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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another Big Splash - Sunday Cardinal Couple

FINA World Championships Winding Down

The FINA World Championships in aquatics are about to wrap up in Budapest, but it wasn't before Mallory Comerford made another big splash.

With a 3:55.95 overall, Comerford anchored the 4x100 medley relay with a 52.90 to bring the US team home with about a second lead over the rest of the field in the prelims.  The team with likely field a different 4 for the finals.

In the late session yesterday, Comerford also was part of setting another World Record, this one is more likely to stand for a little while, at least.  In the finals of the 4x100 Mixed Freestyle Relay, the Americans scorched the World Record by almost 3 1/2 seconds, keeping in mind that the mixed relay events are still relatively new to the International swimming scene.  Comerford swam 3rd, and only had to hold on to the lead established by the two guys that lead off the event.  With a 52.71, she did that job quite well, and Simone Manuel brought the anchor leg home for a total of 3:19.60.

As this was the finals of this event, this World Record will hold at least until the next sanctioned event.  That will be a nice change from the previous world record which Comerford and Kelsi Worrell were a part of setting a couple of days ago in the 4x100 Mixed Medley Relay event.  In that event, they set the record in the semi-finals, and were prompted bettered by the other 4 members of the team in the finals of the event that night.

The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Another edition of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is in the books and on the cloud.  You can check it out on the soundcloud.

We had JC Sullivan in the studio with Case, Worldwide, and Paulie - brain-addled from a week's vacation.  We also heard from Louisville Women's Basketball great, and Louisville native, Tia Gibbs in our summer "Catching Up" series.  We also ran down some of the swimming events from Budapest, ranted briefly about the difficulty of finding any information on FINA's website, and briefly discussed, without any firsthand knowledge, just how terribly awful The Emoji Movie is.

It was great fun in the studio, check it out!


-- JMcA


  1. Tia Gibbs is one of my all-time favorite Cardinals, male or female.

  2. Great show yesterday! I loved "Gibbsie" too! Do a mascot quiz!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. We are fortunate to get such great players (and coaches) for that segment. Also, blessed to have so many contributors to the show. Worldwide and I used to lament the days of just he and I in studio...but those days are far past us now. Just curious, how do you, the listeners, like the "four chair" concept? Do you have a particular favorite on the show or favorite segment?


  3. wORRELL wins again! 4x100 world record!


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