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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another Fall Sport hits the pitch -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


They call the field of competition the "pitch" in Field Hockey and several other sports and the UofL Field Hockey team takes to the pitch today at 1 p.m. to face the Ohio Bobcats in an exhibition match at Trager Stadium. 

This year's version of the Flock includes 15 returnees, seven of which started last season for head coach Justine Sowry. Irish goalkeeper Ayeisha McFerran, Erin McCrudden, Nicole Woods, Lotta Kahlert and Louisville Assumption's Hailey Netherton will blend their talents in with a very impressive freshman class that includes players from New Zealand (Whena Munn), The Netherlands (Minout Mink) Australia (Bethany Russ) and a highly regarded fifth year senior in Lizzie Gittens...from Southhampton, England. All eight newcomers are capable of competing for starting positions and playing time. The class may be Sowry's best in her six years as the Cards head skipper. 

Ohio U. comes to Louisville after a 8-10 2015 season and did not face the Cards in 2015. Louisville did down them 2-0 in 2015 in Athens, OH. For you mascot enthusiasts...theirs is Rufus the Bobcat...who gained notoriety back in 2010 when he took down Brutus Buckeye several times before the start of the Ohio U v Ohio St. football game (see clip below) in a classic battle of predator vs. nut. It's doubtful he makes the trip, though, to battle Louie. 


The Cards went 13-7 in 2015 and made their second straight NCAA appearance...getting bumped from the tournament by UConn 3-0. The Cards finished #12 in the finals polls. Two ACC schools...Syracuse and North Carolina...played for the NCAA Championship...the Orange getting their first title ever.  

The weather looks great for today's match against the Bobcats. Time to take a half day and catch the action on Warnock!    


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