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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cardinal Couple Sunday - Baseball Faces Elimination

Baseball Regional in Lubbock, TX

I feel like we turn into Baseball Couple a little bit each year around this time of year.  While we focus on women's athletics at UofL, we're not exclusive, and our Baseball team represents the school and the city every year with honor and excellence.

This year really is no exception, though they did take a hard shot yesterday in their loss to Texas Tech 10-2 in the 1-0, 1-0 matchup of the Regional hosted by TT.  The lose moves Louisville down into the "Elimination bracket" of the regional, and dramatically drops the likelihood of the Cardinals making it out of the regional.  The winner of the 1-0, 1-0 match goes on to win the regional upwards of 90% of the time.  Part of the reason for this disparity is that the winner of that game only has to win one more game to win the regional, while the other two teams (which at this point in the format, number 2) have to win 3 straight games, including 2 against the team that they just lost to.

So 2-seed UofL will be playing 3-seed Kent State, again.  This is the team the McDonnell squad beat 16-3 to meet up with 1-seed Texas Tech.  Texas Tech beat 4-seed New Mexico State.  Kent State defeated NMSU in the first elimination game to stay alive and meet up with UofL again.  In other words, so far this regional has been completely chalk.  The game will be today at 3pm on ESPN3 streaming.  What may be the hardest part of the march back to success in the regional is a win today means a double-header for the Cards with the rematch with Texas Tech which would be tonight at 7pm...essentially immediately following the end of the 3pm game...while TT will be playing on a day of rest.  If the Cards survive the day with 2 wins, the "If necessary" game would be tomorrow at 7pm to decide the regional.


The famous (or infamous) Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Quiz returned to the airwaves yesterday in the latest indication that the summer news slump is upon us.

All four knuckleheads were in the studio yesterday, with Case back to even driving his own car and not wearing a boot.  We had good fun, and razzed Paulie on several points, but I repeat myself. Such blatant disrespect for a beloved and veteran moderator is shameful and the NCAA has been notified and a full investigation is "allegedly" pending. 

The quiz ended up tied between Jared and I, with Case coming a very close 3rd (once we sorted out how the bonus question scoring had worked in the past).

Check out the fun on the Facebook Live video at:



  1. Three in a row never easy but if the Cards can get those bats to keep hitting, anything is possible!

    Curtis "It ain't over" Franklin

  2. Great show guys. Just watched Facebook Live replay. I like the return of the quiz but only got 6 of 10 and missed the bonus. Consider me academically ineligible I guess.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --


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