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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Thoughts on UofL WBB -- Softball shuts door on EKU 10-1 -- Gordon multiple Softball Honors -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


With the convincing win (second of the season) over Texas, this one at their place, front of their fans and a mostly Texas media that had all but put the Longhorns on a flight to Seattle,...the Cards triumphed big time. 

I'm calling out for Cardinals fans to show some pride, have some faith and support this Cardinals WBB like never before.. And, keep that love and support for them long after this season has ended, Keep it season after season, year after year. I grow weary of the fans who are just behind them when they are winning and turn the sword when they lose a couple. 

They (and ALL of the Cardinals teams) have earned huge props and respect. Remember that Jeff Walz, Steph Norman, Coach JP, AJ and Shay Robinson know their players so much better than we, the fans, do...They are always going to help the players grow and prosper. You want to see the opposite? Look at Texas. Nice work fostering Sonya Morris, Vic. 

I've watched "the incident" several times and come to the conclusion I could never be a lip reader. I'm not sure what was said there. And, I've heard several interpretations. The funniest was Sonya (allegedly) saying::

"Hardee' treat" And, Hailey walking away, saying "Your treat." The thing is, it's over in Hailey's thought process, so, drop it, CardNation. It's not front page news and it's in the rear view mirror. 

"Did someone say...Sweet Sixteen?  Yes, please." 

You win like a champion, you take defeat like a champion. It's on display every day at UofL WBB. Has been since Walz got here and before...and it still is. 

You buy in or move on if it isn't for you. 

I won't always be here to remind you of this...but please be a fan base that cheers your ass off when things are good and still maintains support and respect WHEN NOT SO GOOD things occur. A fan supports their team in the good times and bad. Relish these good times and celebrate them, but, have faith in your team when things might not be going so well. 

I heard plenty from you, the readers, when the Cards were not so good early in the season. I patiently reminded you that Jeff had told us before the season started, at the tip-off luncheon that it would take some time for this team to get rolling. Well, they're rolling now. Get your feet out of the way of the wheels if you aren't riding. 

It reminds me of a friend I had (now passed away) who was a life-long Chicago Bears fan. Win or (usually) lose, he was undying in his support  for "the Monsters of the Midway". I asked him why, once. He told me something close to what I've typed below. Memory fades and I can't remember the exact words. 

"That's my team. Good or bad. Win or lose. Faith and hope springs eternal. You gotta believe" 

He lived to see the Bears win the 1986 Super Bowl but died a few years later. His friends and I filled his casket with Bears memorabilia. He had faith in what he believed in. Won't you do the same for those Cardinals teams you love?

Have faith, believe and stay positive. Be quick to praise and slow to criticize.  


Louisville Softball travelled to Richmond to face EKU Tuesday night and got back on the charter bus a10-1 winner. Read all about  it below.

Taylor Roby, Gabby Holloway and Taja Felder combined in the circle for the four-hitter tossed against EKU, and Daisy Hess took the big bat with her on the trip, with a three-run homer, three hits and four RBI's.

The squads battled through two scoreless innings but Louisville changed the script in the top of the third. All with two outs.  Paige Geraghty started the inning with a single, but was forced out at second on Korbe Otis tapper to short. Sarah Gordon drilled one hard, but right at the EKU centerfielder for the second out. Otis stole second, Hannah File walked and Otis scampered home on a Taylor Roby single to center. Three runs crossed the plate when Daisy Hess sent a towering shot over the left field fence to make 4-0 Cards.

The Cards added a run in the fourth on a Otis fly ball that allowed Ally Alexander totag up and score. They also tacked on another run in the fifth when Hess singled with two outs, stole second, stole third and came home on a Easton Lotus infield single. It was 6-0 going into the bottom of the fifth 

EKU tallied their lone run in the bottom of the fifth on a Lucy Bowers pinch hit home run off Holloway to center. 

The Cards scored the remainder of their runs in the top of the seventh. Three straight singles (File, Roby and Hess) scored File. Otis singled up the middle, advanced to second on the throw, 2 RBI (1-2 KKB); Geraghty advanced to third; Alexander scored; Winkler scored

A 10-1 win, the Cards fifth in a row, credited to Holloway, who relieved starter Roby. Louisville comes home to face NC State for three, starting Friday. 


A good week for the freshman Sarah Gordon. The catcher batted .750 last week and had two home runs, three doubles, six runs scorer and eight RBI's. 

Gordon leads the team with a .444 batting average and has had 10 multi hit games this season. 

She hails from Lexington (South Carolina, that is...)  Gordon came in highly ranked, regarded and stepped into the catchers position and has not disappointed. 

She's got a twin brother and became a catcher "because you're involved in every play of the game". She also goes by the philosophy that one can't base their mood on their success level. 

Sarah was discovered by the Cards at a training camp another school had for promising high school players. She received an invitation to visit Louisville, so she visited, fell in love with the campus and the facilities and joined the Cards.

She was South Carolina's Gatorade Softball Player of the Year her senior year at Lexington High School and we look forward to a long and successful time on the diamond here at Louisville for her. 



  1. Yes, it's time to move past what little punk mouthed off about post game. She's been slapped around twice now by the Cards, the first time when she was at DePaul .

    Ol Miss can flat lock opponents down defensively, but South Carolina dusted them by almost 30 in the SEC Tournament.

    I see the Cards going to the Great Eight. One win at a time, this time of year.

    Blue Lou

  2. David Watson3/22/2023 1:23 PM

    ESPN just loves to link UofL with any conspiracy, real or imagined in all of college sports. There is salvation in the ACC Network, and thank goodness for ACCNX, and the extensive coverage they give.

    Gatlinburg has gone nuts and completely bonkers over UT which doesn't set very well with the tons of Virginia Tech folks that have been in town this week. Parking downtown, traditionally risky after 9 a.m. is impossible to find now. The trolley buses are doing a bang up business bringing tourists in from Pigeon Forge.

    I hope VT knocks them out of the dance. C'mon Kitley, put on your big girl pants and go "Myisha" on the Vols paint game.

    I'D LOVE IT IF MY IRISH were on that side of the bracket

    Cardinal fans can be wishy-washy and I hate that. Support your damn team, thick or thin, good or bad.

    Dave O

  3. Yeah, I love Louisville basketball win or lose.

    1. Go Cards πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’―‼


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