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Friday, August 5, 2016

Lindsey Duvall & Chris Stallings Interview -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


For just a minute, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. Waiting to talk with Bullitt East head girls basketball coach Chris Stallings, I did a double take when he introduced himself to me. 

He was wearing a UConn women's basketball t-shirt. 

Was I on the brink of finding out something new in the recruitment of the talented Mt. Washington senior? Was Geno or Chris Dailey about to pop around the corner grinning in glee? 

No worries. All is well. 

"It's just what I put on this morning. I talked to our athletic apparel supplier this morning. There's a lot of red and black stuff on the way." Stallings related. 

It appeared to be an easy give-and-take between Stallings and Duvall when they sit down to do an interview. They sometimes finish each other's sentences. One will nod in approval after the other makes a statement. It's been going on a long time. Lindsey started playing basketball at the age of four. It wasn't too long after that Coach Stallings noticed. 

"At halftime of our games, in between games...we let the kids there go out and shoot on the floor. I started watched Lindsey...maybe in the second or third grade...her older sister played for me, you could tell at an early age she was sticking with it and she was going to be a player. She wasn't afraid of anything. A lot of people wouldn't go to the concession stand, they'd stay in the stands and watch her on the court. I'd tell people 'You gotta watch this little girl out there'. That's the beauty here...I've watched kids grow up and go through our varsity program...our summer camps. For me it's rewarding. I can help them move on." 

Lindsey noticed a pain on the side of her knee last summer. There was also a big bump. It started out as an occasional thing. By October, it became constant. As she tells it:

"So I went to the doctor and they found a benign tumor. Basically, it was eating my bone away. So, they went in and got it out. At first we didn't know if it was benign or not. That was the scary part. There were some sleepless nights."

Even though Duvall was siding with UK verbally at the time, there was a constant caller. Coach Stallings reveals:

"Coach Walz was calling me. Checking on how she was doing. How she was handling things emotionally, mentally. He was concerned as a person, not just as a coach. That really meant a lot. It showed the care and compassion of the man, the program and it's culture." 

There is work to be done. Walz, Stallings and Duvall all agree that she needs to work on the pull-up, mid-range jumper. She has taken that to task. One area where it appears she is "good-to-go" is free-throw shooting. She's a 80% plus shooter in her career. She's made almost 100 in a row in practice. She shoots them with her eyes closed and hits them. 

A great and revealing interview on Thursday with the two. You can hear the entire interview on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR Saturday at 11 a.m. On WCHQ 100.9 FM locally and on the internet for all at




  1. Unfortunately typical of UL regarding UL and the Crawford gym closing. Two steps forward and one step back. Over and over they speak of the men's history there while it was a fact that the m e n went off to the fairgrounds to play gheir games while the women's basketball and volleyball teams only had Crawford for all of their practices and games which also had to schedule around the PE classes and intramural games for MANY years after yhe men had moved on to bigger and better.

    1. Hey anonymous why you want to come in and push a personal agenda in the comments about a uplifting story about a future Card? Paulie u should delete this. Where is it productive?

      Blue Lou

    2. Blue Lou and "anonymous" . We do offer the comments sections for all viewpoints unless they are spam advertising or of a vindictive, hurtful nature aimed at an individual. We's actually like to see a little love here for Coach Stallings and Lindsey.

      I'd like to think the programs at UofL (all of them) have come a long way since the mid-seventies when I was frequenting Crawford (or the old Women's Gym) on campus.

      It was a servicable building for its time. If the women who frequented it back in the day were slighted in yesterday's ceremonies (I didn't attend the ceremonies...trying to run a website) I doubt it was an intentional mean-spirited thing. They probably didn't mention my historic fraternity badminton title in 1977 either.


  2. Seems like the pull up jumper and ability to use both hands equally well shooting close to the basket and ball handling are what most high schoolers need work on offensively .
    B. Jackson and Hines-Allen are now excellent using both hands
    Mariya and Asia need work Mariya came in so right hand oriented with no left hand skills it limited her and still does to a lesser degree. Very hard to improve quickly when you were overcompensating so long in high school on your dominant side like she did
    Asia doesnt use her right hand close to the basket so her body can shield her shot from being blocked close to the basket like she should know by now.blocked. She is effective but would be more so if she didn't over rely on her dominant side in high school so much. You watch her drills and it was all lefty all the time. Could see that coming. She had a personal coach too? Walz is usually good on that stuff. Especially overplaying opponents that rely on one hand.

  3. I think Sam is going to master using both hands to shoot around the basket too.

  4. If I were coach (we would lose all our players like KY) I would the team do drills up and down only dribbling and layups with their offhand everyday for 20 minutes.
    I agree with Debbie Antonelli . More shooting drills less conditioning. Woman need to get better at shooting for the game to be better and more entertaining.
    The Wisconsin's coach rant about lousy shooting last year was so right. So funny. She said no one wants to come see the ball go over the backboard. Exaggeration of course. Two years ago I didn't like our team cause we couldn't even hit free throws and shot bricks too much. (Bria) Last year you could see the improvement. We could score . This year we should be even more efficient scorers. We need makers like Walz says but we haven't had a sharp shooter since Becky Burke and I wasn't a fan then.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yes the answer is Arica Carter.

  7. I'm trying to find a box score from Louisville womens basketball vs. Cuba

  8. Who is the only Cards WBB player since the 2010 season to average over 18 points a game? Who is the only other player to average over 17 points a game?

  9. UConn's Gabby Williams carerr shooting is 63% from the floor


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