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Friday, January 20, 2023

WBB escapes BC with 73-65 victory -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Good morning readers

(We threw Daryl out of media row but she landed in fine company!)

Happy weekend to you. It was UofL staff and faculty appreciation night at the game but if there were any festivities, I missed them. I got a couple friends to come out to the game so I was all over the place Thursday evening. But it was a good time and the Cards got the victory so it was a good night overall. Coach Walz might've considered it less than great but his team walked away with the victory, that's a good night to say the least.

I also wanted to give a special shout out to a fellow staff member on Staff Appreciation night, my friend Karen! Karen is a huge UofL fan and works on campus and helps a lot of staff and students access their accounts and navigate systems throughout the university. Karen regularly attends UofL athletic events with her Cardinal entourage. The staff were gifted with awesome computer mouse pads that look like Denny Crum court! 


The Cards welcomed Boston College to the Yum! Center for a mid-week bout where the Cards were given all they could handle by the Eagles but managed to eek out a 73-65 win. Per usual, Hailey Van Lith led all scorers with 24 points on 7-17 shooting at 8-10 at the free throw line. The next best scorer of the night was Chrislyn Carr with 18 points on 6-12 shooting, 4-6 from beyond three. Louisville moves to 15-6 on the year, 6-2 in the ACC.

End of 1Q 20-9 Cards

FG %
8-14 57.1% Cards
4-12 33.3% BC
Reb. 9-7 Cards
3-pt %
2-3 66.7% Cards
1-3 33.3% BC

Morgan Jones with the tip off for UofL but she wasn't able to secure the ball.. I believe both players whiffed it and the ball bounced around midcourt before fumbling out of bounds. It was an early glimpse as to how the quarter would go for both teams as the two squads combined for 17 turnovers in the quarter, 8 were steals by the Cards. But the Cards started the game with a 4-0 lead before allowing BC to go on a 5-0 run. There were a couple steals and a three attempt rolled in and out for Carr. Jones lands her second basket to make it 11-7 with 4:24 left in the first quarter. Mykasa Robinson, Josie Williams and Nyla Harris made their first appearance at the first media timeout. Harris provided a burst of energy that is so much fun to watch. She comes in and gets the steal but then she travels at the other end and exits a couple minutes later. We love this freshman!

End of 2Q 22-12 BC

FG %
3-10 30% Cards
9-16 56.3% BC
Reb. 9-5 BC
3-pt %
2-4 50% Cards
4-6 66.7% BC

The second quarter started like the first, with a BC turnover and CC hitting the shot and the Cards extending out to as many as a 13 point lead, BC pushed back with an eleven point run of their own and then a questionable offensive foul was called on Carr. The Cards would go on a more than 6:30 minute field goal drought. Kasa made her two free throw attempts in that period. UofL managed to secure the lead back on a three from Carr and two made free throws from HVL.

HALF 32-31 

End of 3Q 18-17 Cards

FG %
6-13 46.2% Cards
6-13 46.2% BC
Reb. 8-7 BC
3-pt %
1-3 33.3% Cards
0-4 0% BC

HVL mishandled it to begin the second half but the UofL bigs took some control, Liz Dixon and Olivia Cochran scored the next six points. With 3:45 to go, Olivia and Andrea Daley bodied up the other and both received fouls. The result was a technical on Louisville and two intentional fouls on Boston College. HVL makes the two FTs for the technical on BC to make it 46-38 with 3:38 left in third quarter. The Cards push the lead to 8 points with 2:15 to go in the quarter when Norika Konno dished it to Liz Dixon in the paint for the layup but the Eagles would not be intimidated and BC closed the quarter on an 8-2 run.

End of 4Q

FG %
7-11 63.6% Cards
6-14 42.9% BC
Reb. 8-5 Cards
3-pt %
1-2 50% Cards
3-7 42.9% BC

Just like that, BC tied it up early at 50 all with 9 min to go in the game and then again at 55 with 6:42 left and had the lead one last time at 57-55 with 5:20 to play. HVL got the final lead for the Cards with 5 min. left in the game 59-57 when she drove to the bucket and scored. The Cards and primarily Mykasa Robinson took control of the game from that point on, getting the steal and dishing it out to CC at the other end for a 3 to put the Cards up 62-56 with 4:20 left in the game. The 7,600 in attendance roared. Kasa dished it to Nyla underneath for 64-57 lead. The Eagles landed another three pointer with about 3:30 min to go but the Cards had enough with the mind games and the two teams battled the next 3 minutes at the free throw line before the BC defenders backed off and let UofL dribble it out to victory.

CARDS WIN 73-65 !


Louisville vs NC State

Sunday 1 p.m.

KFC Yum! Center


(Cards finished strong to avoid a nightmare on Main Street)

FREE THROWS -- Louisville spent quite some time at the charity stripe against BC. They went 19-25 with HVL making 8 of her 10 attempts and Kasa made 6 of 8. In contrast, the Eagles produced but barely got the opportunity going 7-8 on the evening. I want to see this number at a consistent 80% because that's what is going to be needed to win games in the post season. 76% will get a Capital F.

REBOUNDING -- It was an even battle on the board last night both squads pulling down a total of 29 in the game. The leading rebounder on the night was BCs Dontavia Waggoner with 9. Olivia lead the Cards with 7. lower case r

EFFORT/EXECUTION -- The Cards showed the most amount of confidence in the last 5 minutes of the game. They were able to convert 17 assists on 24 made buckets and committed 14 of their 21 turnovers in the first half. lower case e

DEFENSE -- UofL had 15 steals against BC, Carr leading with 4. As a team, UofL had 28 point off of 23 BC turnovers. BC had 20 points off of the Cards' TOs. BC dominated the second quarter 22-12 and 45.5% from the field and 40% from beyond three which made it interesting for the final half. lower case d


(No, you turn right on 3rd, get on River Road and it leads you to I-64)

Sunday... NC State comes to town. You don't want to miss this one ! 


As always
Go Cards!



  1. Boston College had a lot heart and they exposed several Cardinals weaknesses. Over ,20 turnovers against NCST will get the Cards beat by 20.

    Nick O

  2. Bakery needs to go out of business, but, they won even giving out free turnovers.
    Stands to reason games wouldn't be so close if they cut down the turnovers.
    Other than that, just another hard fought, gritty win against a formidable ACC foe.
    Bring on NC State 👍

    1. Yes I agree too many unforced turnovers cards playing too fast.

  3. HVL has more TO than assists, needs to rectify that; she's playing nearly 40 minutes each game. This team would be in a world of hurt if Robinson hadn't returned.

    1. Yeah she plays a lot of minutes but this is HVL'S team CC helped out last night we need a third player to step up with the scoring.

  4. A big win for the Cards team that was running on two cylinders last night. A lot of unforced turnovers but that's okay , Cards Defense slowed BC down but a win is a win. PS Boston College is a will coach team a tough out!

  5. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!

    Nice win for the Cards that weren't playing their best ball. We gave Notre Dame a run for it, but Miles and Westbeld were too much for us.

    We're that "one player away" from being a top level ACC squad, and that's in the post. The problem is, there are so many good ACC teams, including BC, who completely rebuilt under Coach Mac and is a rough-and-tough bunch.

    Take it to NCST Sunday !

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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