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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Catching Up With....Justine Sowry -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


This week's "Catching Up" interview focuses on Louisville Field Hockey. We were able to catch up with head coach Justine Sowry on Tuesday afternoon and spend some time with her reviewing last season, discussing the players and their accomplishments over the spring and summer and looking ahead to the 2018 season. 

I appreciate Coach Sowry for allowing us to get our readers prepared for what looks to be a very promising and exciting 2018 UofL Field Hockey season! The Cards start action with an exhibition against the alumnae on August 18th. before travelling to Michigan on the 19th. 

Some listening points as you listen to the linked interview below: 

-- How did Coach feel about the 2017 season? 

-- Which players have been participating on tournament and national squad this summer?

-- What has UofL goalkeeper Ayeshia McFerran been doing in Ireland? 

-- How did Coach Sowry critique Ayeshia's game against Duke in the ACC semifinals? 

-- Who are some of the players that will have an impact on the 2018 squad? 

-- What message does Coach have for the UofL Field hockey fans?  

A great interview with the delightful Justine Sowry on an afternoon that started out cloudy and turned into one of the most fierce and severe thunderstorms over the UofL campus that this columnist can remember in quite a while. Watching the storm from Sowry's second-floor office window at Trager Stadium, we were amazed to see the field below was actually coated in several inches of water. A field that normally drains quite rapidly and needs the use of water cannons at halftime during most games was so soaked that one could have gone tubing on it.  

The first photo of Coach (and doesn't she look absolutely adorable?) in today's article was taken right after I entered her office. Note how bright the skies are outside her window. Several minutes later, all hell broke loose. 

As we concluded, due to the weather, I remained in the offices for a brief while and chatted amicably with Coach, Field Hockey S.I.D. Lori Korte, assistant coach Erin Schneidtmiller and Director of Operations Debbie Bell. Thanks to Lori for setting up the interview and all of them for keeping Paulie entertained while he waited for the skies to clear. 

It may have been stormy and blustery yesterday afternoon outside Coach Sowry's office but the future and promise of UofL Field Hockey is quite bright and sunny for 2018! 

The interview LINK below: 



While we're on Field Hockey, we also found out yesterday the Cardinal rising senior goalkeep Ayeshia McFerrran was named to Ireland's World Cup roster. 

It's the first appearance since 2002 for the Irish squad "The Green Army" in World Cup action. They are ranked #16 in the world and will have their first pool match on July 21st against the U.S.A. in London, England...home of the 2018 Field Hockey World Cup. 

Congratulations to Ayeshia for this prestigious honor and chance to compete against the world's best Field Hockey players and teams! 



  1. Maybe so.eyhing like the box scores for Asia and Myisha in games they get minutes?

    1. Asia plays tonight against the Connecticut Sun

      Angel saw 24 minutes and had 6 points, 4 boards in a 93-80 loss to Chicago.

      Myisha got 13 minutes, producing 2 points and 7 boards in a 92-80 loss to Connecticut.



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