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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Introducing the Paulies -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


You may have noticed over the years we do things a little differently here at Cardinal Couple. For, sure...we have three unique and widely diverse writers here at the site. Spanning three generations. Our intent is to promote the joy and excitement of UofL Women's Sports and most days I feel we do a pretty good job of that. Even on the days where we delve into a men's's usually something that a lot of women's sports fans at UofL have a mutual interest in following. 

So...I present THE PAULIES. A different type of award sequence. We'll compile a formal list of the nominees later this month...your input is requested and greatly appreciated...and between me, Worldwide, Case and probably a couple of other associates you've heard on our radio show...we'll rank the nominees and come up with the recipient of The Paulie for that category. We'll award a banana to the winner in each category. Or a banana milkshake if so desired. After much deliberation...I've narrowed it down to five categories.  

They are :  

1) QUICKS -- No...this isn't named for the former UofL Football wide receiver...instead, for that player who shows speed on their playing surface. The one leading the charge or the one everyone else is trying to catch or contain. They feel the need for speed and are adept at it.

Some early names would include...Hannah Koloski (Lacrosse). Jazmine Jones (Basketball). Jordan McNary (Softball) Raven Grant (Track and Field) and Brooklyn Rivers (soccer). 

2) GIMME THE BALL --  That player you want controlling the scoring in the close ones...for the last attempt or when you definitely need points, a goal or even a big stop. Strong performers.The one that coaches design the play for. 

To start, we'll look at Minout Mink (Field Hockey), Asia Durr (Basketball), Meghan Siverson (Lacrosse),  Melanie McHenry (Volleyball) and Maryssa Becker (Softball). 

3) DON'T GET COMFORTABLE SITTING DOWN. -- That player that needs to be out there as many minutes as you can play her. The one that gets the minutes, deserves the minutes and doesn't spend a lot of time sitting or standing next to the coaches. 

A few to consider...Nicole Pufahl (Softball), Ayeshia McFerran (Field Hockey), Inger Katrine Bjerke (Soccer), Molly Sauer (Volleyball) and Brittany Read (Lacrosse) 

4) SHE'LL GET THE CROWD BUZZING. -- That player who gets the crowd buzzing. The fan favorite. The one that gets a reaction when she goes in or gets ready to perform. Ms. Electricity. 

How about...Sydney Zambrotta (Basketball), Gabrielle Vincent (Soccer), Emmonnie Henderson (Track and Field), Jasmine Bennett (Volleyball), Jessica Laemmle (Basketball). 

5) MAKE SURE THE RECORDER IS ON. -- The Coach that gives the usually great, maybe comical, sometimes critical and never boring post-game quotes and comments. 

We'll offer Jeff Walz (Basketball), Kellie Young (Lacrosse), Sandy Pearsall (Softball), Justine Sowry (Field Hockey) and Karen Ferguson-Dayes (Soccer).

So...there you have it. Feel free to leave your picks in the comments section for any or all catergories. E-mail them, if you wish, to Text me at 5022913651 if you wish. We'll compile the results and announce the finalists after due deliberation and consideration. We'll put them up for a vote over on the Right Hand Side of the Site as part of the final determination for the winner. 

The Paulies....not your average awards from the far from average web site. 



  1. Great list Paulie. I think you have to find room for Mallory Comerford and Myisha Hines-Allen in one of those categories somewhere. Maybe Mallory in "Crowd Buzzing" and Myisha in "Gimme the Ball"

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Mallory maybe belongs in the Quicks! OK, not in the same way, but let's not be footists, here. :)

  2. Sorry, Worldwide. She could be in three out of the other four and I'm going with two legs carrying a athlete down a field with mucho gusto and "velocidad". Not being a footist...just comparing times on how a swimmer does in the 100 meters...compared to someone running it.


  3. What no MHA?! A crowd pleasing,fist pumping,leg kick out and floor smacking player! Always needs to be in the game! Come on man! Lol

    1. HA, ha. That's why I'm asking for reader support. I love MHA but just didn't know where to fir her in!


    Give me the ball:Asia Durr
    Don't get comfortable siting down:?
    SHE'LL GET THE CROWD BUZZING :Sydney Zambrotta



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