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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer camps


( Jenny O' Bryan takes us camping today. No need for marshmallows or insect repellent, though...she discusses the summer camps for athletes that UofL coaches hold for upcoming stars of the sports. Louisville has also released the women's soccer schedule for 2013 and...surprise!...the American Athletic Conference does offer women's soccer. As an entree only, side dishes cost extra... ) 

The academic year is over on campus.  As far as athletic events, all sports have wound down and are over except for the outdoor season of track and field.  They are heading in to their final competition of the year, which will close the entire year of women’s athletics at Louisville. 

Those that remain on campus spend part of their summer taking classes, but they also spend time in off-season workouts as well as camps for their prospective sports.  These camps are offered across the board in every program. 

The athletic summer camp experience ranges in age and talent level, skills camps, team camps and specialized skill development.  From beginners to elite athletes every aspiring athlete can learn something from their favorite athletic team. 

My volleyball-playing daughter is a returning attendee to Coach Kordes camps.  She loves the camp and spends her time at libero/defensive specialist skill development camp.  As a parent, camps like this are invaluable.  Not only is the athlete getting excellent coaching and training from a premiere program and staff, but it also helps the prospective athlete to gain some perspective.  My daughter is very clear that while she loves this camp and works very hard at this camp, that Division 1 athletics are not for her.  While she loves the game and wants to play at the next level, she also wants more out of her college experience than just volleyball.  I applaud her coming to that conclusion on her own, and credit the hard, intensive work at a 3-day camp in helping to give her clarity.   It is a tiny window into the life of a Division 1 athlete. 

From the University’s perspective, I am sure camps are multi-purposed.   It is a time to see young talent and also a time to build future Cardinal fans   Having the opportunity to work with these student athletes cannot help but build an affinity for the program as well as the athletes.    My family has become regular attendees at UofL Volleyball games (when it does not conflict with my daughters own high school schedule) as a direct result of attending camps and getting to know the players. 

So while the summer months means a quieter time for the teams that we love to watch compete, there is plenty going on and keeping them busy and active.  If you haven’t already, check out one of the many camp opportunities awaiting your daughters!


Louisville women's soccer has released their 2013 schedule and we finally get a glimpse into some of the teams that will compete in the "American"...or American Athletic Conference. The Karen Ferguson-Dayes led charges with play 18 regular season games and two exhibitions before the AAC Conference Tournament. Eight of these will be at Cardinal Park. Memphis, Rutgers, SMU, Houston, USF, UCF, Temple, Connecticut and Cincinnati will be conference games for Louisville and the Cards will also play future ACC foes Virginia Tech and Wake Forest on the road.

The game against Kentucky will be in Lexington this year.

Home games have Louisville facing Butler Fri. Aug. 23rd. and Illinois Sunday Aug. 25th. In September the Cards will host Morehead State on Friday the 13th., UTSA on Sunday the 15th., Memphis on Friday 27th. and Rutgers on Sunday the 29th. Louisville has two home contests in October...USF visits the 11th (Friday) and UCF comes to town the 13th (Sunday). We like and applaud the schedulers for making these home games on the weekend! Let's show our gratitude by getting out there and attending them!

We'll have a preview of the women's soccer team when the season gets a bit closer and you can probably expect us to cover the schedule and team on Saturday's CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO

on Crescent Hill Radio. We're on the air from 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday and the broadcasts are also archived and available on the SoundCloud in case you miss one.

The squad returns a veteran defense and several high profile scorers, so
the one season in the AAC should be an eventful and successful one for the 
Soccer Cards. 

The full schedule can be found at

-- Jenny O'Bryan


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