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Friday, July 21, 2017


Arena Deal Drama

Well now, the KFC Yum! Center arena deal negotiations certainly got a lot more dramatic in the past day, didn't they?

In case you missed all of the...let's say "entertainment", even though it wasn't all that pleasant to watch...yesterday, three different organizations met yesterday to put their stamp of approval on UofL's new lease for playing at the KFC Yum! Center downtown.  The deed was done, but not without some conflict.

The University of Louisville Athletic Association met first, in the morning, and while there were some pointed questions, most notably about Tom Jurich's opinion on the deal (answer: a seemingly unenthusiastic acceptance), the measure passed easily.  In the afternoon, concurrently, the University of Louisville Board of Trustee's and the Louisville Arena Authority Board met.  Both approved the deal, the Arena Authority in a rather perfunctory manner, while the UofL Board of Trustees meeting was contentious.

I don't think there's a great need to go into the details of how the meeting went down as Insider Louisville, Business First,  the CJ, and others have detailed and fair recaps of the events as they happened from reporters that were in attendance and taking copious notes.  The results from the Board of Trustees vote?  Of the 13 members, 4 abstained, 2 didn't vote, and 7 voted yes.

So, UofL will pay the Arena Authority 2.4 million more dollars than they were previously; and will give up their rights to their October dates at the Arena, although they will still work with the Arena to schedule the Men's Basketball Red and Black scrimmage in October.  UofL did gain the ability to add a surcharge to ticket prices, to help offset the hit of the extra payment, so ultimately, it's going to be the fans that pay for this.

Swimming in Budapest

The Cardinals contingent has arrived in Budapest for the World Championships.  While the overall
aquatics championships have been going on for about a week, the swimming events don't start until Sunday morning (about 3:30am Eastern time, if I remember my timezone conversion for Budapest correctly).  Swimming and Diving Head Coach Arthur Albiero is on the coaching staff for Team USA in Budapest.  Two UofL swimmers are in the competition, graduate Kelsi Worrell, and rising Junior Mallory Comerford.

Look for results as these two compete throughout next week.

Faye Brust Joins Lacrosse Coaching Staff

UofL Lacrosse offensive standout Faye Brust has returned to Louisville to join the UofL coaching staff under head coach Kellie Young.

Brust was an offensive powerhouse during her four years at UofL with her name appearing in another of different places in the record book.  Until this past year, she held the record for most free position goals, she is 2nd in goals, and 3rd in points, in the season record books.  She had 143 career goals, in a career cut short by an ACL tear midway through her senior campaign.

With that resume, just from her time playing at UofL, it's unsurprising that she will be joining the Cardinals staff as Offensive Coordinator.  Prior to return to Louisville, Brust was Offensive Coordinator at Furman University, and has experience in club coaching as well.

Brust is, as are many standout Lacrosse players, from Maryland, with her hometown being Bel Air.  (We hope she got a chance to say "hi" to the Fresh Prince during his stint there...wait, what?  Wrong Bel Air?  Well, there goes that joke.)

Welcome back to the Ville, Faye!

-- JMcA


  1. Louisville athletics getting screwed big time.Throwing good money into a bad investment. Build on campus and keep the profit.

    Curtis "Downtown ain't that great" Franklin

  2. What I want to know is if the businesses around the arena are going to be hit up for more money also?


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