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Monday, June 18, 2018

Good Morning Campers! -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Learning the game the right way. Receiving instruction and honing skills from qualified and knowledgeable instructors. Testing your skills and seeing how you fare in a group environment against your peers and age group. 

These are a few of the things that the youth in sports can gain and benefit from in summer camps on the University of Louisville campus in June and July. Almost all of the sports programs at UofL offer summer camps and the participants flock to them to learn, compete, have fun and grow their games and confidence. Let's look at a couple this morning. 


Jeff Walz, his assistants and staff, and the Cardinal WBB student-athletes just recently completed a team camp on Sunday. A team camp for junior varsity and varsity squads. The final camp of the summer will start Wednesday (June 20th.) and is the eagerly anticipated Elite Camp for 9-12 graders. 

Over the years, I've dropped in to watch this one and have seen many future DI stars work their games under the watchful eye of the Cardinals. The venue has changed over the years...previously at Cardinal Arena and the S.A.C. building, the camp has moved across campus and is staged at the  Student Recreation Center (SRC). 

Kate Tucker is the information "to-go" source on this one and, as the hard-working WBB Director of Operations, has always been gracious in getting me information about it. Drop her a message at if you have questions. Tell her Paulie sent ya.  Unfortunately, ol' Paulie will be unable to attend this year but I know several of our readers like to go or have kids involved in, we'll look to you for updates. 


Justine Sowry's Skills Camps were held June 4-7 and June 11-14. Having watched these in the past, I can tell you that the participants are coached and assisted in improving their skills in the various positions that Field Hockey student-athletes perform in. "Coach" was an-ex goalkeeper and there are numerous current and ex-players at the ready to work with the campers and help them on working on their skills and strategy. 

Field Hockey still has an Elite Camp (July 1-2) and a Team Camp (July 20-22) ahead and the best and most promising will flock to Trager to enjoy the competition and knowledge available at these. 

Debbie Bell is the contact for Field Hockey camps and can be reached at (502)852-7616 for further information. 


Karen Ferguson Dayes and the UofL women's soccer program carries on an ambitious summer camp schedule that offers quality instructions and several different facets of skills levels. They get underway today (June 18th.) with their Future Cardinals Camp. This camp focuses on mastering the rudimentary skills that make up the game of soccer. It's a five-day camp (June 18-22) and, although the registration is closed for this particular camp, information about future summer camps is available at the website or from director of operations Jing Hughley. 

In past years, this camp has taken place at the practice field at the corner of Floyd and Warnock, across from McDonald's 

Other summer camps this year for WSOC include another Future Cardinals Camp from July 16-20th and a Summer Elite Camp on July 22nd. 


Get ready for a very busy July of camps hosted by UofL Volleyball, Dani Busboom Kelly and her staff. The first one is the High School Elite Skills Camp that begins July 5th and runs through the 7th. 

It's the first of four in July and following it...there is a Libero Camp (July 9th), Setting/Hitting Camp (July 10th), Serving Camp (July 10th) and High School Team Camp (July 11-13th). It's a busy summer for the Serve and Kill Cards...Volleyball has already had four camps this summer! 

These will be held at Cardinal Arena (in the S.A.C. building) and also at the S.R.C.  

Sarah Petkovic is the contact for these and available at for questions and information. 

LACROSSE did not have any information available on camps, which is understandable due to....a new coach.SOFTBALL has cancelled all camps... a search for a coach, of course, is going on.

I found the Go website a great source for information on these and, if you are interested in learning more about these camps, I'd suggest a visit there first...Other sports have camps as well. 

I wish there had been camps like this available when I was a kid growing up. They are excellent opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge in your sport and (who knows)...maybe you'll catch the eye "of a certain someone" and parlay that into a college chance to perform!!!!

There may not be conference contests, weekly pressers, stat releases or results to analyze and discuss on Floyd St. right now...but there IS still plenty of activity. The future Cardinals in many sports are getting a good long look at the facilities, staffs and workings of their sport of participation. The coaches and staff are doing some looking as well...making notes and getting a glimpse into the future. 

Good morning campers! Rise and's "go" time !!!


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  1. Scouting out the future Cardinals and creating revenue for the programs. Go Cards GO!

    Curtis "Happy Camper" Franklin


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