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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Field Hockey Adds Argentinean Midfielder -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Mercedes Pastor Joins the Fray

Multi-talented Mercedes motors to UofL 
Whether or not Ms. Pastor will be on the field for UofL when the field hockey team opens play next month or isn't available until 2018 is unclear, though if I had to guess, I would say all of the buzz is surrounding a player that will be coming to a campus near you immediately. The story I'm sourcing from currently has conflicting dates. Two points in the story indicate a 2018 arrival while a few more indicate Mercedes will be joining this year's team. Let's hope Paulie can go through his sources to clarify this for us. (Editor note: as of Thursday it  was not determined yet. She'll on campus but...we're waiting on the NCAA...again...-Paulie)

At any rate, Mercedes has signed her National Letter of Intent. For those of you who do not particularly care about recruiting, the NLI is currently the only thing keeping fax machines alive in the United States. Every year, thousands of high schools for thousands of players break out their dusty old machines and punch in the number included on business cards that you never worry about having to use. The NLI essentially locks a player into their commitment and is the thing that a committed players needs to be "released" from in the case of a late decommitment. 

Lucas likes her skills
The Argentinean national hails from Buenos Aires and will be studying Industrial Engineering, which she says is the career she always wanted. She cited the ability to go to school and play high class hockey in the same place as her reasons for selecting Louisville. The Cards are equally as excited to have her, as associate head coach, Lucas Piccioli, lauded her versatility. Listed as a midfielder, Pastor is capable of playing all six front positions and Louisville will likely take advantage of this fact.

Pastor has been a member of youth national teams in her home country since joining the U18 team in 2013. She has been on the U21 team since 2015 and scored 11 international goals. Since 2007, Pastor has scored 27 goals for her club team of Hurling Club. The coaching staff is excited to welcome Mercedes to the team and there is clearly good reason. Whether she is coming this year or next, she is likely to be a cog that drives Louisville's offense for years to come.

Until next time, Go Cards!

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  1. Checking with the sources now to see when she'll suit up



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