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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Schatzel Era begins for UofL -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Hello readers, its Daryl popping in early again this week.   I hope you are safe and warm somewhere after the overnight storms came through. 

Jared is still with family mourning the loss of his grandmother, which is a tough one.  Grandparents are the best.  I lost my mom's mom almost 5 years ago now.. which seems crazy to me. 2018 was 5 years ago?  This time then, UofL WBB sported a roster of senior Myisha Hines Allen, junior Asia Durr, and freshman Dana Evans.  That team finished 36-3 and 15-1 in the ACC.  

When we lost my mom's dad, it was 2000 and the Cardinals were playing in Freedom Hall, they had a 19-10 record, were 14-2 and Conference USA champions and Martin Clapp 😵 was the head coach.  This is who I am named after, my grampa Darrell.   

My dad's parents live a couple states away and I try to call them a couple times a month to catch up.   They at least try to watch Louisville games when they are on the main channels because they know I will likely be watching too 💕 and then we can talk about them afterwards.   


Hard to believe, February also begins this week which marks the transition for the Presidential administration... as UofL officially welcomes its 19th president, Kim Schatzel, to campus.   

Welcome Madam President!! 


The Cardinals WBB squad has the Thursday game off this week and will look forward to Sunday's matchup with North Carolina at 12pm on ESPN2.

What's the message here today, you ask?  The lesson here kids is, Time Flies!  Enjoy it! Spend it with people you love!  And gosh darnit, wear your sunscreen!

Have a great Tuesday

As Always, 
Go Cards!



  1. No game Thursday is going to seem a little weird. Good to have that extra rest for Morgan though.

    Nick O

  2. Wow, it is hard to believe but I remember Kasa playing with Sam, Myishia, Jazmine and Bionca. Man, I loved that 18-19 team, and wish we had that kind of talent today on the roster.

    Blue Lou

  3. The updated Wooden list:

    Aliyah Boston, South Carolina
    Cameron Brink, Stanford
    Caitlin Clark, Iowa
    Zia Cooke, South Carolina
    Monika Czinano, Iowa
    Aaliyah Edwards, UConn
    Mackenzie Holmes, Indiana
    Ashley Jones, Iowa State
    Haley Jones, Stanford
    Deja Kelly, North Carolina
    Elizabeth Kitley, Virginia Tech
    Ta'Niya Latson, Florida State
    Olivia Miles, Notre Dame
    Diamond Miller, Maryland
    Aneesah Morrow, DePaul
    Charisma Osborn, UCLA
    Alissa Pili, Utah
    Angele Reese, LSU
    Maddy Siegrist, Villanova
    Hailey Van Lith, Louisville

    Pretty tough comp there.



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