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Thursday, November 3, 2016

WBB Luncheon Recap ...Field Hockey faces UNC today -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Over 1500 attended, by best estimate, the 2016-17 Louisville Women's Basketball Tip-Off Luncheon Wednesday at the Louisville Downtown Marriott. It was a grand 2 1/2 hours for Paulie and Worldwide...taking in the sights, sounds and aura of the event. I got to rock the new WCHQ polo shirt we just received and was in my red and black for the event. 

Upon arrival, I ran into several long-time UofL WBB fans and we discussed the excitement and anticipation about the season ahead. We also grumbled a bit about the Tuesday night football ranking...and the Cubs chances...but it was great just talking off the cuff with avid fans about the team and the event. 

Shortly after I got there, Worldwide's mom Vivian came up to me...I hadn't realized they were there yet (Worldwide rolls with an entourage...his parents and aunt with him) and I went over to where they were and got a photo (sorry about the de-capitation, Jeff) and we chatted. 

These guys know their hoops! 
More interaction with the fans outside the Marriott Ballroom before the doors opened at 11:30. Once the fans filed in to access their pretty much left the media standing around in the lobby waiting for Walz to provide a few pre-lunch remarks. It always fun chatting with a few of the guys and gals that provide coverage on the WBB team and I had a nice chat with my buddy Keith Poynter from The Crunch Zone and someone who is no stranger to Cardinal Couple...Paige Sherrard from SB Nation.

Paige will be in studio with us Saturday to talk UofL sports on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour and you won't want to miss it! 

Walz addressed us with his daughter Lola in tow (who informed us her favorite player was still Myisha this year) and kept his remarks short but to the point. You can hear them at the clip below.

Before we went to the media table, I stopped by to chat with Sam Purcell, Louisville assistant WBB coach, briefly to set up a post-banquet interview. He and I have a lot of fun joking with each other...him calling me "Slim" and me referring to him as the 'Sharp Dressed Man' ZZ Top sang about. 

The lovely Jenny and Paige got their "L's" up! 
There were two media tables set up and Paige and I went to the less populated one...joined by Keith, Howie Lindsey and a couple of other media guys. Before things started, I got to chat with Cardinal Couple's Jenny O'Bryan and her lovely soulmate Renee. As you can see in the photo, Jenny's turning into a lean, mean fighting machine. Several other people stopped by to chat before Sean Moth got the proceeding started.

After a nifty video of the squad, Sean introduced Cortnee Walton for the invocation. The fifth-year senior began with a few "thank-you's"...all off the cuff and excellently delivered. She wants a career in journalism and all she'll need to do is replay yesterday's comments to any potential job interviewer and she'll be hired on the spot. I did also catch up with her after the banquet and you can hear our chat further on in this article. Arica Carter and I discuss the banquet below.

The lunch was...actually, not bad this year. A salad that was a bit too finely chopped up but was edible with a little ranch dressing. The Cornish Hen I predicted in yesterday's article...a leg quarter nestled in sweet potato puree and a couple of broccoli sprouts. Apple pie for dessert and, although offered, I didn't get around to eating Howie's dessert. Appreciation to Paige for letting us all know which of the three folks, two spoons and knives we should be using with what. 

My buddies Tom and Maggie with the cheerleaders!
Sean Moth's introduction of the players followed the meal and when you gazed up on that stage, you realized that...not only is Louisville a incredibly tall team...but they could also double as fashion runway model. If Sam Fuehring doesn't make it to the WNBA...she could surely model designer dresses on the lights and glitter of any runway! 

After the player introductions, Moth kept four of them on stage (Asia Durr, Myisha-Hines Allen, Mariya Moore and Briahanna Jackson) and did a quick Q&A with each. You can hear a bit of Durr's below. Always looking to inject humor into what he does...Moth gently chided Jackson about approaching the microphone before it was her turn. He saved her for last and we found out that, in addition to her hoops skills...she was a bonafide option quarterback in high school. Lamar probably doesn't have anything to worry about...but, as we have seen, BJ has speed.

All this led to Walz's keynote address...where he discussed the team, the schedule and the expectations. We caught a bit of the player descriptions below.

(The entire Walz address)


The "headless" Worldwide with his entourage. (We couldn't
get  Dad to tickle the Ivories for us...) 
It was all over way too soon. I greeted a few more friends, grabbed a couple of UofL coffee mugs (this year's giveaway) and went to the stage to see who I could catch up with. Worldwide joined me briefly and I spent sometime chatting briefly with assistant coach Samantha while the girls posed for photos. We talked about the scrimmage against Ohio State (the two schools tied), who looked good (Jazmine Jones put up a double-double) and about our Cubbies. Sam was an assistant for Doug Bruno and had close access to Wrigley Field. 

Well, Sam and Sam....we got it done. Cubs win! The Cubbies WIIIINNNN! 

I kind of just took things in after that for a few minutes. So many smiling, excited faces. Walz and the assistants making the rounds, chatting up the donors and fans. Little girls gazing up at the players...looks of awe and excitement. I got over to Cortnee Walton and she gave me a couple of great minutes. She's gonna be the next Katie George...I'm telling you. So eloquent and poised. We joke with her that we'll pay her "the big bucks" to join the Cardinal Couple staff...but, in reality, she'll soar much higher than we ever will.

Hear Cortnee and I chat below:

Finally, I got over to "the Coach Sam P." I ended the WBB Luncheon experience chatting with him for a few minutes. There is no fear in this program. He embodies that as well as anyone. Hear our chat below.

A great Wednesday afternoon. A chance to see and share the excitement about the season that lays ahead. Expectations...a sense of wanting it to be here already and wondering just what we'll see on Sunday in the exhibition against Lindsey Wilson. We'll be here to cover it all....hopefully ending up in Dallas this spring. 




We jump from the excitement of downtown Louisville to Winston-Salem, NC for the first test for Louisville Field Hockey in the post-season. At 11 a.m. this morning, the Cards take to the pitch to face #5 seed UNC in quarter-final action. 

Regardless of how the event goes today, we're pretty sure that our stick-swingers are headed to the NCAA Tournament. The hope is that they'll erase the bad-taste-in-the-mouth from the loss to Michigan and pick up a couple of wins in the ACC Tournament to get a head of steam up (and a home turf advantage) for Field Hockey's Big Dance. 

You can follow it on the ACC Network Extra. We'll recap it tomorrow. 



As we go into our third day of November, I wanted to share with you an e-mail i got from a reader. Per request, I'm keeping this individual's name and amount anonymous. 

" Paulie, I have sent Cardinal Couple a donation via PayPal. I want to tell you that you, Jeff and Case are a part of my daily reading routine. i'm so excited about the women's basketball team this year! I know you guys will do a great job on coverage and I WANT TO THANK YOU for creating this site, radio show and your style. GO Cards! " 

We appreciate your thoughts, comments, donations and support. We'll be here, we hope you join us. 



  1. Wow! MHA is now the shortest of the bigs.GO CARD!

  2. Thanks for the great summary, Paulie. We couldn't attend this year. Looking forward to the exhibition on Sunday.

    1. Should be fun. It was a great lunch!


  3. Great job Paulie. Like Coach Purcell's take on the team! Doesn't fear anybody just about how well we play together.

    1. Sam tells it like it is and I do believe they're not scared of anyone.


  4. It was a great day at the luncheon and my excitement is growing by the day.

    1. Was good to see you and Vivian there and *Thank You! * for helping out Cardinal Couple!


  5. Lola is not Jeff's oldest daughter.
    Her name is Kaeley. Lola and Lucy are her half-sisters.

    1. You are correct T-Man. I stand corrected and thanks for the reminder. It has been changed in the article. Thanks for reading and commenting.



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