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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Overwhelmed -- Cards open up on Oklahoma 11-1...SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


For seven innings in last night's Louisville vs. Oklahoma regional game...the Cardinal bats had taken a siesta. Tied at 1-1 with the Sooners, Louisville had managed just two hits against OU starting pitcher Jake Irvin. As strange as it was to see Louisville gathered in the visitor's dugout in Jim Patterson was even stranger to see Louisville batters head back to the dugout after unsuccessful attempts to get on base.

Normally, if Brendon McKay is tossing a one-run allowed performance, all is right in the Dan McDonnell world. Last night, he was watching his "ace" in a dog-fight and made the previously unseen move this year of actually pulling him in the middle on an inning to go to the bullpen. 

Don't get me wrong here...I enjoy a good pitcher's duel as much as the next person. Just not when it involves my Cardinals and a chance to possibly get beaten and then faced with the dire possibility of having to win three straight games to advance to the super regional. Nervous, but still a bit excited. We had a ballgame going on here. 

Things suddenly went gonzo. In the top of the eighth, fortified with what I will now call my "lucky" bag of Doritos...I shifted gears and hobbled to the porch to listen to Sean Moth's radio call of the game. A perfect summer's evening to listen to the call and see what things may come Louisville's way. I got more than I bargained for. 

After a walk to Devon Hairston...Colin Lyman produced a single. I watched in stunned belief as Hairston tried to break the tie and attempted to reach home on a infield grounder and was tagged out. After 13 ESPN replays, it did appear there was a shoulder tag before DH reached the plate. Only he and the catcher know for sure about that. If anything, it fired the Cards up. Jake Snider drew a walk with the bags were loaded for Logan Taylor...the senior delivered with a two RBI double to left center and the Cards were off and running 3-1.

Running like Hannah Koloski on a jailbreak offensive ball advancement over at the nearby Louisville Lacrosse stadium. Colby Fitch smacking and sprinting out a two run triple next. 5-1.  Hairston back to the plate and getting plunked by a pitch with the bases loaded from what seemed like the 20th. Sooner pitcher of the inning. OU was changing pitchers more often than a frustrated driver changing lanes on I-65 on a Friday afternoon. Lyman followed with a single...plating two more and suddenly it was 8-1. I still had Doritos left. I decided to save case their magical powers were need on the Sabbath.

Louisville added three more runs in the top of the ninth. McKay finally getting a hit...a sharp two-RBI double down the right-field line. The fans were still there...not headed to the gates like Louisville fans are want to do when football and basketball put up huge leads late in games. 11-1. They had sat through quite a few tense innings and it was now time to bask in the win and celebrate the effort. Cards win, the Cards win!!!

Louisville needs to win just one more game to advance to the "Supers". They'll play the winner of today's early game between Xavier and Oklahoma. Another perfect night for baseball ahead. Let's just hope the Cards can take care of business early and not force your columnist to get out the Doritos and leave the TV to listen to Sean Moth call the action on radio. Not that I have anything against Sean's is one of the best in the nation. I just don't want to go to "the well" too often with a super regional and college World Series still ahead. 

Coach Walz doesn't reinsert Asia and Myisha when WBB is up 30 on "Mid-major U". I hope to leave the Doritos and Sean in reserve, let them rest up for a few games....before I potentially have to drag them back out for their magical powers. 

Cool Ranch Doritos, by the way, in case you want to join forces with me. Let's hope they reach their expiration date unused, right?


We had a rollicking good time on the Saturday broadcast of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour at WCHQ 100.9. Julie "J.C." aka the Bird Lady joined Case and I in studio to touch on a few topics currently on her mind. As always, she was delightfully witty, touchingly poignant and showed why she is the #1 Card Fan in the land.  

In his abscence, Worldwide is probably still taking pictures of tablets, hotel views and rocks in Cleveland. No word if he and Lebron hooked up for some hoops and waffles. 

Julie will be back within the studio walls next week with the knuckleheads as well. Providing Worldwide finds his way back from the river that caught on fire and Case survives the "Tough Mudder" event he's taking part in today at Kentucky Speedway. Paulie will be out-of-studio...trying to recover and learn how to walk on a new hip. 

You can hear yesterday's broadcast, including two novices taking the Worldwide Quiz and not doing too the link below. 




  1. I could listen to Moth call any event, even a tractor pull or funeral procession. You should be credited with three hours of college hours, in knowledge terms, just listening to him call a three-hour game.

    Go Cards!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Gotta agree. He also broght out the "Uncle Mo needs to visit the Cardinal dugout" phrase again. Great story on that, possibly, somewhere down the road...on a previous Moth broadcast.


  2. Hold onto those Doritos, Paulie!

    The last two nights were great nights to be at the ballpark. Lots of dedicated, knowledgeable baseball fans there. I hope tonight is another great night. We are in Section 203, behind the first base dugout, in case ESPN picks us up.

  3. Wow! Another nail-biter last night! Did you bring out the Doritos, Paulie?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  4. Since they took the Cards off ESPN2 last night I listened to Sean Moth call the game. What a professional he is! It was my first time listening to him call a game and I'll follow the Cards the rest of the way via his call. He's better than most of the MLB play-by-play guys. Emmonnie Henderson also got a nice award in Southeast Region women's Field Athlete of the year. Go Emmonnie! The Deb Factor

    1. No. Did not break out the Doritos last night. Did listen to Sean call a couple of innings but was full of Sonya homemade tacos.



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