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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Emmonnie Throws, Cardinal Arena Grows -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Emmonnie Henderson Finishes 10th

Emmonnie Henderson competed at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships in Sacramento, CA yesterday afternoon.

Henderson finished in 10th place, with a throw of 17.02 meters (55' 10 1/4").  The USA Track & Field Championships is not a college event, meaning athletes can compete even after they finished their college careers.  Among college athletes at the event, E finished a quite respectable 3rd.

We've spoken about Emmonnie's "5th year" of eligibility in the past, mostly on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, in talking about Emmonnie's past experiences with the basketball team.  No one really thinks that "E" will make a return to the hardwood, but we overlooked some facts in "E"'s history on the Track & Field side of things.

It's important to note that the NCAA considers Indoor Track & Field to be a separate sport from Outdoor Track & Field.  Indoor is a fall sport, while Outdoor is a spring sport.  "E" didn't start competing with Dale Cowper's T&F squad until spring of her freshman year.  The takeaway from that is that, while her 4 years of eligibility for Outdoor Track & Field is complete, she has only competed for 3 years in the Indoor side of things.  She is also only 4 years through her total 5 years of all sports NCAA eligibility.  This means we still have a fall Indoor Track & Field season where we will continue to get to cheer "E" on as a Cardinal.

Throw 'em far, "E".

Cardinal Arena Expansion

The UofL Volleyball and Women's Basketball organizations are swapping locations.  Volleyball, which has had their offices and practice facilities in the "Little Yum" facility are in the process of moving to the SAC building up next to Brandeis/Cardinal Avenue on Floyd St, while the Women's Basketball program will be moving south down Floyd Street to take up their residence, along with Men's Basketball and Lacrosse, in the "Little Yum" center.

Cardinal Arena has been getting a needed face lift in the process.  The Volleyball program has been posting pictures and short video clips of the work.  The recent pics have started to show how there will be some small amount of extra seating added to the arena, so I thought I would share them with you here.

I'm looking forward to a spruced up arena, just be sure, if you're sitting in any of these end-zone seats, to be alert (because the world needs more lerts...but seriously, keep alert...there are too many homeless lerts already...I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitstaff).


The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour aired another successful broadcast Saturday. Jared Anderson joined Paulie, Worldwide and Case in studio to talk baseball, basketball, track and field and other Cardinal Sports.

The guys also attempted the highly regarded Worldwide Quiz, moderated by Paulie. Yesterday's test was on mascots. As tough as it was, the crew came through in fine fashion...Jared and Worldwide tested out at 80% and Case scored a 70%. They retain their eligibility for next week.

For Euphonium references, the Lord Jeff sequence, revelations on why coaches get tossed from games and a couple of sophomoric Indiana the link to hear the rebroadcast:


-- JMcA

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  1. Didn't get to listen live yesterday but a fun show.


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