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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Julie Hermann for Rutgers AD?


( Jenny looks at the possibility of Associate Athletic Director Julie Hermann being selected as the new athletic director at Rutgers University in today's edition.)

Athletic Director Tom Jurich has had his hands full this past year.  Steering U of L to their new home in the ACC, securing many seasons to come with football Coach Charlie Strong, and most recently chasing off suitors of Coach Jeff Walz.

According to social media and the internet, apparently his newest task at hand is securing the job of  Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director, Julie Hermann.  It was reported yesterday that she is among the top 3 candidates in line for Athletic Director at Rutgers University.

Just this past February Hermann was honored at halftime of a women's basketball game for 15 years of service to U of L.  Her list of accomplishments are long.  From a stand out volleyball player at Nebraska, Assistant Volleyball Coach for USA Volleyball, head Coach at Tennessee Volleyball to her position at U of L.  She is very active in the community, serving on many boards and winning awards such as 2008 Woman of Distinction by the Center for Women and Families.

She can be seen at many, if not most, women's athletic games during the academic year.  I have personally seen her at every basketball game I have attended, softball and field hockey.  Paulie spent time talking with her at LaCrosse games this past season.  Everywhere on campus she can be seen supporting the athletic department as a whole, and the women's program specifically.

Jurich hired Hermann 15 years ago, and with her help, Louisville is branding their Athletic Department as one of the best in the country.  New facilities, gender equity, and ranked performances of many of the athletic teams has propelled Louisville into the conversation of one of the best overall programs in the country.

I personally met Hermann for the first time during the Women's Basketball post season run in New
Orleans.  Meeting her was like seeing an old friend from high school that I had not seen in 20 + years.  She was easy to talk to, witty, and her passion for the women's team was evident.  She was with several  high ranking folks in the athletic world but took the time to talk shop with an avid fan as myself.

You can check out this link celebrating her 15 years of service to the University, to get a big picture of her responsibilities and all she has accomplished.

Hermann a candidate

I have no idea what her career aspirations are.  As a finalist among 3 for this position, she must have a desire to lead her own program.  I do know that Louisville, as a city and a University, has been blessed to have her for 15 years.  If Tom Jurich can work his magic like he has for both Strong and Walz, perhaps we may just get to keep her, too.

Best of luck Ms. Hermann!  I can never fault someone for bettering their lot in life.  I personally would love to see her remain a fixture in the community and at U of L, but wish her nothing but the best as she pursues this opportunity.

EDITOR NOTE:  Hermann does have sort of tie with the BIG 10, having playing volleyball as an undergraduate at Nebraska. Her ties with Rutgers aren't anything solid as far as a previous working postition or time spent on the Piscataway campus. There is also the remote possibility that Rutgers is interviewing a female candidate for equity...just as schools use to interview Charlie Strong years ago.

We like Ms. Hermann quite a bit here at Cardinal Couple and she has always been an advocate, fan and proponent of what we do here. WE would hate to see her go...but realize that professional growth and success can be a motivator in one's career.

The friendly, caring community of Louisville would miss her guidance and leadership. But, to mirror what Jenny said...when you love someone much as we love Julie here a CARDINAL want the best for that someone in life. If the athletic director's job at Rutgers will fulfill her dreams and desires, we hope she gets it. We know she'd be a great AD. Imagine the conversations she and C. Viv would have... 




  1. I believe that being assistant AD at Louisville is a better situation than that of AD at Rutgers. Rutgers is a broken school which is cracked all the way through the school President's position. Very open and wide eyes should be employed by Julie when inspecting the school situation. Save for Vivian Stringer - Rutgers would be a very backward situation. Tom - step up for Julie and make her place at Louisville too lucrative to leave.

  2. Athletic departments sometimes need dramatic change. This is the case at Rutgers. Hermann, although a strong and dynamic person, isn't the person for this possition at Rutgers. She's never had to build anything from scratch and especially not for a school headed to a major conference. It's a token interview. Nothing more.

  3. I also had the opportunity to talk with Julie in New Orleans. First time I had met her, and wow...I was really impressed with her insights into athletics in general and women's basketball in particular.

    Much as I'd like to see her stay here, in no way can her current position be viewed as better than AD at a Big 10 school, no matter what shape that school's programs are in.

    1. WE think that Julie would be an immediate asset and bonus for any athletic program that would be interested in her. Personally, we hope Tom Jurich opens the UofL wallet and makes it an easy decision for her to stay here.


  4. Hermann has paid her dues. I hope she gets the chance.

    Curtis Franklin

  5. I, too, have had the chance to chat with Julie a couple of times (including in New Orleans with Jenny), and she really is every bit as cool of a person to talk to as everyone has been saying.

    Julie is a dynamic force to be reckoned with, and I have come to the conclusion that its best to just assume that she will be successful at whatever she does. Ultimately, she needs to do whatever is best for herself in this discussion, and I hope (and expect) that she has the clarity of mind to do just that. I'll say that, selfishly, I hope that she decides that what's best for her is to stay at Louisville, but if its not...if she feels that her best move is to move to Piscataway...I will consider myself in the win column for having had to opportunity to, however limitedly, make her acquaintance.

  6. I think that more than money could be involved. Pres. Ramsey needs to make her vice-president of athletics.


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