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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Softball Finishes Season Today - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Softball's Last Game

Well, that's not a great headline to share, it certainly doesn't bring the joy and excitement, but it is pretty much the reality of the situation.

Softball will be finishing out their regular season schedule today at Boston College with a game starting at 11am.  Note that this is an hour earlier than originally planned due to potential weather in the area.  It will be on ACC Network Extra as usual.

Boston College has won the previous two games of the series in walk-off fashion, locking up their place in the ACC Championship.  Along with Syracuse and Notre Dame also locking in one of the last three spots in the 10 team tournament, that leaves Louisville just on the outside looking in, finishing out the season in 11th in the standings.

In yesterday's affair, Louisville led from the starting gate, getting nosed out at the finish with The Eagles tying it up in the bottom of the 7th, and then getting the walk-off game winner in the 8th.  Boston College took the win 4-3.

The Cards are still technically eligible for an NCAA tournament at-large bit with a final record of 27-25 or 26-26, depending on the outcome of today's game, but realistically, they'll be on the outside looking in of that one as well.  That makes today's game the final game of the season, though we can't say that in an officially official way until the Softball tournament selections are revealed, then it will be.

So today's game is largely meaningless for the Cards, though Boston College will be playing to try to get favorable seeding in the ACC tournament.  Then our attentions start to turn to next year.  How warm is this head coaching seat getting?  I, personally, don't think it's at full boil, yet, but I think the warmth can be felt.  Of course, I'm not in the AD office on Floyd Street.

We, of course, will bring you any information that we get about Softball in the coming off season.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

The CCRHP didn't happen yesterday as Derby Day is one of the days that we traditionally skip due to everyone going every which way to their various Derby Day festivities.  We'll be back with you next week bringing you what news there is from UofL Athletics, though it does start us into the dreaded "Summer Slump".

- JMcA

Paulie Picks/Handicapping Heroes Derby Results

It wasn't too awful a day for your intrepid handicapper in looking at the Derby Day Stakes races yesterday. I gave you 28 horses to look at over the nine stakes races and had four winners,four places and three shows. 

(No, Jeff was not there leading CARDS cheers..) 

i'm still wondering where Fierceness thought the finish line was in the Derby Race, i heard he's still running and somewhere off Taylor Blvd, right now, calling an Uber. ...but what a finish in the 150th Kentucky Derby. A three-way, throw a blanket over them, noses apart fnish at the wire. MYSTIK DAN survived the photo and is your winner,  but if Sierra Leone and Forever Young hadn't played bumper cars with each other in the final furlong...i think one of those two would have slid by and taken the mile and a quarter .

I placed a lot of different bets on things yesterday and Friday, from the comfort of my home and checked my TwinSpires account balance at the end of the day Saturday and had five less dollars in it than when I started wagering Friday. 

(NBC's Horse Race Handicappers are barely one step above these two) 

All in all, I enjoyed the two days of just being a  television viewer and not going out to the track this year and fighting lines, crowds, puddles, drunks and Derby prices. WAVE did an OK job as far as media coverage went.  I have a great history with WAVE, back when I used to go out to the infield dressed as a jockey and John Belski would always manage to find me and do a mock interview with me on my ficticious and hopeful mounts on Oaks and Derby Days.  Happy post 150th, y'all. 


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  1. Rhetorical question. What percentage of ACC softball umpires are women?


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