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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Round 2 in the ACC for UofL women's sports...Where do they go from here? -- Thursday Cardinal Couple


I took some time recently to reflect on UofL women's sports first season in the ACC.

My findings were mixed. This is one tough conference. Some sports had a rough initial tour-de-force in the ACC. Some rose to the top.

We promote the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. Being in the most competitive and challenging NCAA Conference for women's sports gives the opportunity for greater UofL women's Sports successes than ever before.

Or the potential for sinking to the depths of mediocrity or lower.  

Where do they go from here? How will Year Two in the ACC turn out? The Fall season is upon us. 

Women's soccer and Field Hockey return some familiar faces but both are going through a youth movement. Which freshmen will step up and become names we report consistently? Who will be the future Charlyn Corral? Becca Maddock? Is Ayeisha McFerran the FH goalie for the next four years? Will Bjerke and Price led soccer to wins? 

Volleyball has enough players to field two teams. We'll watch the returnees Katie George, Janelle Jenkins, Maya McClendon and we're really excited to see what Erin Fairs and Molly Sauer can do. 

Basketball also has five new roster additions. The best recruiting class in the nation joins forces with the M&M girls, Cortnee Walton, Syd the Kid and Arica Carter. Will Asia, Taja, Brianna, Erin and Sam become as popular as the one-name reference players of years past like Angel, Dez, Candyce, Mo, Shoni & Jude? Can they match their accomplishments?

A UK fan was joking with me the other night and said he didn't see Sherrone Vails on the WBB roster. She figured that 'Roni had tenure by now and was a permanent fixture on the roster.

The faces of fall. We grew to love Emmonnie Henderson and are thrilled about her potential Olympic bid and ACC domination in the shot and discus. Kelsi Worrell captured this communities heart with her record-breaking aquatic numbers. She's another strong Rio candidate for 2016.

We'll be watching...learning the new faces and equating them with roster numbers and hoping to report good news. It's a cyclical watch them come in, you treasure their time here and see them leave to go on with the next part of their lives. 

New conference, new challenges met in Year One. It's time for round Two. The games are still the same, but the ante has gone up and the player level is off the charts. 

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Where Do We Go From Here?


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  1. Paulie, "Where Do We Go From Here" is a great question.

    When Jurich made the gutsy and somwewhat unpopular (in some circles) decision to bring back Bobby Petrino, I told some of my friends that for me it was a hire driven by circumstances. I said at the time that Cardinal football had a relatively short period of time, maybe as short as three years, to determine its place in the ACC pecking order. Will U of L football be at the top likeFlorida State/Clemson, or will it be mid-pack or lower like North Carolina?

    In my mind the same logic holds true for all Cardinal sports, men's and women's. They have only a few years to determine where they will be. We know that Women's Basketball and Men's Basketball and Baseball will remain at or near the top of the conference and nationally-prominent, but the jury is still out on everything else.

    As we all know, the ACC waters run a lot deeper than Big East/AAC.


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