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Saturday, June 24, 2017


We knew this day would come. In fact, we have been expecting it for quite some time, and we're fortunate as sports fans to have lasted this long. But now it is real. With Louisville baseball having fallen in their quest for a national championship, Louisville is officially in the summer slump. There are no Cardinals currently hitting the practice field gearing up for this week's game, meet, match, etc. There are summer workouts going on, no doubt, and teams learning one another's ins and outs to get the best on field chemistry they can, but there are no real games on the near schedule. So here we sit, Louisville's "All Sports Calendar" in a barren, compressed state for more than a month. Women's soccer gets it all started on August 9th, but that's away. Even still, by that point, we will have driven ourselves crazy with anticipation of some sort of sportsball.

Image result for zach galifianakis meme mathThere will be content on this site every day, though, make no mistake. We will have interviews, speculations, player profiles, you name it. The Cardinal Couple team will do our best to keep your joy and excitement for Louisville sports high even as the University faces its own rough patches this summer. One of the pieces of content I'm excited to bring you is my statistical roundup. I've never taken on a task like this before, though I have considered it. I want to dive deep into the statistics of our women's sports teams and see where they went right or wrong last year. How they stacked up in conference on advanced statistics, not just the ones that are readily available. This is going to be a project that takes me some time, and I've yet to be able to start it. I am finishing school this weekend, and then I promise to get that excel document started. With that said, please let me know in the comments if there is anything specifically you want me to take a look at in this project. It can be how the women's soccer team's time of possession affected their win rate or anything obscure like that. You name it, and I'll work to address it. This project is as much for your entertainment as it is for my enjoyment of creating it.

I'll keep it short and sweet today. There are many days left to go before a ball is put into play and I can't exhaust all my creativity on day one! The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is back today, with Jared Anderson once again joining us in the studio. This week's episode figures to be much more cheerful than the last, despite our upcoming dearth of content and the loss we'll need to cover. We've got an hour to fill and I'm sure we'll find some crazy way to do it. Tune into 100.9 FM WCHQ, the WCHQ app, or online at at 11AM to join us. 

Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. Good radio show and good column today Case. You guys are a fun combination to listen to all the time and the addition of Jared only adds to that. I have no doubt that you'll cruise through the summer slump with ease.

    BTW, I like the walk up music. Worldwide's I do recognize and enjoy. The songs for Case, Paulie and Jared I like but not familiar with?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Thanks for listening, Joe! Case's is Avenged Sevenfold, mine is Pat Travers and Jared is local band Juke Joint Revival.



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