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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WBB non-conference schedule out--USA Basektball "roughing it" in Rio...Walz, Stallings and Duvall later this week -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Louisville WBB has released their 2016-17 non-conference schedule. It may just be the toughest in Cards WBB history. 

Fri. Nov. 11th.       at UT Martin
Sun. Nov. 13th.     vs. Belmont
Wed. Nov 16th.    at Middle Tennessee St. 
Sat. Nov. 19th.       vs. Bowling Green
Sun. Nov. 20th.      vs. Lafayette
Mon. Nov 21st.      vs. Chattanooga
Sun. Nov 27th.       vs. South Carolina (Springfield MA.)
Thu. Dec. 1st.        vs. Maryland 
Sun. Dec 4th.         vs. Kentucky
Sun. Dec. 11th.      vs. Western Ky
Wed. Dec.14th.      vs. South Dakota St.
Fri. Dec. 16th.        vs. Charleston
Sun. Dec. 18th.      vs. Evansville
Wed. Dec. 21st.     at Vanderbilt
Sun. Jan. 22nd.     at South Florida


Worried that Angel won't get her rest in the hot tropical nights at the Olympic Village in Rio? Unless she's gone ashore to participate in a multicultural conga line sortie and appetizer buffet...fear not. She and her the men's team will be lodging on the Silver Cloud luxury liner near the Maua pier. 

When they play, a limousine large enough to hold the entire squad will meet them at the pier to take them to the arena. Escorted by armored cars and security patrols. The only thing missing is a red carpet and brilliant spotlight.

And that's just for practice. Allen Iverson would be so proud.

"Make up my bed, don't touch ANY of my stuff..." 
Opulent flash or well-planned necessity? Or "pony up the benjamins rest of world this is how we roll"?  Did you really expect Kyrie Irving and DeMarcus Cousins to share a room, sink and toilet? Brit Griner on a twin mattress? After all, these are professionals. Spirit of comradeship and exchanging cultural views?


Let's play ball, win the gold and go home. 

Australia's Andrew Bogut is a bit disturbed about the village. He assembled his own shower curtain so he wouldn't flood his dorm room. He complains too much. The guy signed a 3 year, $36 million dollar contract to play in the NBA. Go downtown and rent a couple of floors at one of the luxury hotels, Bogie.

We're not sure what the accommodations are like where Joao DeLuca and Kelsi Worrell are staying. Maybe someone will tweet a picture. Chances are, neither would complain, though. Happy to be here and don't wake me if I'm dreaming. I heard Michael Phelps is carrying the USA flag. That's a great honor...but do you really want a swimmer...who might be needing arm strength in their event...doing that? 

Finally, it looks like the Brazilian government and public safety offices wants to get a basic point across. After all, there are a lot of different nations and customs here. Guys....that big, white shiny thing in the washroom has a purpose. Use it. It is not just something we tossed on the wall for decorative purposes. 

I wonder why the U.S. Olympic Committee didn't rent a fleet of Silver Cloud's for the entire delegation? They probably could have asked a few of the NBA guys to pony up a few bucks if they needed help financially. Maybe Donald Trump would have chipped in a couple of dollars...he's been needing some positive press lately. Hillary could have asked Warren Buffett to pick up the bill on a floater or two. 

The Olympics are approaching. Make sure the anchor is down on the rowboat, comes the stat crew for archery.



We'll have some nice opportunities later this week here at the ol' Couple. (Not that every day isn't a divine blessing...). 

Jeff Walz has called a press conference (with selected players available for media questions) today at 2 p.m. Guess I'll hobble down there and get a few words recorded. Walz's pressers are always a great deal of fun and we get to learn stuff. We'll review the afternoon with Jeff in the Thursday CARDINAL COUPLE edition. 

Knowledge is good. 

Also, I'll be headed to Mt. Washington Thursday to chat up Bullitt East girls basketball coach Chris Stallings and one of his players. Lindsey Duvall. You may of heard of her. She's pretty good and headed to Louisville. We'll have that in the Friday Cardinal Couple edition and all the audio I get from both days will be played in entirety on our Saturday radio show THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR. 

Stallings tells me he's a better interview than Chris Souder (Mercer County girls coach). The guys are good friends.

Heh, heh. He's never faced the Paulie and the TASCAM DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder. 


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