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Monday, July 17, 2017

Cards Pass -- The chatter continues...MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(Editor note: You may be accustom to reading our Case Hoskins here on Monday Mornings. He and I have switched days this week, so his writings will be here Tuesday. In the meantime, you're stuck with the old guy who has the bionic hip and 
no clear understanding on how to Tweet properly. Enjoy!  Case will be back tomorrow.  -- Paulie) 

CARDS PASS. What is it? How does it affect you and how does it affect seating for the University of Louisville WBB seat for the 2017-18 season? We'll try to look at the new way of seating people in selected sections (from an objective view point) and your reactions. 

A couple of things to clear up. First, I don't have season tickets. Because of the media coverage I provide for WBB, I am allowed to sit on press row. I used to be a season ticket holder years ago but that was back in the Freedom Hall days. Secondly, the information I am receiving is from other sources. I did not get the e-mails about the changes, nor did I get the e-mails about meetings planned to explain the process. Nor did I receive the short video about the process...but someone sent it to me.I wouldn't mind attending one of those scheduled meetings. I did get an invite from a couple of Cardinal WBB staffers.

First off, the e-mail that has caused the chatter: 

"In an effort to enhance the game day experience for Louisville women’s basketball fans, a CardsPass mobile ticket option is being implemented for the 2017-18 season. In addition to this ticket option, we have updated the seating arrangements for 2017-18 to create a more dynamic environment for women’s basketball.
Reserved, hard-ticket locations will be in sections 104-108 and 114-118. The remaining sections are for the CardsPass or single-game tickets. CardsPass holders will receive best availability on a game-by-game basis, however, seat locations will vary each game.
In late July, the Athletics Ticket Office will conduct its women's basketball season ticket relocation. To provide our current season ticket holders the best season tickets available, you are able to log in to your ‘My Cardinals Account’ on your selected date and time to view all available inventory and possibly upgrade your season tickets. The relocation process is conducted in point order with the information below. We will have dedicated phone lines for customer service during these times to answer any outstanding questions.
We are very excited to use this online program for the relocation process and to implement a dynamic ticketing option to provide the best environment for the Louisville women’s basketball program! If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Ticket Office at (502) 852-5151.
Thank you again for your support of Louisville Athletics!

Next,  a link to the video:

Now you know what I know. 

It is important to point out a couple of things. Only certain sections in the lower bowl are affected. 104-108 and 114-118 are not in the end zone and are not affected Hard tickets will still be issued for those areas. Secondly, the CARDS PASS introduction is being called a relocation process. I had questions. I called the phone number listed to ask them. From a reporters point of view. The call went to voice mail. Twice. Maybe call levels were high...They did provide a e-mail address on the I sent an e-mail. It is below:  


I am doing an article at our website about CARDS PASS and had some questions. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you, with our readers in mind. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below for Cardinal Couple or give me a call.


Paul Sykes
Co-Owner/Senior Columnist/Radio Host
CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO - Now on WCHQ 100.9 FM and still on the internet.


I am waiting for a reply. If I get one after this article is posted, I'll come back in an update the article. 

I did get a reply from someone connected with UofL WBB. It is below: 

Paul - 
Thanks for reaching out. We are rolling out a new ticket plan in the corners/end 
zone's  to help with the large gaps in empty seats that seem to happen during 
ball games. Club seats and sections connected to the club are not being 
We are having some educational sessions this week with Coach Walz and the ticket 
office at our new practice facility. Would love for you to come so you can be in 
the loop. 
Wednesday 07/19 - 8:30am till 9:30am 
Wednesday 07/19 - noon till 1pm 
Thursday 07/20 - 5:30 till 6:30Ipm 
2432 South Floyd street 
Louisville Ky 40209 

I will attend one of the sessions. 


Let's move on to your reactions. We have comments in our comments sections that you can read. The comments are spread over several days...just so you know. I also get e-mails...believe me, I get e-mails. I have only received one quasi-positive response about the CARDS PASS introduction. It's below: 

Hi, Paulie: 

I like the idea of this Cards Pass. It will fill up those glaring empty seats in the end zone that people see on TV broadcasts. It will give grade and middle school teams a chance to see the action closer up. I bet a lot of those seats were purchased by football season ticket holders anyway. I don't have seat in the affected area. I will receive hard tickets for the season, just to make that clear. 

(Name withheld) 

Then, there is the other side of the fence. Here are some excepts from e-mails I have received from those who aren't in favor of CARDS PASS. Once again, names withheld. 

...A stupid idea that will just lower attendance. Anyone ever notice that when Walz first got here he wanted 12-15,000 a game in the KFC YUM! Center? Last year, it was 7-8,000. I have seats in the affected area, to boost football points, but we do attend most of the games. I do not use apps, though, and I wonder what they'll do when I show up with my proof of purchase at the door and nothing to scan?...

...i don't even bother with season tickets. I just walk up and buy them outside. Several times last year, I had people walk up to me and give hand me tickets. I offered to pay. No money was accepted. I was on the sidelines -- real good seats -- each time...

...Just another way for UofL to track you. I'll watch on TV or listen on the radio. They are experimenting with WBB. Eventually it will spread to all seats at all ticketed events. If you don't have a smart phone, they don't want you as a fan...

...You notice they brought out Mr. Golden Voice Sean Moth to explain CARDS PASS on the video? Better than Walz or Paul Rogers, I guess. I have hard tickets. They better not ever try to change those...

The end zone in this picture looks pretty packed.... interesting move at a time when one major sport at UofL has already left the YUM! and attendance is dropping in WBB. 

I want the best of both worlds for the program and attendance. Full end zones and increased attendance. i'm not sold on the idea that CARDS PASS is the answer. It seems to have stirred up season ticket holders, which was probably the opposite of what the athletic department intended. 

Basketball season is still several months away. We'll see how this plays out. In a time where a ton of WBB programs are just trying to get more fans in the looks like UofL is focusing on a new approach toward seating some of them. I'm sure they obviously want more season ticket holders in general and fans to attend games, too.  

Paulie in the end zone for football. I like the end zone for
football and  always have...even in the old Crunch Zone
Crazies days in Cardinal Stadium. 
I have moved on into the world of apps after I upgraded into the smartphone world a couple of years ago. I like to listen to the radio station we do THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR from WCHQ sometimes on their app. There are other apps that I have downloaded and use from time to time. 

I don't know exactly how I would react if I was in the section that will be affected by CARDS PASS. I guess I'd try to find a couple of seats in the hard ticket section. I might bug a buddy who has club seating for all KFC YUM! Center events for his tickets...because he rarely attends UofL WBB. Gathering those CAF points. 

I do know that I'll never give up my end zone seats for football. Had 'em since PJCS opened and it's the most exciting way for me to watch the game. People criticize me for not using my media pass to go to football games. People who have slyly asked if they could use them to get in. 

(No, you can't...) 

This public service announcement from the Field Hockey
people. Home opener is against IU. 
Quite frankly, I like football from a fan/spectator's viewpoint and not a reporter's eye. We got guys on staff now that do that much better than I could or would.  If I want to get up and yell for Lamar to reach the end zone on a run or pass or the defense to make a 3rd and short stop in front of me...I can do so. We all have ways we like to watch events. Sometimes, I like being a fan. After all, this is a website based on fans views. 

Give me your thoughts in the comments section. 

Go Cards! 



  1. So after seeing more about this, it sounds a lot like the student ticketing process. You've got tickets, but not guaranteed seats until you show up. I can understand frustration with this, but I still think clarity might be one of the major issues. If you don't mind exactly which row your seat is in, and you are generally early to each game, then this shouldn't be too much of an issue. It may even help you get better seats to some games. Showing up with those that you wish to sit by will guarantee that you get the correct number of seats for your group, but it also requires you to all show up together. I wish the best for all that are affected by this change.

    I implore all that are angered by this change to not give up support for the team. This is not a move meant to harm fans, but to increase support for the women's basketball team by ensuring that the seats closest to the court are filled with avid fans. Do not take out frustrations on the young women that greatly enjoy the support they receive because of the errors of the athletic department.

    That's my two cents, and it's the last I'm going to say on the matter unless specifically questioned.

    1. What Case says here is of great importance. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR SUPPORT OF WBB PLAYERS. They're working hard each day to give you a great 2017-18 season.


    2. Agreed Paulie and Case. As a Florida resident and one who will attend USF WBB games on occasion, the players love and deserve your support. The Bulls struggle to get 2500 a game and I can usually sit pretty much wherever I want,

      -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Some fans will bitch about anything. If this is a move to help attendance and fill vacant seats and Coach Walz is behind it, so am I. He's my coach and those are my players out there on the court. I want fans screaming for them in all four corners and sides of the YUM!

    The Deb Factor

  3. I guess I've always been a proponent of wanting to now where I am going to sit and having that ticket stub in my hand. It's probably why I don't like the idea and why I am glad it isn't affecting section 115.

    I hope the idea bombs. Surely there is an easier way to get people in those seats. One idea is to maybe not offer them to football fans.

  4. In response to the new seating plan, I purchased 2 more seats in a section not affected. Pretty much mid court. Close, but not talking distance, to our other seats in that section. We like WBB best of all the sports.

    One thought you might explore for your readers:

    If you get within a mile of Yum, the app is suppose to work, so come early and get your tickets and go to lunch. That should get you some of the best seats available.

    One other question, how early does seat selection part of the app work?

    Some thoughts

  5. The Bird Lady7/17/2017 1:18 PM

    I am going to the meeting. I will give them a chance a chance to clarify. I hope there is still time to tweak the system, like allowing us to at least have a preferred section or let us have some choice when we check in. We will see

    1. We'll look forward to your impressions.


  6. Wait a minute -- 104-108 and 114-118 are NOT affected, are they? Those are the "hard ticket reserved seat" sections.

    1. You are correct. Looks like I originally forgot the word "not" in the priginal article and have gone in and corrected that. 104-108 and 114-108 are STILL hard ticket areas. My bad, Mikey.


  7. i got it on good source that Walz backs the idea. Good enough for me. If Coach is behind it. I am behind it. I recant my previous stance.

    Curtis Franklin

  8. I agree with one of the comments above. No longer should WBB, Volleyball, etc. be a way for football ticket holders and to get CAF points. Don't want empty seats...quit selling tickets that are not used. As Jeff said in the show on Saturday, the 6 of us generally spread out over 10-12 seats because the season ticket holders for the seats around us almost never come. Maybe one time a year for each group.

    1. I've been saying for years that you should only receive priority points if you're tickets get used. It falls on deaf ears.

  9. is any other WBB program doing something like this?

    1. Color me confused. The Cards WBB program was 4th in attendance for all WBB last year. Why mess with success? Yes, I understand the concept which is to fill those empty endzone seats but it seems the fan base is not happy with this. Add in those tickets being gobbled up by football fans trying to increase the CAF points and it's a debatable move.

      I have worries about this spreading to other ticketed events at UofL. I go to women's basketball games purely for the enjoyment. I won't be affected by CARDS PASS but will watch with great interest to see if this bold venture accomplishes what it is intended to do.

    2. Not that I am aware of.



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