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Wednesday, February 1, 2023




The honors continue to roll in for Louisville WBB guard Hailey Van Lith. 

She's been named as one of the top 20 for the first time in her career on the Wooden, and third time she's been listed on the Drysdale Top Ten list. 

We were unable to get in touch with her about these, but being listed on Beverly Hills banker Milburn Drysdale's list for three straight years is quite the honor and...what?'s not that Drysdale...oops, never mind. We though Jed or Jethro might have arranged it. 

What it breaks down this.. these recognitions on a national level for the junior guard out of Wenatchee, WA leads to her getting studied and evaluated a tad bit more than some of the other Cards by impending opponents. And, you know the adage if they study you harder, give 'em a ton more to study...or baffle them with the bizarre and the b.s.

And, when you have a successful career such as Hailey's, it makes you a focal point when Cardinals WBB fans convene and converse  . Just reviewing some of the stuff I saw about her at various media sites after the UofL win over Syracuse went like:

"Hailey gets too many minutes a game."

"Hailey isn't getting enough minutes a game."

"Hailey needs to shoot more!"

"Hailey needs to shoot less!"

"Why does Hailey take so many threes?'

"Why isn't Hailey shooting more threes?"

"She needs to get rid of the blue shoes she wears.'

"She needs to wear her hair differently. Maybe with a bluish tint to go with her shoes."

"Hailey needs to listen to the media"

"The best thing she can do is ignore the media."

Maybe Hailey needs to hire a spokesman and defer any and all questions to the spokesman. I'd choose Liz Dixon. Seriously, are you going to argue with Liz? Not this guy

You see where we are going here? I would expect that it's hard enough to take a full class load, study, practice, have some semblance of a social life, travel for games and watch your NIL proceedings without having to be the bobblehead that is expected to cheerfully answer any media dog that's just barking to hear their own voice. 

And, the questions are not always Einstein-like in brilliance.

(I recognized early on that Cortnee Walton just might be a fairly good radio personality. Do you recognize who we are talking to?) 

(My favorite from years ago was the "Myisha" look after a particular obtuse or idiotic query. MHA would look at you for a split second in her indomitable way and you usually wished you could sink through the floor boards....then, she'd slowly go into an answer that rivaled those of any kindergarten teacher explaining to a four year old that nap time is important, here to stay and will be observed daily). 

I suppose Hailey's chalking up the experiences here for later situations in life. After all, you supposedly go to college to learn, right? . 

So, I guess I'LL PUT HER UP for an award as well. Everyone else on the block is. 

Hailey, welcome to the "Dealing with stuff most people never have to deal with" watch list. Just to make it fair, let's add a few others to the list and we'll decide on a winner down the road. If not down the road, then off on a side street somewhere or perhaps on a busy interstate. 

Your other nominees are:

a) Paulie (for keeping all of the puppies in the box over here and still dealing with a life crisis).

b) Jeff Brohm (who would much rather, I bet) coach football and leave the philosophy to others,

c)  the operators at the "ask UofL" hotline. I can imagine some of the calls there... 

d) and Hailey. 

Keep collecting the awards, Hailey. It'll be something to share with the grandkids someday.. A peaceful Wednesday to you. We could all use one. 



  1. Jeff Brohm is going to have so many fans with expectations. He is long gone from the John Deere tractor bunch

    Nick O

  2. Has there been any news about the Morgan Jones injury? I missed the radio show last night.

  3. Congratulations to the Baby Face Killer HVL . Got to love Mykasa @ the point.

  4. It's a move I hope stays at point. Kasa is better there.

    Curtis "bee kind" Franklin


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