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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hoops and dancing...UofL WBB has been busy -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Nothing like starting out the morning with a little dancing, right? This clip courtesy of UofL WBB assistant coach Samantha Williams...showing the Cards skills in the salsa.


The Cards have finished the basketball portion of their trip to Cuba but the cultural experience continues...four days ahead at the Iberostar resort in Varadero for some relaxtion, exploration and cultural experiences. 

On the court, Louisville went 2-1 against the Cuban squads...winning on opening day 80-68, taking a close one on Sunday 64-61 and falling 65-51 Monday. Three different leading scorers during the triad...Asia Durr on opening day...followed by Mariya Moore and then Cortnee Walton in the final game. 

I suppose the wins and losses don't really matter in a trip like this...maybe we'll see some box-scores and break-down analysis after the team would imagine Walz played everyone pretty equally and tried a vast array of combinations. 

Learning was the main objective on this trip and in several different realms. Learning about a foreign culture and customs, learning about each other a bit on the court and learning even more about each other off the court. From the accounts we're getting...mission accomplished. 

I was speaking with Howie Lindsey on the radio this morning and we mused about what a trip to Cuba might be like. He hopes to go someday...I'm not sure if it holds the same fascination for me...too much here in our own country I have left yet to see and experience. Still, I probably wouldn't turn the trip down if offered a chance to go. I could make a cool fortune bringing back Cuban cigars for resale. Maybe we could start a Cuban branch of Cardinal Couple. 

Cardenal Pareja. Has a nice ring to it, eh? 

I would like to see more UofL teams get the opportunity. Maybe an early season football game down there in the future. Baseball and softball doing a tour of the island. Certainly our soccer teams would find a bit of competition in a trip like the one women's hoops is experiencing. 

Learning. It is what college student-athletes do. You're never really too old (or young) to learn. I make it a point to try and learn something new each day. I hope I never get to the point where I have no interest in learning. 

But, let's end today's with a little more Cuban experience. Check out this clip of Coach Walz demonstrating why he wasn't a post-player in college. Walz learned...he was taken to school! A nice post move but gotta watch those elbows, coach!


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  1. Kyle shook looks to be a little taller than Cierra Johnson I would say she's six foot five.


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