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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Louisville women's basketball faces MTSU in Mufreesboro tonight -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The #5 University of Louisville women's basketball team travels to Murfreesboro, TN to face Middle Tennessee State University tonight for a 7:30 tipoff. From what we are seeing, there will be audio only for this one, unless you have subscribed to one of the schools broadcasts. A check of RaiderVision indicates audio might be a great chance to catch the excellent broadcast team of Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson on Cards Radio 790 AM WKRD. 

Louisville (2-0) has knocked of two Tennessee schools already...OVC members UT-Martin and Belmont. Middle Tennessee is 0-1 on the season...with a loss at ACC member Virginia 63-51. The Blue Raiders suffered from a Virginia 22-7 advantage in the second quarter in that one. They did play the Cavaliers evenly in the second half. 

The Blue Raiders are not a team to be taken lightly. Guards Abby Sissom and Ty Petty are skilled three-point shooters. Post Alex Johnson led MTSU with 13 points against UVA and she was the CUSA Freshman of the Year last season. They won CUSA last year...going 24-9 and gave Florida State a brief tussle in the first round of the NCAA Tournament before falling 72-55. Johnson had 22 against the tall FSU front line.

MTSU head coach Rick Insell has a healthy respect for this year's version of the Cards: 

"I've watched a lot of good basketball the last couple of days and Louisville is the best team I've seen. I watched Connecticut, Texas, Stanford -- I think Louisville has a legitimate shot at winning a national championship. They are well coached, they are very athletic, they shoot the ball extremely well, they pass the ball and they change their defenses. I think Jeff knows he has got something special." 

Special would begin with Asia Durr...who is averaging 21 points for the Cards. She's also 11-21 from three-point range and shooting 54% from the floor. Special continues with returning starters Myisha-Hines Allen (8.0 ppg and 9.0 rebounds) and Mariya Moore (11.0 ppg). Add in impressive post Ciera Johnson and point-guards Briahanna Jackson...who have a combined 19 assists in two games and the Cards present a formidable challenge, indeed. 

Insell continues: 

"We are excited. It's a challenge. Can we play with Louisville? We think so...and that's all that matters. It's going to be a great night and a great atmosphere. We have to execute our system and we have to come ready to play." 

What do the Cards need to do to get out of Murfreesboro with a win? Let's look at Paulie's four keys-to-victory:

1) CONTROL THE BOARDS. The Cards out-rebounded UTM by only five. They won by 43. Belmont out-rebounded Louisville by 20. The Cards won by 23. Just imagine what the Cards could do if they won the rebounding battle by 15 or more? 

2) CASH IN ON THE FREE ONES. Make you free throws, Cards. The Cards are cashing in on the unguarded ones at only 62%. That has to get better.

3) COME OUT STRONG. 21-0 against UTM was impressive. 47-25 against Belmont worked as well. I'd like to see the Cards up by 15 after 10 minutes. 

4) LET THREE-DOM RING. Here's hoping Ms. Durr continues the hot hand and that Mariya and company can net a few as well. After all, as Coach Walz taught me last year...3 is better than 2. 

The start of busy week of WBB hoops that has four games in six days. Let's get it rolling with an impressive road win. 



Twitter was alive last night after the Bowl Boys ranked the Cards fifth in the championship projections. I have no problem with Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson at #1,2 and 3. I have a big problem with Michigan at #4. 

The good thing is....if the Cards can win out (Houston on Thursday and UK on 11/26) they should be ready to move to #4 if Ohio State can knock off Michigan on Nov.26th. 

Is it time for an eight-team playoff? I say yes...but maybe my viewpoint is a bit jaundiced because the Cards haven't cracked the top four yet. 

And...Joey Galloway. Try talking about something you know in the future. 



"The Cardinals are performing feats of strength...get
out your checkbook George." 
I had a long talk last night with a Cardinal Couple donor. The conversation actually began with UofL WBB discussion...but ended with this person shooting us a generous PayPal boost. 

One statement this person made got to me. Here it is, partially paraphrased: 

"I don't get a lot of news about UofL women's sports from anywhere else but you guys. You're not afraid to go in-depth and length about Field Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Softball and Soccer. You do it at risk of diminished readership because I know that the rest of the media around here begins and ends their UofL Womens Athletic reports with basketball. I know it is what most people probably want to read about, too. Don't ever change that. Those girls work just as hard, play with the same intensity and have they same hopes and dreams as any athlete, male or female, on campus. Please continue to tell their stories as well." 

And that pretty much sums up what we are. Reporting on the joy and excitement of UofL women's athletics from a fan's perspective. Add in a dash of a few men's sports, some brilliant commentary by our writers Jeff and Case and a radio show that is straight-forward and original and you come up with a concoction that is unique and un-duplicated. 

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  1. Excited about tonight's game. I wish there was TV but I'll be listening. Prediction: Myisha goes off on MTSU tonight.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. The Blue Raiders are pretty tiny. They only have one player 6'2" or taller and they have been starting three guard/four guards in exhibition games with Johnson. If they want to run, though, I'm sure the Cards will accommodate that. This really sucks that there is no TV. PAulie, you headed down there? The Deb Factor

    2. Sadly, I am not. I thought I might be going to Houston for football a couple of weeks ago and that fell through as well. I'm good listening to Nick and A.J. though. I've been listening to both of them for years and Nick did an excellent job with Bellarmine hoops and Bats baseball. AJ? She's AJ and unique. She breaks down a game better than 2/3 rd the talking heads on ESPN or the ACC Network Extra.


    3. The game is available for watching for $6.95 at the link below:


    4. Paulie I thought you said AJ brings down a game glad it was breaks down 😃😃

  2. I like the women's chances tonight if they come out ready to play. Not at all surprised that our football team didn't crack the top four of the good ole boys club. No way they have two ACC teams in, especially a newbie like Louisville and with a Big 10 homer on the committee. Don't be surprised if the team wins out in big fashion but are leapt by Wisconsin or Penn State in the rankings. But I'm just a female football fan, what could I possibly know?


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