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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Results to Report

We don't often get any actual results to report during the Summer Slump, and they're not UofL results, but they are results nonetheless, so we're going to report them, because that's what we do here at Cardinal Couple.

As an aside, I do think it's nice that the weather here in Louisville has decided, this morning, to show solidarity with the current and former UofL athletes competing this week.  The soft rain is actually rather pleasant, and dare we hope that it may cool things off a little bit around here?  That wouldn't be unwelcome.

Swimming in Budapest

The University of Louisville has quite a contingent in Budapest for the FINA World Championships.  We've mentioned Kelsi Worrell and Mallory Comerford, swimming for Team USA, along with Coach Arthur Albiero being on the coaching staff.  But there are a total of 8 Cardinals swimmers and 4 coaches involved with various national teams at the Hungary event.  The UofL Swimming and Diving team is one of the most international teams on campus...rivaled, perhaps, by Field Hockey, and Women's Soccer not too terribly far behind.  So first a quick rundown of the people beyond the above mentioned, and their national affiliations.

First the swimmers:
Grigory Tarasevich - Russia
Marcelo Acosta - El Salvador
Carlos Claverie - Venezuela
Etay Gurevich - Isreal
Nastja Govejsek - Slovenia
Andrej Barna - Serbia

And then the coaches:
Vlad Polyakov - Russia
Kameron Chastain - El Salvador
Stephanie Juncker - Venezuela

Swimming events started at 9:30am local time in Budapest this morning, which equates to 3:30am here in EDT-land.

The biggest result thus far is Kelsi Worrell's preliminary time of 56.44 in the 100 Fly.  That shave .04 off of her previous best, and also puts her in 5th place for the fastest swimmers of all time in the event.  It also is the 5th fastest individual swim for an American in the event with the other 4 being by Dana Vollmer.  Kelsi still needs to shave off about a second to reach the world record (55.58) held by Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden.  Nastja Govesjek also competed in the event, finishing in 25th.

A number of Cards finished in the mid-20s; Marcelo Acosta with a 24th place finish in the 400 Free, and 28th for Carlos Claverie in the 100 Breast.

The 4x100 Free Relay also featured Kelsi and Mallory, and finished with the top seed going into the finals tonight, with splits of 53.27, and 52.47, respectively.  Andrej Barna anchored the Serbia 4x100 Free Relay, and they finished just out of the advancement positions in 9th.

We'll continue to follow and bring results to you from the Cardinals in Budapest.

Field Hockey in Johannesburg

Nicole Woods, one of our Attack Yorkies for the Field Hockey team, is with Team USA in Johannesburg, South Africa, competing in the  championship game of the Hockey World League Semi-Finals (yes, it took me a few minutes to decipher that as well).  They are playing against Germany at the time of this writing, with Germany currently holding a 1-0 lead.

-- JMcA

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