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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Analyzing Contract Extensions -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Tyra Extends Contracts for Walz and McDonnell

Jeff Walz will be in Louisville just a wee bit longer.  Actually, there is a good chance he will spend the rest of his career here, but for now we have him through the 2024-2025 season.  Vince Tyra, Jeff Walz, and the Board of Directors came to an agreement yesterday.

Walz, who joined Louisville women's basketball for the start of the 2007-2008 season is the winningest coach in program history, the first to accomplish a 30-win season, reached the Sweet Sixteen in his first year, three Final Four appearances, one ACC Championship, and two  National Runner-Up finishes.  At 299-96, Louisville has averaged 27 wins per season under Walz.

The entire details of the contract have not been officially released by the university, but with his resume it's hard to imagine Walz not being in the top three or four in terms of women's basketball salaries.  Of course, there will be bonuses tied in for feats such as conference titles, advancing in the NCAA Tournament, and some sort of nice payout when (not if, it's coming at some point) he brings home the championship trophy.

"I'm really excited to extend my contract," said Walz.  "It's not just important to me, it's important to our entire staff.  It's nice to know where you are going to be for an extended period of time and I'm excited about the future."

"Coach Walz has been happy here and we're trying to keep him happy here," said Tyra.  "We're excited that he will be through 2025, and I think that's important to him."

For someone like Walz, who has become an idol around Louisville and has four young children, being able to stay here is important.  It also means we have more opportunities to be serenaded by Lucy and Lola.

Walz has taken three different sets of players to the Final Four. Think about that a minute. The Angel and Candyce Consortium. The Shoni/Slaughter Syndicate. The Myisha/Asia Alliance

Dan McDonnell also learned of his contract changes.  His is not actually an extension, but is more of a restructure.  McDonnell's contract still runs through another eight seasons.

We know even less about McDonnell's contract other than that his salary is increasing substantially.  One of the biggest names in college baseball, McDonnell has led Louisville to four College World Series appearances, seven NCAA Super Regional appearances, and 11 NCAA Regional births.  He has two conference titles, is a three-time ACC Coach of the Year, and two-time National Coach of the Year.  Louisville's 554 wins with McDonnell at the reins leads the country,  and his 53-win season in 2017 set a school record.

"Dan's been happy at the University of Louisville for a long time and we're making sure he's happy into the future.  When you have quality coaches, we know they're going to be approached with other opportunities, but, I'm confident we have everything here Dan wants and needs in order to continue our pursuit of winning a national championship," said Tyra.

Rumors circulated recently about McDonnell possibly leaving Louisville for Mississippi State, although no Louisville media outlets ever showed concern about it.  With this contract upgrade it looks like the Cards have their keeper and the full-time position with the Bulldogs remains open.

Louisville 1, Mississippi State 0

Tyra has been quick to work with coaches at Louisville with hopes of continuing to stabilize the athletics program.  When a new athletic director comes into play it is not uncommon to see a few coaches leave for other schools.  Our AD has been working tirelessly to make sure that doesn't happen here.  With successful contract negotiations for Lolla, Ferguson-Dayes, Busboom Kelly, McDonnell, and Walz we have seen a strong future ahead for Louisville.  Expect to see Arthur Albiero, Mark Beckham, and Courtney Trimble being on the block next for contract extensions.

Imagine the excitement that a new coach, like a Scott Teeter or Chris Mack, has to feel when he joins a coaching fraternity like that. Imagine what a drawing card it will be for a new softball coach.

Dear UofL Board of Directors,

We have some top notch coaches at Louisville.  They have had a high rate of success on the field as well as helping grow and develop the student-athletes to help better prepare them for the rest of their lives.  Remember that 'most of them will go pro in something other than sports.'  Give the coaches their well-deserved contract extensions and upgrades.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Jared, I"m crushed, no "this is "adopt a pink elephant" or "watch a bird build a nest" day. What am I to celebrate?

  2. This popular edition to Jared's articles was recently censured by the Louisville Athletic B.O.T. and the NCAA is investigating it. (JUST KIDDING).

    Jared, you've let THE WHOLE TEAM DOWN. Go have a seat down at the end of the bench by Lamont and get your head back in the articles.

    Coach P

  3. i heard that it is national weed your garden day this probably has a double meaning if you live in colorado or california good job vince on keeping walz and dan dont screw this up board


  4. That sigh of disappointment you just heard is from the other 14 ACC schools. Personally, I'm glad Walz is retained. I do question why he had to hire an agent though. Your new A.D. Tyra is making some impressive moves. It must be nice to be a fan of a school that cares about other sports than football. I wonder if Jurich would consider Clemson?

    Meanwhile we go from Audra to Amanda. Florida gave her ten years before they fired her. I guess that means Clemson will give her 20.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson fan
    Greer, S.C.

  5. I must take the blame and admit that I forgot to add my random facts at the end. Today is International Softball Day so it is a good day to thank all of the players, coaches, staff, and parents who have been apart of the UofL softball program for everything that they have contributed to the program.


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