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Monday, August 17, 2015

Cardinal Couple Monday - Soccer Wraps Exhibition Play

(Worldwide here, filling in for Paulie as he and Sonja have their hands full dealing with some family issues.  Spare a moment to send some well wishes their way.)

Soccer Gets It Done Over IU

Soccer split their preseason games with a tight win over IU, 1-0 in play at Lynn Stadium.

Sophomore Alison Price got an assist from Casey Whitfield to head the ball into the net for the only score of the game against IU Sunday afternoon.  The win over IU pairs with the loss to NKU Wednesday evening to give the Cards a .500 record in their preseason exhibition games.

The play appeared to be fairly even between the teams, with several shots on goal for each, usually with pretty easy saves for the keepers, but Price was able to sneak one in on a crowded play in the box.  (Apologies for the vague stats, but as an exhibition game, no official stats were kept.)

IU seemed to have a slight edge in ball control, and much of the game was played on Louisville's side of the field, though the latter part of the first half saw that reversed some.  Louisville was able to play some counters down the field into IU territory and threaten several times for scores.  The coaches were visibly taking the opportunity to give some significant guidance and corrections in a game situation.  Goalkeeper Paige Brown did a fantastic job of keeping the IU attacks at bay.

While I'm not a soccer expert, I would say UofL could do better at clearing balls out of dangerous territory in front of their goal, as their clears seemed a bit clumsy at time.  Also, overall ball control still seems to be a little bit of an issue, both in maintaining possession in traffic as well as hitting targets of passes.

Overall, I see an improved team, but a team still with some challenges to overcome.

The Cards open their Women's Soccer season this Friday at 7:30 against Wright State at Lynn Stadium, now nick-named The Palace.  Early weather forecasts look good, with only a slight chance of rain, and what looks to be a very pleasant temperature.



  1. Paul and Sonja - Good thoughts headed your way.

  2. Hey, Paulie...can I help in any way?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  3. Ditto, Paul-Man. Anything I can do?

    Blue Lou

  4. Paulie,

    If i can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to call.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor

  5. I am looking forward to the new season.

  6. My thoughts are with you Paulie and Sonja.


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