinal Couple.

    Now, let's see. Where was I? Oh, yes! A sweep this year in fall sports for the Cats over Cards. First both soccer teams and then football and volleyball. You should be glad UK doesn't have a field hockey team. Our continued dominance in track and field and, let's see, what else can I throw in here?

    Keep trying, little brother and sister.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor

    1. Sorry to hear about the setbacks, GUV. Hoping for the best for you as you continue on.

      I like to browse from time to time. Just to get their perspective. Great article over there recently about a UKWBB player getting a scholarship. Of course, Walz did that a couple of years back with Jess Laemmle, so, once again, Matty a year behind.

      Sweep? Oh my goodness! You better check with the doc on what meds you're taking. I think they're causing delusions and hallucinations.


  10. Site is the best there is covering U of L women's sports.
    An occasional foray into other sports is not a deterrent from me reading each and every word everyday.
    Thanks to all of the writers, and keep it up😄😄😄


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