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Friday, January 6, 2023

WBB steals a victory vs Georgia Tech 61-53 -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Hello readers and hello 2023 !

(Josie and Kasa celebrate Daryl getting a few days off)

I enjoyed my time off from work to close out the end of December... it was a much needed break from work and a schedule.   I got to hang out with my friends, family and cat as well as do some home improvement projects with the help of some holiday gifts.    I hope you also had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy your favorite things.  


Paulie's buddies -- Valerie and Gia -- brighten up any sidelines)

Louisville WBB got back to their winning ways when they hosted Georgia Tech Thursday evening. The Cards were lead by Hailey Van Lith with 24 points on 10-20 shooting with 4 rebounds and 4 assists.  The starters for the Cards were Chrislyn Carr, HVL, Morgan Jones, Liz Dixon and Olivia Cochran.

The Yellow Jackets were winless in the ACC heading into this one and looking to find a meaningful win against the Cards. UofL looking to turn things around as well, coming off a loss on Sunday vs Duke. The Cards came out victorious while GT gave them all they could handle. If it weren't for a 16-8 second quarter the entire Yum Center wouldn't have had any fingernails left.

Check out the recap below..

Coach Walz seeks clarity on a officiating decision)

End of 1Q 16 All
FG %
8-12 66.7% Cards
6-15 40% GT
Reb. 8-5 GT
3-pt %
0-1 0% Cards
2-6 33.3% GT

GT came out with some energy even though they did not put their two leading scorers, Cameron Swartz and Bianca Jackson in the starting lineup. With the Cards up 10-9 on GT at the first media time out, HVL lead all scorers with 6 points from her 3 shot attempts. However, the Yellow Jackets showed no fear of UofL as they dominated the boards before Nyla Harris entered the game with a couple minutes left in the 1Q. She had 3 of the Cards 5 total in her 3 minutes on the floor.

(Coach Walz offers a counterpoint)

End of 2Q 16-8 Cards

FG %
6-15 40% Cards
3-13 23.1% GT
Reb. 10-7 Cards
3-pt %
0-2 0% Cards
1-5 20% GT

(Is Archery a spring sport at UofL and will Josie
try out, if it is?) 

Like the first quarter began, UofL came out quick 6-0 on GT before the Yellow Jackets could score with 6:29 left in the half.  A 3 from Swartz would pull the Yellow Jackets within 22-21. A Liz Dixon block and then a lucky up and in in-between two defenders under the basket would give the Cards some breathing room at the media timeout with 3:28 on the clock. The Cards came out of the timeout on a 10-0 run. GT managed 3 more points in the half as Carr took the last shot attempt in the half looking to sink her first bucket of the game. The ball pulled itself out of the hoop and deflated the crowd but the Cards weny into the break with a 32-24 lead over the Jackets.

HALF 32-24

End of 3Q 16-14 GT

FG %
5-14 35.7% Cards
6-12 50% GT
Reb. 9-6 GT
3-pt %
1-2 50% Cards

(Morgan takes the shot in front of what appears
to be a Volleyball net)

Morgan Jones exited within a minute of the second half starting, perhaps turned an ankle or got a foot stepped on... not sure... but she was able to jog off the court herself.  The first three of the game for the Cards and points for Carr came with 8 min left in the 3Q to put the Cards up 35-28. GT closed the quarter on 6-0 run to close the final 2 minutes of the quarter and make it 40-46 Cards.

End of 4Q

FG %
6-15 40% Cards
5-11 45.5% GT
Reb. 10-5 Cards
3-pt %
0-2 0% Cards
1-1 100% GT

(Olivia goes in for two)

Jones came back in for the 4Q to try to give the Cards some more options on offense. Which was the case as HVL dished it to Jones in the paint for the layup. Olivia took a hard foul and exited the game to get looked at on the sideline. She got on the bike and gave a thumbs up to the bench. HVL scored her 19th and 20th points to tie it up 9-9 in the quarter with 3 minutes to go and UofL up 55-49. Who else other than Swartz gets a bucket and Olivia fouls to give GT a chance to inch closer from the free throw line. They sink both to make it 57-53 before Mykasa Robinson gets the offensive rebound and the putback to make it 59-53 with 1:12 left in the game. A hard foul on Robinson put her at the line with 23 seconds to go. She sank both giving UofL a 61-53 lead.


(It looked like the Cards could have used
Freddy Farm Bureau on the glass for most of this one)

FREE THROWS -- Louisville went 12-15 at the line - good for 80% - which is an efficient night at the stripe. HVL and Olivia combined for 10-12 and Robinson hit her two FTs at the end of the game to put the team in a position to win. CAPITAL F

REBOUNDING -- The Cards struggled on the boards early, GT dominating 8-3 at one point in the 1Q but UofL ended up winning that battle 31-29. I would still like to see the bigs get a couple more grabs. lower case r

UofL shot 45% from the field as a team but struggled behind the arc making only 1-7 attempts on the night.   HVL mentioned in the post game how hard the Yellow Jackets were defending the guards so the Cards found other ways to score with 30 of their total points coming in the paint.  Only 12 points came from the Cards bench.. Kasa struggled to get her few attempts to fall.  At times, the team looked lost on offense on who to go to as they went deep into the shot clock and chucked a couple of off-balanced and ill-planned shot attempts up.  lower case e 

DEFENSE --  GT committed 16 turnovers which the Cards were able to convert into a much needed 19 points.   The team was able to shut down the Yellow Jacket offense before the halftime break which ended up being the difference maker in the game.  The team had 4 blocks and 9 steals, with Coach Walz and Kasa admitting there were more opportunities for the team to take advantage.  lower case d 

Final FRED tally:  F_r_e_d 

great shot of Liz going to the hoop,)


Louisville vs Pittsburgh 
Sunday 1/8 2 p.m.
KFC Yum! Center 

(Hailey tells the ACC Network all about it)




Enjoy your weekend! 

As always 

Go Cards! 




  1. Walz nailed it in the post game. "It was a win" Paulie, what does he pay you to be his straight man? You had to figure Georgia Tech would come to this one full of fight and not wanting to go to 0-4. Rebounding does have to improve. Still, one game back of the conference leaders. It could be worse.

    Blue Lou

  2. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!
    Not a blowout for your Cards but wins in this league are something to brag about. As you probably knew, we got shown the door rather rudely. and 31 points is a route. Oh well. Tear off the rear view mirror and move forward.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  3. There are a lot of "sites" out there that are now speculating on women's basketball at Louisville since the men are so bad, but NO ONE does it better than you all. Keep up the good work !

    I used to check out Sonja's stuff on Rivals but it appears she's no longer posting there?

    Nick O

    1. I guess we trained Sonja to highlight the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports, like we do here. Sadly, RIVALS women's sports page does neither. It's a back-stabbing, insulting mess over there. She got tired of the attacks from people who wouldn't know the difference between a free throw and a loud she just stopped posting shortly after helping them get it set up. As she told me, who needs that in their coffee? She joined for Howie, Howie's gone and she took the train, also.


  4. I like the way the cards responded to the yellow jackets energy. They play like a team that needed a win and the cards match that intensity ,some games in this conference are going to be ugly knock out drag out types of games this league is tough. Question is it me or does Morgan Jones fall a lot during the game. lol


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