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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Cardinal Uniform Pick'ms -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Hello Cardinal fans 

Daryl again on a Thursday morning.   I think Jared and Paulie have been working on sharing some new content for us which I believe they will share Friday and I'm looking forward to I gladly traded writing days with Jared.    

Looking ahead towards summer months... I was chatting with a coworker earlier this week about some of my favorite uniforms we've seen out of each program over the years so I thought it would be fun to pick some out and also an opportunity to share some of the images captured by our own Jared Anderson over the last school year.  

In alphabetical order...  first up, 

Field Hockey

The pinks!!!  

These uniforms really stand out to me because of the pink accents on the black base of the uniforms.  I don't think we have another program that does the pink out game quite like hockey!


   The classic whites with red accents!   

My favorite part of these uniforms is the solid red stripe on the bottoms.   Its a small touch but I think it really stands out and gives the uniforms that extra pop of red it needs.  


The mix-n-match!!!                             Softball has a unique ability to be able to mix and match the pieces of the uniforms and still be able to pull it off.  I do really like the white top and black bottoms with the classic horizontally striped socks.  


The red back!!!                               This is a unique look for the volleyball program and I really love the cursive script.  Red is the dominant color but the white block on the front of the uniform really make these stand out among the others. 

Women's Basketball

                                                                  ALL WHITES!!!                                                                                          When it comes to basketball, I love the classics.   I want the all white uniforms with red lettering and that classic Louisville script.   Nothing else compares.   Nothing.  The wing on the leg was added more recently I believe and it was a welcome addition.  I think its a cool feature for a Cardinal look.  

Women's Soccer

The reds!!!!!                                                                                                        The soccer program has the ability to put some of the best Cardinal uniforms (kits) out there.  The 'notebook' style top is probably my favorite look from recently.  The thick solid black stripe down the leg also makes a great accent for pictures too and makes the Cardinal athletes look like they're actually flying.  Clever. 

I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the summer months!   Ill be 33 the next time I check in with ya!!!   EEEK!!! 

A special "Thanks" to Jared for the extensive, and excellent work he puts in for the site with his photography and game atendance work.  Believe it or not, he does have a full time job in addition to all the photo-taking he does for the site and he even dabbles in taking pictures of men's sports. A busy guy,

As Always,
Go Cards 


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