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Wednesday, June 14, 2017



I'm not sure if I like the presumptuous
affirmation about the location.  
The ballots are open for selecting the 2017 WNBA All-Star teams. There are a lot of ways to cast your vote for 10 players and you can vote once a day. I found this site really helpful in voting:

It is an interesting style of voting...broken down alphabetically...with no requirement per division. I had to go back and review mine....I had 10 players selected before I got to the "R"'s and had to do some adjusting. 

There is only (1) former UofL player on the ballot this season and it is Asia Taylor. I know...she's a long-shot to make the roster...but if you don't vote...she has no chance at, let your conscious be your guide, right? 

Does the fact that there is only one Cardinal on this year's ballot make you think any differently about the game, or voting? We all remember Shoni Schimmel's breakout performance a couple of years ago in the event. We're not sure what Shoni is up to these days or even if she'll be there to watch the contest. We'll also miss seeing #35 out on the court. Angel always seems to have fun in these type events. 

Besides the link above, you can also vote on Twitter. Tweet, re-tweet or reply with a player's name or twitter handle to #WNBAVOTE.  That way seems pretty easy as well, although my buddy Worldwide might have open doubts on whether I could figure it out. 

You can also vote on the WNBA app. I don't have that app but if you do and decide to vote that way...drop us a note and let us know how that goes. 

There is also the Facebook option . Post on your personal Facebook account, or comment on another’s Facebook post the player’s first and last name along with the hashtag #WNBAVOTE.  Each post may include only one player’s name.  Fans may post votes for 10 unique players per day throughout the voting period. Facebook status posts must include the hashtag #WNBAVOTE to be counted as valid votes

I didn't see just how much of an impact or percentage that the fan vote will be considered in selecting the rosters. That could be interesting...

Reminder: Vote for the Paulie's
Does it surprise you that after ten years of coaching at Louisville that Jeff Walz has just one candidate on the ballot? I didn't stop to check just how many UConn, Tenn. or Notre Dame players were in the list...but I'm sure it's pretty sizable. Besides Angel...the Cards have had several other players get drafted and get a chance to play there but only Angel, Candyce, Shoni and Asia have stepped on the court in WNBA jerseys for regular season or exhibition games in the Walz era. There were, of course a few others before Walz arrived. And, a ton of successful businesswomen and leaders who played for Louisville WBB...

The Cards have had more success in players under Walz's tutelage going to participate in Euroball or the WNBL in Aussie-land. Just how many would make a great article down the road...but would require a bit of research. Maybe one of you, our readers, knows? After all, we got some pretty smart followers out there! 

We have been watching the WNBA with a little more interest this season in the Sykes household because Asia Taylor is Sonja's all-time favorite Cardinal player and in my top three.

Maybe a bit of a surprise that Minnesota is still undefeated but not much of a shocker that they're on top of the league standings. Washington is a nice surprise...getting Elena Della Donne and Kristi Tolliver seems like a brilliant move right now for the Mystics. 

I remember wondering, maybe in article form...a few years ago...which Cardinals would be joining Angel in the WNBA. I'll update the question. Who will be in the WNBA from the Louisville roster four years from now? Your thoughts? 



Hands in air like I just don't care.
You have a little over a week to get your votes in for The Paulies. They're over on the Right Hand Side of the Site. They will be influential in determining who the award recipient will be in each of the five categories. Who's got the "quicks"? Who needs to be out there and not on the bench? Who's "the go to?"  Who pumps up the crowd and which coach is the one you want to hear sound-bytes from? Your chance to let us...and them...know what the fans are thinking out here. 

The Paulies. Not your average awards from your far from average website. 



  1. Anything ever come out on why shoni decided not to play this year?

    Nick O.

  2. How about Asia Durr, Myisha Hines-Allen and Kylee Shook?

    1. I can see the possibility of them on WNBA rosters in a few years.



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