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Friday, March 17, 2023

LAX falls to #1 UNC 20-7 -- SB schedule change -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Hello readers -- truth is I thought yesterday was Friday and I am ready to catch some games and enjoy a green beer as soon as I get off work today for SURE!!  

I guess I am feeling the effects of last weekend's time change & we've got lots of Cardinals coverage to get to so lets jump on into it. 

Erin Go Braugh, y'all. Happy St.Patty's Day !


UofL Lacrosse moves to 4-4 overall and 1-3 in the ACC after falling to #1 North Carolina 20-7 on Thursday at UofL Lacrosse Stadium... while the Tarheels remain undefeated on the season and continue their dominance. Nicole Perroni and Hannah Morris scored 3 goals apiece for Louisville.

After the Tar Heels took a 5-1 advantage in the second quarter, Perroni and Morris scored 3 to trim the UNC lead to 5-4 with 11 minutes before the halftime break but then UNC outscored the Cards 12-2 in the second half. the Cards did not score at all in the fourth quarter. Louisville lost the draw controls 21-10 in the game, 8-0 in the first quarter.

Head Coach of the LAXCards Scott Teeter said afterwards, " The possessions were probably two-to-one for them on the offensive end. Our defense gets tired. When you give great players the ball all the time, they make plays."

Sometimes, #1 in the nation will beat you. The Cards did "give it a go", though. 


UofL at Marquette at 1 p.m. on Sunday


Louisville vs Pittsburgh 
3:00 P.M. at Ulmer Stadium 

UofL is looking to bounce back from a mid-week loss to Charlotte with another ACC series that has been altered due to the weekend forecast in the Ville. The teams will meet in a doubleheader starting at 3 p.m. Friday with the series tentatively slated to conclude Saturday at Don Dobina Field at Ulmer Stadium. The schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Louisville leads the series 22-5 dating back to the Big East days.  Holly Aprile is also no stranger to the Pitt program, it being her head coaching position prior to coming to Louisville for 10 years. In 2018 she earned ACC Coach of the Year honors after leading the Panthers to the ACC Coastal Division title and a runner-up finish in the ACC tournament.


This year, Pitt is 14-7 on the season and haven't faced an ACC opponent before meeting the Cards.  Louisville went 1-2 against the Duke Blue Devils this past weekend.  Seven of the Panthers' wins have come by four or more runs, including three wins by eight or more runs. Six of their seven losses have been decided by three or fewer runs.

Sarah Seamans leads the Panthers with a .444 batting average. 15 runs and six home runs.  Abby Edwards (4-4) leads in the circle carring a 2.98 ERA with 51 strikeouts in 48.1 innings of wor


The Cardinals got Drake in the first round and tip off is set for 7:30pm Saturday. The Bulldogs have qualified for the NCAA Tournament four times in the last six years and went to the WNIT quarterfinal last year. The Cardinals appeared in their fourth Final Four in program history in 2022.

(No, not the Canadian rapper..)

Wishing the Cardinals a safe and successful business trip to Austin, Texas.  Let's go, UofL !! 


Thanks to those who have been contributing to the bracket pool this year and good luck! 

The Cardinal Couple NCAA 2023 Pick 'Em is getting a lot of play, but it's not too late to enter. You have to 11:30 Friday morning (Jared wants 10:30 but we won't refuse anything from 10;30 TO 11:30) 

Leave your picks in the column section of the article. Make sure and give us a total score. And, most importantly !!! Have fun and enjoy the games!

Winner gets their choice of a $25 Gift Card to Cracker Barrel or Starbucks and runner up gets the other card or a $15 Subway card -- your choice. 

Your entry don't cost a dime and you, yes you, could become a winner !!

As Always,
Go Cards



  1. Don't laugh too hard....I'm a terrible bracket picker.

    R1 - South Carolina, South Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Creighton, Notre Dame, Arizona, Maryland, Stanford, Gonzaga, Louisville, Texas, Middle Tennessee, Duke, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma State, Florida Gulf Coast, Villanova, UNLV, LSU, Princeton, Utah, Virginia Tech, South Dakota State, Iowa State, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio State, Alabama, UConn
    R2- South Carolina, Oklahoma, Creighton, Maryland, Stanford, Texas, Middle Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana, Villanova, LSU, Princeton, Virgina Tech, Tennessee, North Carolina, UConn
    R3 - South Carolina, Maryland, Stanford, Iowa, Indiana, LSU, Tennessee, UConn
    R4 - South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, UConn
    R5 - South Carolina, UConn
    R6 - UConn

  2. Better late than never...for Jared.

    Greenville 1, round 1 - SC; S. Fl; OK; UCLA; Ms S; ND; AZ; MD
    Seattle 4, round 1 - Stanford; Gonzaga; UofL; Tx; Colo; Duke; Fl S; Iowa
    Greenville 2, round 1 - Ind; Miami; FGCU; Nova; MI; LSU; NC S; Utah
    Seattle 3, round 1 - Va T; S DK S; Iowa S; TN; NC: Ohio S; AL; UConn

    Greenville 1 - round 2 - SC; UCLA; ND:AZ
    Seattle 4 - round 2 - Stanford; TX; Duke; Iowa
    Greenville 2 - round 2 - IN; Nova: MI; Utah
    Seattle 3 - round 2 - VT: Iowa S; NC; UConn

    Greenville 1 - SC; AZ
    Seattle 4 - Stanford; Iowa
    Greenville 2 - IN; Utah
    Seattle 3 - VT; UConn

    Greenville 1 - SC
    Seattle 4 - Stanford
    Greenville 2 - IN
    Seattle 3 - VT

    Semi - SC; VT

    Final - SC
    Total points - 141

  3. I'm Mike D's better half and a first-time poster. Go Cards!

    R1 - SC, Mar, OK, UCLA, Miss St, ND, WVa, MD, Stanford, Gonzaga, Lou, TX, MTSU, Duke, FL State, Iowa, IN, Mia, FGCU, Villanova, UNLV, LSU, Princeton, Utah, VT, SDSt, Iowa St, TN, St Johns, OSU, AL, UConn
    R2- SC, UCLA, MissSt, MD, Stanford, Lou, Duke, Iowa, IN, FGCU, UNLV, Utah, VT, TN, OSU, UConn
    R3 - SC, MD, Stanford, Iowa, IN, UNLV, TN, UConn
    R4 - SC, Iowa, IN, TN
    R5 - SC, IN
    R6 - SC
    Total points 148

  4. Cindy -
    round 1 - SC marquette OK UCLA Creighton south utah AZ MD Stanford Zags UofL TX Colorado Duke GA Iowa IU Miami Wash St Nova Mich LSU Princeton utah chattanooga USC toledo UT UNC James madison Baylor UCONN
    round 2 marquette UCLA creighton AZ Stanford UofL Duke Iowa IU Nova LSU Utah USC UT UNC Uconn
    round 3 UCLA AZ UofL Iowa IU LSU UT Uconn
    round 4 UCLA UofL IU UCONN
    finals - UofL vs IU
    winner IU 101 total points

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. karen J -
    round 1 - SC USF OK UCLA Creighton ND AZ MD Stanford ole miss UofL texas colorado duke GA iowa IU OKSt Wash st nova michigan LSU NC st Utah Va tech USC iowa st UT UNC ohio st baylor Uconn
    round 2 - SC UCLA Creighton MD Stanford UofL colorado iowa IU Wash st LSU utah va tech UT OSU Uconn
    round 3- SC MD stanford Iowa Wash st LSU Va tech OSU
    final 4 - SC Stanford LSU OSU
    final - SC vs OSU (will have to get total score)
    winner SC

  7. farris P -
    round 1 - SC USF OU UCLA creighton ND AZ MD stanford zags uofl tx colorado duke FSU iowa IU miami wash st nova mich LSU NC St utah va tech USC iowa st UT UNC OSU baylor uconn
    round 2 - SC UCLA ND MD stanford UofL duke iowa IU nova LSU utah USC UT UNC Uconn
    round 3 - SC ND UofL Duke Nova LSU UT UNC
    final 4 - ND uofL LSU UNC
    final UofL vs LSU
    winner UofL 84-76

  8. thomas i -
    round 1 - SC USF OK UCLA Creighton ND AZ MD stanford ole miss UofL TX colorado duke GA Iowa IU OK St Wash st nova michigan LSU NC St utah va tech USC iowa st UT UNC OSU Baylor UCONN
    round 2 - SC UCLA creighton AZ stanford UofL duke iowa IU wash st LSU Utah va tech UT OSU Uconn
    round 3 - SC AZ stanford iowa IU utah va tech OSU
    final 4 - SC iowa IU va tech
    final iowa vs va tech
    winner - iowa 78-74

  9. daryl -
    round 1 -SC USF OU Sac st miss st ND AZ MD stanford ole miss uofl TX midd tenn duke GA iowa IU miami wash st nova michigan LSU nc st utah va tech USC toledo UT UNC OSU bama uconn
    round 2 - SC OU ND MD stanford uofl midd tenn iowa IU Nova LSU NC st va tech UT OSU uconn
    round 3- SC ND stanford iowa IU LSU Va tech OSU
    final 4 - SC Stanford IU Va tech
    final SC vs va tech
    winner SC 79-68

  10. Here is my very unofficial, unverified count after Day 1 NCAA WBB Action on our CC NCAA Bracket Pick "Em"

    14-2 Daryl
    13-3 Dave-O, Karen J, Thomas, Jared, Vivian, Curtis
    12-4 Arthur, Kenny S, Paulie, Katy, Jason, JMCA, Case, Blue, Joe Hill, Nick O, Sonja
    11-5- Bea, KStark, Wahoo Card, Becky, Paris
    10-6- CC Chimps, Cindy

    I have no doubt Jared will have a completely different count, so grab a coffee and stand by.

    The teams that "did most of us in" were MISSISSIPPI STATE, OLE MISS, GEORGIA, PRINCETON and SD State.. Three SEC schools in that mix. Maybe they aren't that weak after all. NC State bit the dust, as did FSU in the ACC.

    Good luck today!



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