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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Cardinal Couple -- Shoni selected for WUGS


-Shoni one of twelve picked for World University Games team

-Shoni and Jude

-Walz, Shoni to meet with media today

-The hunt to replace Cam -- Some suggestions.

-JSW to transfer?

33 enter, 12 emerge.

Louisville's do-it-all senior guard Shoni Schimmel has been selected to play in the 2013 World University Games for the USA Women's Basketball team in Kazan, Russia July 8-15.

Sheri Coale (Oklahoma) head coach of the WUGS is excited about the squad and the upcoming event:

"Fun - that's the first thing that comes to mind. I think they will be a really interesting bunch to coach. They can do a lot of different things. There were a lot of shooters on this team. A lot of versatility, guys who can step out and score and we also have guys who can break you down off the dribble. Good pieces. Really good pieces and really good parts."

But none of them with as stunning hair as you, Sheri.

Her quote is interesting. Last I checked, she was the women's head coach but has two "guys" references. I know, it's popular parlance these days in coach speak...but then the pieces and parts references. She's either pleased with the 12-piece bucket she got at KFC or quite excited about the roster.

I live for Sherri Coale interviews.

Unfortunately, for Cardinal fans...our Bria Smith and Sara
Hammond did not make the roster. Honor enough to be invited, I suppose, but...hey!...this was the national runner-up squad and UConn got two on the squad.

Just sayin'...

Here's the roster with my own observations:

Ariel Massengale   G   Tennessee  Clutch shooter, solid "D".
Bria Hartley  G  UConn  Another good shooter, court savvy.
Cassie Harberts  F  USC Strong on boards, nice inside shot.
Reshanda Gray  F  Cal Card fans will remember her inside.
Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis  G  UConn Three-point deadly.
Aaryn Ellenberg  G  Okla Knows Coale's system. Explosive.
Crystal Bradford  G  Cent. Mich. Good energy, hustle.
Shoni Schimmel  G  Louisville The wizard of the hardwood
Theresa Plainsance  F  LSU. Will be the glass cleaner.
Odyssey Sims  G  Baylor Quick, driving. Shoni's best pal.
Tricia Lister  G  Duke A good fit with these. Energy, scores
Jordan Hooper  F  Nebraska. Did she actually beat out Sara?

Louisville head coach Jeff Walz is happy for Shoni as well:

"This is a great opportunity for Shoni to play against some of the best competition in the world throughout the summer. It is an honor to have her represent USA Basketball, the University of Louisville, her family and her heritage on the world stage."

And, as several of you have mentioned in e-mails to me...she'll show up for summer sessions and fall practice at UofL in shape.

The squad starts against Belarus on July 8th. and the Czech Republic on July 9th.


More good stuff on Shoni (and Jude) in the link below. Thanks to the several e-mails I received on this article. I'm always thankful and grateful for the links that our wonderful readership base provides us with. And, always glad to post them for all when we can.

Whoever is sending me the Brianna Stewart photos can stop though. Seriously.



"We're out of the house soup!!!"
UofL has called a press conference for Monday at 4:15 p.m. so members of the media can talk to Shoni and Coach Walz.
I'll meander on down there and report the festivities to you in the Tuesday Edition of Cardinal Couple. My guess is that they'll talk about the WUGS experience.

Either that, or they're opening a restaurant to compete with Geno's. I wonder if they'll offer a WALZdorf Salad and if Shoni will get up in your face for your order...ala Griner.


We're getting e-mails about who will replace Cam Newbauer as an assistant for UofL women's basketball. We have no way of knowing who has applied, who is on the short list or who is on first. But, it true CARDINAL COUPLE sophomoric and parody fashion...the staff chimps came up with a list...of sorts.

10) Julie Hermann - It could be the one thing that would make her recant on the Rutgers job and stay here in the Ville.
9)  C Viv Stringer - She's said she likes the KFC YUM! Center and she and Walz appear to get along. We think she'd love 4th Street Live, too.
8)  Brianna Stewart - Has there ever been a player/coach in the history of NCAA WBB? Walz could set a rim-shaking trend here with the hire.
7)  Alicja Wolny - She mentioned to us on Cardinal Couple Radio that she will be looking for a job after graduation. She's popular, pretty, smart and could double as hitting coach for softball.
6)  Bonita Spence -  She and Walz have a wonderful relationship and she could cue the players in on what is and what isn't a foul. Plus, it would get her out of officiating.
5)  Jeff McAdamsWe think Jeff is an excellent writer, gets along with everyone and his selection would give us an unprecedented insider look and source to the program.
4)  Jerry Abramson -  He already has seats on the floor, has leadership experience and definitely knows the city. He can't be that busy as Lt. Gov...and has a great smile.
3)  Charlie Strong - Just look what he did for football! He attends games anyway, so why not 'get on the train' and add Charlie. Availability might be a problem until January...
2)  CeCe Moses - She raised 12% of the current roster, has coaching experience and knows her way around the cameras. Snappy dresser, too..which is always a plus.
1)  Geno -  Another candidate who likes the KFC YUM! Center, will be stuck in "The American" after next year and is looking to expand his restaurant and spaghetti sauce empire. Plus, he'd probably bring Chris Dailey! Bonus!

I will ask Coach later today how the prospective search is going for Cam's replacement. If they let me attend the presser...


We are getting a few comments and e-mails that Jasmine Smithson-Willett has asked to be released from her softball scholarship from Louisville. No official verification on this yet. We'll keep you posted.




  1. I'll put aside my disappointment at not making Pualie's short list of replacements for Cam and use this post to congratulate Shoni on making the USA WUG team! This is a heck of an accomplishment when you consider that a lot of the invitees had prior USA BB experience, but Shoni had none. (She received an invitation for tryouts for the U19 squad in 2011 but got sick and didn't attend.) Now I didn't attend the tryouts, and I know I'm a little biased here, but when Coach Coale said that the first word that came to her mind to describe the team was "fun," I think she was thinking of Shoni. I'm guessing that with all the talent around her, Shoni was making some amazing passes, and, even if they might have been going through hands or bouncing off heads, the committee saw the potential. If you go to the USA women's basketball web site - WUG section - you will find Q&A with each of the 12 players. One of the questions is: What do you bring to the team. Shoni emphasized her passing.
    As for Shoni's staying in shape/getting in even better shape: I remember watching her in high school where the half time routine was a can of soda pop and a box of Skittles. I think those days are behind her and that she now realizes how important physical conditioning is to take her game to the next level, which for her could be a gold medal representing the USA, including Native Americans, and the WNBA. (I would add an NCAA championship, but let's face it, you can mail UConn the trophy right now. Two players on the USA WUG team, three players on the USA U19 team, a consensus All-American center who would have made the WUG team as well if she weren't recovering from an injury, and a coach who, unlike Kim Mulkey, knows what he's doing. Getting back to the final four would be nice, though.)
    --PDX Phil

    1. I figured the commute might be a problem for you, Phil. You were in my top 20 though...along with Jenny, Jerry Seinfeld and Long Duc Dong (from Sixteen Candles).


  2. Replies
    1. In response:

      We were warned by anonymous softball sources that any attempt to try and put you in any contender role for hoops would meet with swift and severe consequences because of your extreme importance to softball as a vocal leader of the outfielder's morale and awareness contingencies.

      Jenny, of course, is the ultimate and widely recognized guru of women's basketball recruiting and a key and essential cornerstone in identifying and recognizing high school talent worldwide. Had not Walz accepted the head coaching position several years ago...we are confident it would have been Jenny on the bench directing the Cards to National Champonship after National Championship. It's rumored she also makes a pretty mean spaghetti sauce. It has become crystal clear to the staff chimps, however...that she is needed to bolster, rally and encourage UofL outfields and harass, torment and belittle opposing outfields in Ulmer we cannot propose that she be a legitimate contender to assume Cam Newbauer's vacated position.



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