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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Durr de force...Cards WBB tumbles Bowling Green 83-58...SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


'Tour de Force' is a phrase for an impressive performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill.

A "Durr de Force" happened Saturday afternoon in the KFC YUM! Center..where Asia Durr scored 34 points (in just 23 minutes) for the Louisville women's basketball squad in a 25-point romp over Bowling Green. 

Durr lit up the scoreboard with eight threes...going 12-18 from the floor...and had Louisville's first 16 points in the third quarter. When she left the game with about five minutes remaining in the third stanza, the score was Bowling Green 36 - Asia Durr 34. The Douglasville, GA sophomore keyed a 31-16 third quarter effort that gave Louisville a comfortable 67-43 lead. In short, she wowed the 8194 in attendance to frenzied levels when three after three kept falling through the next from beyond the arc. 

" Every time we came down the court, they were trying to find me and get me the ball. I was thankful for that." Durr related after the game.

The third quarter wasn't the only bright spot for the Louisville guard. Durr led the Cards with eight first period points and added seven more in the second stanza...helping the Cards forge a 36-27 halftime lead over a pesky Falcons squad that kept hitting clutch threes against the Cards to stay within striking distance. 

Louisville jumped out to a 12-5 lead three minutes into the action (after a Durr three) and pushed that to 18-8 with three minutes left in the first after Briahanna Jackson scored a layup on a fast break keyed by Myisha Hines-Allen...but the Falcons battled back to climb within six at 22-16 after the first ten minutes. The Cards were leading...but the Falcons weren't making it easy for them at all. 

Scoring took a brief holiday in the second quarter...the teams going over three minutes without points...before the Cards went on a 9-3 run over the next 150 seconds to take a 31-19 lead after Hines-Allen popped one in from the paint. Durr nailed another three and made a layup to close out the half...but Bowling Green outscored the Cards 8-5 over the final 3:36 to narrow the UofL lead to 36-27 at halftime.

After the break, it was spotlight on Asia. Her three just six seconds into the start of the final half was followed by two more in the first minute of action. Steals by Hines-Allen and Mariya Moore led to two consecutive layups by Durr and her three with 7:39 left in the quarter culminated a 16-0 Durr run that gave the Cards a 52-29 edge. Asia would nail her final points of the game (a three -- what else?) with 5:37 remaining to set the scoreboard at 58-34. 

Walz experimented with a variety of combinations in the fourth period...Jessica Laemmle and Sydney Zambrotta assuming the "Attack Yorkie" guard roles over the final 4:18 and Brianna Jones showing her range with a nice jumper...the Cards were outscored 7-2 over the final 5:35...but it didn't really matter...Louisville got the final two points of the game when Jones fed Sam Fuehring for a bank-in and the Cards took at 83-58 win to the locker room. 


Fred Gwynne...who played Herman Munster
in the 60-70's sitcom "The Munsters" 
FREE THROWS --  These were pretty much a non-factor for the Cards...they attempted six and made four (66.6%). This referee crew of Ed, Roy and Angela was so pitiful that they couldn't have called a coin-toss correctly and drove Coach Walz into an absolute melt-down which resulted in a team technical foul with 6:50 left in the second quarter. Bowling Green did go 11-13 from the line. No letter awarded here for the Cards...but a failing grade of "F" for the three stooges in striped shirts. 

REBOUNDING -- Bowling Green won the rebounding battle 40-39. No Card had more than five in the contest (Hines-Allen and Jazmine Jones) but no Card played more than 28 minutes. What was distressing is that after a first half where Bowling Green was held to just one offensive rebound...the Falcons grabbed 11 of them in the final twenty minutes. No letter award for Louisville in rebounding. 

EFFORT/EXECUTION -- We have to award a capital "E" to Louisville here. Based on Durr mostly, but to the team for creating her opportunities as well. The Cards did shoot 45.5% for the game while holding Bowling Green to 35%. Louisville also won the points-in-the-paint battle 38-14.

DEFENSE -- A definite capital "D" here for Louisville...forcing 32 turnovers and getting 16 steals. Only one Falcon managed double figures...reserve Clare Glowniak...who picked up most of hers in the third quarter on free throws and a "bank-in" three pointer. Ciera Johnson had four blocks for UofL, crafty Briahanna Jackson pilfered six steals.



-- Durr that to me again! One of the most impressive performance in the Cards KFC YUM! Center history by Asia! As Myisha Hines-Allen stated in the post-game presser...teams have to pick their poison when it comes to who is going to eliminate them when they play the Cards. At MTSU, it was Mariya. Yesterday, it was a deadly Durr dosage. 

-- Spurtability. Louisville started the second half on a 19-5 run. Finding the hot hand, shutting down the opponent's offense and doing it with the starting five of Durr, Hines-Allen, Moore, and the Johnson gals. The run took BG completely out of the contest and the Cards looked sensational during it.

-- Fine Freshmen. Hats off to Kylee Shook (Six points, three rebounds in 17 minutes) Ciera Johnson (Eight points and four blocks in 24 minutes) and Jazmine Jones (Four points and five rebounds in 13 minutes). A fine effort and...they're only going to get better. 


-- Turnovers anyone? 16 Louisville turnovers is a bit too many against a team of 0-3 Bowling Green's talent. 11 of them came from non-starters, granted, but taking care of the ball is everyone's responsibility...whether you're a starter or not. 

-- If it's a miss, grab it! Losing the rebounding battle for the third time out of four games this does make one appreciate what a healthy Cortnee Walton did for this squad. Until she returns, Ciera, Myishia, Sam, Bionca, Kylee and Mariya need to be aggressive, block out and go for the missed shot. 

Yes, a nice win to start out the three-day home-stretch. Asia Durr put on what has to be an ACC-PLAYER-OF-THE-WEEK performance. The Cards take to Denny Crum Court today at 4:30 to face Lafayette...who fell in the first game 68-43 to Chattanooga. Besides guard Anna Ptasinski...the Leopards don't have a wjole lot going for them. She's a three threat. 

Chattanooga and Bowling Green get the action started at 2 p.m. today in the Chicken Bucket. 





Best of luck to Ken Lolla's Louisville men's soccer squad today...the face UCLA in second round NCAA soccer action over at Lynn Stadium. It's a 5:00 start for the Cards...Louisville (12-5-2) enters as the #4 seed in the Big Dance. 

The ACC Network Extra will have the game broadcast

The Cards would face either Notre Dame or Loyola-Chicago at Lynn if they advance. Get 'em guys! 



If you missed THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR yesterday, no need to take to the streets and riot. We've got the re-broadcast link for ya below. Case, Worldwide and I had a huge time discussing the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports (mostly) and the disappointment of Football. 

Be sure to catch former Cardinal Couple intern and now distinguished AP writer Sam Draut's hilarious end to his interview with Belnont head coach Cam Newbauer!!





  1. Durr de force? Nice one, Paulie! A great writ-up on an amazing performance.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. The Kid has the Stroke. As Walz said during the presser, she's more efficient than either Angel or Shoni already. Isn't the playmaker that Shoni was but also isn't turning the ball over like Shoni used to.

    She's exceptionally level-headed and humble...which is rare given her skills. I don't see a ceiling for her at this point. She's also lucky to have Moore and Hines-Allen there to provide the foundation.

    Good Stuff.

  3. Just an incredible game for Asia. A lot of credit does go to her teammates. Especially Mariya. The Deb Factor

  4. If I have failed to mention that I love your F-R-E-D segment of the game breakdown, let me do so now. also loved your photo of Fred Munster to accompany it. I might suggest some other Freds such as McMurray, Mertz and Flintstone, Frederick Douglass,

    1. Thanks Charlie! I used Flinstone in the game before this...McMurray is on the list...probably after today's game and Fred Astaire and Freddy Mercury (Queen) are in the dugout awaiting their shot.


  5. I like where Myisha says that opponents pick their poison. We're seeing that she, Asia or Mariya can take a game over completely. I think Jaz Jones will join that group in time.

    1. Jaz just needs to let the pace of the game come to her. I agree with Walz...she can do things on the court that sometimes the refs can't fathom and she ends up getting a turnover called on her. That blitzkrieg layup yesterday was NBA quality, the refs just don't seem to understand the concept of the "jab" step and call it wrong 90% of the time.


  6. Here's what I like about Durr - she took 18 shots yesterday and all 18 were good ones. Nothing forced, nothing rushed, nothing off balance.

    Paulie, I have to disagree about the "D". Sure, we got lots of steals and turnovers against an overmatched team, but what concerned me was a repeated failure to close out on the BG three point shooters. When you combine that with uninspired (to be kind) defensive rebounding against a team with only one player over six feet tall, you get a recipe for disaster against the South Carolinas, Marylands and Notre Dames of WBB.

    That said, I'm expecting big improvement, especially in rebounding, when Walton returns.

    1. Good points, Mike. Walz did address the tardiness on treys and this team really misses doubt. I gotta stay with the capital "D" though...32 turnovers means you're doing something right and despite the obvious difference in the squads skill sets our guards were aggressive and were forcing the Falcons into those last chance three...which they did a good job hitting. Durr is deadly when left alone.


  7. How about UK losing to Colorado and former Cardinal WBB player Arianna Freeman stepping up big for the Buffs? Nice piece today Paulie and way to confuse Myisha in the post-game interview! ha-ha

    Nick O.

    1. Yep...pretty much what we do here. UofL cut the last few seconds of our "chat"...the girls left the stage giggling and trying to figure out what just happened up there...


  8. Mariya Moore ,more Moore,a fantastic game!


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