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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Catching up with...Kay Morissette -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


We normally run the "Catching Up" sequence here at Cardinal Couple once a week but, when presented with the opportunity to interview new UofL assistant Lacrosse Coach Kay Morissette Wednesday, how could I say no? How often do you get to ask questions and have a conversation with one of the greats in the Lacrosse world, after all? 

The Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada native may just be the best Lacrosse player to ever suit up for the Cards in the history of the program. Graduating from Louisville in 2016, she is the Cardinal all-time leader in draw controls...with 572 in her four year time as a student-athlete. In her 73 games at UofL the Cards went 49-24 and she scored 167 goals...fourth-highest in UofL history. She was a IWLCA First-Team All-American twice (2015 and 2016)...the only Cardinal to achieve the award twice. 

As you listen to the interview, here's a few topics she discusses: 

Tailgating with Kay at TaxSlayer Bowl
-- What are some of the responsibilities as an assistant coach? 

-- What is the "Teeter Way" and what does it consist of? 

-- What made Kay so successful at winning draw controls? 

-- What did Kay have to trade to get Lacrosse started at her high school? 

-- How did Kay spend her summers in Bowmanville? 

-- What do her uncles do? 

-- Why Louisville? 

It was a great honor and esteemed privilege to interview Kay Morissette and we wish her and the LAX Cards the best of seasons in the spring of 2019. 

Interview LINK:


Angel McCoughtry saw 24 minutes last night for Atlanta in a 93-80 loss to the Chicago Sky. She had six pts., four rebounds and five fouls. Atlanta is 7-7 on the season. 

Asia Taylor got 14 minutes for the Indiana Fever in a 101-89 loss to the Connecticut Sun. I watched a bit of this one on TV last night and "A-Tayy" looked pretty good out there for the hapless Fever, totaling four points and three grabs. At 1-14, it's obvious that the Fever needs some chemistry and someone who can play defense. 

Myisha Hines-Allen plays tonight for the Washington Mystics against the New York Liberty in our nation's capitol. Washington is 9-5 on the season, good for fourth place in the standings and it is the first meeting this season between the two squads. 


Believe it or not, but columnist Jared Anderson joined us one year ago here at Cardinal Couple! 

We certainly appreciate Jared's diligence in columns, his excellent photography work and coverage of UofL sporting events. An integral member of the "A-Team", he also balances us with a full-time job sorting pennies from nickles, River City Cards, the Louisville Bats, playing the euphonium, devoting time to his church and creating havoc at Lou City FC games. 

In addition, he's a pretty good guy to know as well and it's rumored he's got a "cutie" stashed away down in Tallahassee, FL. 

Happy anniversary, Jared! Stop by anytime to pick up your keys for one of the Cardinal Couple golf carts and to the executive washroom and banana daiquiri lounge deep in the secret location and clandestine recesses of the Cardinal Couple Worldwide Corporate headquarters.  




  1. Always great to have a living legend on a staff and here's hoping Teeter and Kay can continue to re-build the LAX Cards the right way now that the "reign of terror" has ended for Lacrosse. Why didn't you ask Kay about her time with Kellie Young, Paulie?

    Thanks for getting back to UofL topics the last couple of days.

    Nick O

    1. Thanks to asst. S.I.D.'s Nick Evans and Lori Korte for setting up the interviews.

      On Kay...she did mention Kellie recognizing her talent and getting her to Louisville. I was not going to "force the question" at all, Kay brought that up on her own.

      We try to maintain a "joy and excitement" of UofL women's sports theme here at Cardinal Couple. No need to dredge up a rough patch in UofL lacrosse history.


  2. I'm sure they do. Why else would they put such great effort in lining up interviews for me, right?

    I may have to come out of golfing retirement to put both you and Joe back on the "humility" trail.


  3. Expect great things down the road from Lou. Lax and congratulations to Jared.

    Curtis "Dangerous behind a golf cart wheel" Frankklin

  4. Oh goodness! One year already? I'm getting old!

    Care if I add some boosters to the golf cart engine? It'll help me traveling up and down Floyd this fall

    Thank you everyone!

    1. The chimps are pretty specific about driving, so you'll be a passenger. We just don't let them have any keys...way too many temptations there and the Department of Safety on campus insists there be a human chaperone on board at all times.



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